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Politik [14.05.2021]
Amos Gvirtz: "A Mob"

Our struggle will now be fought against apartheid laws, like in South Africa. Now that the unilateral war – using army, settler-colonists and police – which the State of Israel has been waging against the palestinians has turned bilateral.

On Wednesday night, May 12, 2021, I watched horrified as Israel Tv’s Channel 11 showed the mob marching in a Bat Yam main street, destroying Arabs’ businesses and trying to lynch an Arab that passed by in his car. No police was present to stop the mob from going wild. It claimed that policemen were on the alert on the border of Jaffa to prevent confrontations of the mob with Jaffa Arabs. The media was filled with reports about mobs on both sides trying to do the same thing in other places throughout the country – lynchings and property destruction.

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Politik [14.05.2021]
This time it’s different

by Ahmed Abu Artema

As I write, the building I live in here in Gaza is shaking continuously. Above us, Israeli F-16 warplanes pummel us with a seemingly endless barrage of bombs. I am writing amid a rapid flow of developing events, so it is certain that by the time this is published, many things may have changed, but I am trying to highlight the general features of this current round of escalation in Palestine.

The escalation began in Jerusalem during the month of Ramadan, in a series of provocations carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities. …

The full article can be found here.

Politik [04.05.2021]
The world wants to fight apartheid. Abbas is preserving it.


It came as no surprise, yet remained profoundly disappointing, when President Mahmoud Abbas indefinitely “postponed” the Palestinian legislative elections scheduled to begin this month in the occupied West Bank and Gaza. The official reason, delivered by the president last Thursday in a room full of elderly male officials, was Israel’s refusal to allow Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem to participate in the vote, showing its continued rejection of any Palestinian political activity in the city.

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Politik [03.05.2021]
Die IHRA-Antisemitismus-Definition ist ein Betrug (III)

Die IHRA-Antisemitismus-Definition ist ein Betrug: als Definition unbrauchbar und überflüssig - darüber hinaus rassistisch und effektiv antisemitisch. Nachdem wir am 3. April 2021 detailliert erklärt haben, warum wir die IHRA-Antisemitismus-Definition für einen politischen Betrug halten, erreichte uns nun eine Studie aus England, die den Schluss zulässt, dass der Betrug noch viel tiefer geht.

How the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism Is Being Misrepresented

by Jamie Stern-Weiner, PhD candidate, Wolfson College (Oxford)

Executive Summary

It has been claimed that the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism, ‘including its 11 examples’, reflects an international consensus of antisemitism experts. This report, based on my doctoral research at the University of Oxford, exposes that claim as untrue:

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Expert opinion on the “Working Definition of Antisemitism” of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (rlux)

Politik [27.04.2021]
hrw: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution

About 6.8 million Jewish Israelis and 6.8 million Palestinians live today between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River, an area encompassing Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), the latter made up of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

Throughout most of this area, Israel is the sole governing power; in the remainder, it exercises primary authority alongside limited Palestinian self-rule.

Across these areas and in most aspects of life, Israeli authorities methodically privilege Jewish Israelis and discriminate against Palestinians. Laws, policies, and statements by leading Israeli officials make plain that the objective of maintaining Jewish Israeli control over demographics, political power, and land has long guided government policy.

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Politik [05.04.2021]
Palästinakomitee-Stuttgart - Infobl@tt März, 2021

Palästinakomitee-Stuttgart - Infobl@tt März, 2021 Ja, die Partei „Jewish Power“ ist faschistisch, aber ihr Aufstieg war dennoch unvermeidlich von Jonathan Ofir // Israels Wahlen offenbaren dessen rassistische Natur von Yoav Haifawi // Israel verheimlicht die Wahrheit über die Tötung von Ahmad Erekat von Jonathan Cook // Jerusalemer Erklärung zum Antisemitismus und die palästinensische Zivilgesellschaft von Unterz. Jerusalemer Erklärung/BDS Movement // Anwälte fordern von derLabour-Partei eine Erklärung zur Einstellung eines israelischen Spions von Asa Winstanley // „Mein Vater liebte deutsche Literatur, aber misstraute den Deutschen“ von Abraham Melzer im Gespräch mit Gisa Funck // Über britischen Kolonialismus, Antisemitismus und die Rechte der Palästinenser von Avi Shlaim

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Politik [03.04.2021]
Die IHRA-Antisemitismus-Definition ist ein Betrug (II)

Die IHRA-Antisemitismus-Definition ist ein Betrug. Als Definition ist sie unbrauchbar und überflüssig - und darüber hinaus rassistisch und effektiv antisemitisch. Nachdem wir bereits am 13. Nov 2020 erklärt haben, dass wir die IHRA-Antisemitismus-Definition für einen Betrug halten, hier die etwas ausführlichere Begründung.

Die Antisemitismus-Definition der International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) ist ein Betrug: Sie ist nicht nur als Definition wertlos und überflüssig. Da sie zum Missbrauch zum Schutz israelischer Staatsinteressen einlädt, ist sie auch noch rassistisch und antisemitisch.

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Stellungnahme der jüdischen Stimme zum EU-Handbuch zur Anwendung der IHRA-Arbeitsdefinition des Antisemitismus (js)

Gesellschaft [25.03.2021]
The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism: "Antisemitism is discrimination, prejudice, hostility or violence against Jews as Jews (or Jewish institutions as Jewish)".

Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism

The 'Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism' is a tool to identify, confront and raise awareness about antisemitism as it manifests in countries around the world today. It includes a preamble, definition, and a set of 15 guidelines that provide detailed guidance for those seeking to recognize antisemitism in order to craft responses. It was developed by a group of scholars in the fields of Holocaust history, Jewish studies, and Middle East studies to meet what has become a growing challenge: providing clear guidance to identify and fight antisemitism while protecting free expression. It has over 200 signatories.

You'll find the JDA-Website here.

Politik [22.03.2021]
Internationaler Antisemitismusgipfel: Frankfurter Bürgermeister erntet Absagen und Kritik

Open Letter to Mayors Concerning Upcoming Summit Against Antisemitism Am 16. März fand in Frankfurt der Mayors Summit Against Anti-Semitism statt. Zu den Gastgebern des Online-Events gehörte auch der Frankfurter Bürgermeister Uwe Becker, der zugleich DIG-Vorsitzender und hessischer Antisemitismus-Beauftragter ist.
Becker, ein erklärter Zionist, ist schon mehrfach wegen seiner Verachtung der Palästinenser und des internationalen Rechts negativ aufgefallen, insbesondere für die Verachtung der aus dem internationalen Recht entspringenden Rechte der Palästinenser.

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Open Letter to Mayors Concerning Upcoming Summit Against Antisemitism (UV)

Politik [09.03.2021]
'On British colonialism, antisemitism, and Palestinian rights' by Avi Shlaim

On British colonialism, antisemitism, and Palestinian rights From the 'original sin' of 1917 to the government's more recent adoption of the controversial IHRA antisemitism definition, Britain has always been firmly in Israel's camp

The “original sin” was the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which promised to support the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people”, provided that nothing was done to “prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”. In 1917, Arabs constituted 90 percent of the population of Palestine; Jews made up less than 10 percent.

The declaration was thus a classic colonial document: it granted the right to national self-determination to a small minority, while denying it to the majority. To add insult to injury, the declaration referred to 90 percent of the country’s inhabitants as “non-Jewish communities in Palestine”, relegating them to an inferior status. Although grotesquely imbalanced in favour of Jews, the declaration at least included a promise to protect the civil and religious rights of Palestinians - but even this promise was never kept.

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Politik [09.03.2021]
Palästinakomitee-Stuttgart - Infobl@tt Februar, 2021

Palästinakomitee-Stuttgart - Infobl@tt Februar, 2021 Israel wird alle Hebel in Bewegung setzen, um eine Anklage wegen Kriegsverbrechen zu vermeiden von Jonathan Cook // Ungarn und Deutschland sprechen sich gegen das Urteil des Internationalen Strafgerichtshofs aus... von The New Arab – Redaktion // Diese Datenbank deckt jahrzehntelange, zwielichtige Waffengeschäfte Israels auf von Sahar Vardi // Die israelische Rechte will, dass die arabische Bevölkerung wählt — unter einer Bedingung von Meron Rapoport and Ameer Fakhoury // Stellungnahme zum EU-Handbuch zur Anwendung der IHRA-Arbeitsdefinition des Antisemitismus von

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Politik [09.03.2021]
"Jewish Crime" by Amos Gvirtz

Amos Gvirtz I suppose any Jew would sense antisemitism in the headline above. We Jews have a historic cargo that justifies such a sense. And still I used this provocative headline. In recent days the Hebrew media are filled with reports on the criminality of Negev Bedouins, totally ignoring the State’s crimes against the Negev Bedouins. Right-wing media call it Bedouin crime. Right-wing politicians promise that if they win the coming elections, they will intensify law enforcement against Bedouin crime in the Negev.

This time I shall refrain from writing about the West Bank settler-colonist criminals and their emissaries in the illegal outposts who are sent to expel Palestinians from their own lands. I shall not write about the ongoing war crime that the Israeli army has been carrying in Humsa Al Baqi’a in the Palestinian Jordan Valley.

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Bat and Hyena (M. Qumsiyeh, 15. Feb)

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Addameer Collects Hard Evidence on Torture and Ill-Treatment Committed against Palestinian Detainees at Israeli Interrogation Centers
Addameer: Ad­da­meer Col­lects Hard Evi­den­ce on Tor­tu­re and Ill-­Treat­ment Com­mit­ted against Pa­les­ti­nian De­tai­nees at Is­rae­li In­ter­ro­ga­tion Cen­ters (23. Dez)

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JCB’s complicity in Israeli war crimes: 2019 statistics
JCB’s complicity in Israeli war crimes: 2019 statistics

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Der Israe­lisch-Pa­läs­ti­nen­sische Kon­flikt - Auf­räu­men mit gäng­igen An­sich­ten



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Boy­kott, Des­in­vest­ment und Sank­tio­nen für Pa­läs­ti­na

Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
Pa­les­ti­nian Cam­paign for the Aca­de­mic and Cul­tu­ral Boy­cott of Is­rael


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Pro­tec­tion of Ci­vi­lians Week­ly Re­port

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
Weekly Re­port On Is­raeli Hu­man Rights Vio­lat­ions in the Oc­cu­pied Pa­les­ti­nian Ter­ri­tory

Children in Military Custody
Report: Chil­dren in Mi­li­ta­ry Cus­to­dy

'Geheime' Berichte der EU-Delegation in Israel:
• Die Verdrängung der Palästinenser aus Ost-Jerusalem (2011)
• Die Verdrängung der Palästinenser aus 'Zone C' (2011)

amnesty international:
Israel verweigert Pa­läs­ti­nen­sern Zugang zu Wasser


Is­rae­li Prac­ti­ces to­wards the Pa­les­ti­nian People and the Ques­tion of Apart­heid (ESCWA)

Süd­afri­ka­nische Stu­die (Zusammenfassung):
„Occu­pation, Co­lo­nia­lism, Apart­heid?”

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Demo­cra­tic South Africa's com­pli­city in Israel's occu­pa­tion, co­lo­nia­lism and apart­heid

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Israel ist ein Apartheidsstaat (ipk)

Webseite: itIsApartheid

UN-Resolution 3068
Inter­national Con­ven­tion on the Sup­pres­sion and Punish­ment of the Crime of Apart­heid
Rome Statute des IGH


Gaza Blockade Legal? The debate about the legality of Israel's siege of Gaza lacks serious analysis of the laws.
Die Gaza-Blockade legal?

Amnesty International Report:
Versagt in Gaza: Ein Report ein Jahr nach dem Überfall

Amnesty International Report:
Israel/Gaza: Operation 'Cast Lead': 22 days of death and destruction. Download.

Goldstone-Report: Hinweise auf die Furcht der isr. Regierung liefern deren Bemühungen, die Anklage durch eine fast gleichnamige Webseite zu unterdrücken.

Kriegsverbrechen in Gaza:
Re­port der von Rich­ter Ri­chard Gold­stone ge­lei­te­ten UN-Un­ter­su­chungs­kommis­sion.

Ab­schlies­sende Kai­ro-Er­klä­rung des 'Gaza Free­dom Marchs'. FRIEDENSPROZESS

Die UNO, das Völker­recht und die Zu­kunft Paläs­tinas
von Dr. Nor­man Paech

Der ge­heime "End of Mis­sion Re­port" des Son­der­beauf­trag­ten der UN für den Frie­den im Na­hen Os­ten, Al­varo de Soto. Auf unse­ren Sei­ten in vol­ler Länge. Näheres hier.


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