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Support Jayyous against the predacious colonists from Zufim! [03.01.2014]

Kolonisten rauben Jayyous Olivenbäume (2004) © Christian Gocke Abdullatif Khalid aus Jayyous (bei Qalqilia) bittet um Ihre Unterstützung gegen die räuberischen Bewohner der jüdischen Kolonie Zufim.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Many thanks for your kind letters and this gives my family hope. It is supposed to stay the Christmas holidays with my family, but I have to keep running day and night to protect my land. Yesterday, I met group of lawyers who gave me advices what to do. Today, I will continue to prepare the land documents and submit them to the local authorities and go with the legal battle against settlers.

The settlers want to build a new settlement to existing Zufim settlement and they call it North Zufim. The name itself is a fraud. They call it North Zufim to look like as if it is a natural expansion of an existing settlement; while in reality it is a plan for a new settlement. They use every means as power and lying full of deception to make their plans go on. Settlers use forgery allegations and distort the truth and maintain all this by guns and frightening innocent people. They don’t care for our plans, or rights or dreams. They believe that we have little chances to raise our voices and fewer opportunities to be heard. But, they don’ t know that we have faithful people like you who can make our voice louder and reachable to many people.

Thank you

Abdul-Latif Mohammad Khalid
Hydrological Engineer
Project Manager
Palestinian Hydrology Group
Jawwal:  0598 931 783
0599 935 006


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