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YOU HAVE A CHOICE! Israeli Anti-Militarists Speak [27.08.2012]

YOU HAVE A CHOICE! Israeli Anti-Militarists Speak “YOU HAVE A CHOICE! Israeli Anti-Militarists Speak” presents four native-born and immigrant Israeli citizens, aged 30 to 78, talking about their backgrounds, political views and activism in an interactive video that includes 132 short films, each lasting between thirty seconds and several minutes.
Dorothy Naor, Sergeiy Sandler and Eli Fabrikant, all members of New Profile, and musician Ofer Golani are featured with photographs by Active Stills.
“You Have a Choice!” was edited by Nancy du Plessis, who also supplied additional video and photographs.

To start playing the project, click on the still photograph. After the large film has played, activate one of the three small “previews” by clicking on it. The preview selected will play in a larger version at the top of the project, and three new previews will appear below it. (Be sure to move the cursor off the previews to prevent them from playing while the large film is running.)
A new film can be activated while another is playing by simply clicking on a new preview. The project cannot run backwards, so several runs are necessary to see all the films.

YOU HAVE A CHOICE! Israeli Anti-Militarists Speak is hosted at a Jewish Voice for Peace blog, The Only Democracy.
Numerous international groups concerned with peace and justice and anti-militarism also link to the project.


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