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Unter Besatzung: 'gaza was attacked again last night' [12.09.2012]

Nachrichten von A. aus Palästina last night, for the second time in less than a week, gaza was again attacked from the over-equipped zionist airforce. unlike lat week, no one was murdered in the immediate attack, but five people, including two children, were severely injured.

again, mohammad al zaza, one of the children injured in one of the many airstrikes on gaza during ramadan (august) 2011 is STILL receiving treatment for his injuries with massive support of a handful of people while his cousin ibrahim died at age 12 in an israeli hospital. i can't imagine how long these children will take to heal physically and emotionally, if at all.

last week, on Sept 6, at six people were killed during another series of airstrikes on the people of the gaza strip. (see this summary of the attacks on gaza last month and their consequences here.)

here is an overview of reported attacks on gaza

when i think about writing about every major thing that has happened here in the last few days, i get overwhelmed and end up writing nothing. just know that we've had more children violently arrested, mor people displaced as their homes were demolished, many many more attacks by settler colonists - including with guns - on palestinian civilians, inlcuding children. more night raids, more incursions, etc etc etc

something that i feel ashamed of not having written before: there are currently three prisoners on extended hunger strike and at immediate risk of death. one of them is on the 112 consecutive day of renewed hunger strike and hassan safadi is on the 82nd day of renewed hunger strike. hassan's mother is in critical condition in hospital herself. ayman sharawna is on his 72nd day of hunger strike.

we are getting used to record lengths of hunger strike, i know i am getting used to it. thankfully, there are people out there who are protesting, who are even striking in solidarity (for instance at a university campus in the US) to help draw attention to the struggle of the hunger strikers and help increase pressure. please read more and do what you can.


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