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Flytilla 2012: News update [15.04.2012]

• There will be a Press Conference in the Bethlehem Peace Center (Manger Square) Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 5 PM to where we will have representative of visitors who arrived and Palestinian families who will host visitors.

• Several airlines notified passengers of cancellation of their flights upon orders from Israeli authorities (orders that include blatant and documentable lies and defamation). It is essential that those who had cancellations (whether with our campaign or has happened as “collateral damage”) challenge the airlines and their governments. Governments must pressure the State of Israel to allow visits to the occupied territories. The siege is clearly on the West Bank and not only on Gaza. Such sieges and blockade of admittance to occupied areas is a violation of international conventions especially the 4th Geneva Convention and likely amount to crimes against humanity.

• The French and Belgium groups called to action: All to gather at Charles DeGaul Paris airport Terminal T1 starting at 5 AM, and at 7 AM in Zaventem, Brussels airport. We know it is early but do join other French people as they object to the racist apartheid policies that try to keep us apart. We understand there will also be convergence on airports in other European cities. We support these and any action of protest (we suggest also in front of Israeli embassies and consulates around the world).

• Striking Israeli airport workers decided to work to help "security" not just for the peaceful visitors expected to arrive on Sunday, but also to deport 700 Sudanese refugees. Racism thus unites the government and its workers.

• Israeli groups of peace activists are going to the airport carrying signs from Palestinian Children welcoming those who are arriving. Israeli police will likely try to stop them from exercising their right to free speech and to welcome visitors.

• The amount of coverage now is increasing exponentially in media outlets especially in Europe. We need activists in Canada, the US and elsewhere to demand their media carry the story. Over 100 media outlets already printed this Associated Press story but some added inappropriate pictures and titles. We need to push them since thousands of media outlets have access to AP stories, you can demand that they carry at least this AP story

• The following members of the British Parliament have expressed support for the Welcome to Palestine Campaign (and we need more MPs contacted): Hugh Bayley MP (York Inner), Mark Lazarowicz MP (Edinburgh North and Leith), Dave Anderson MP (Blaydon), Sandra Osborne MP (Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock).

• The Confederation de Syndicats National (Quebec, Canada) representing 300,000 members support the WTP 2012 campaign and denounced the denial of one of their members Julie Lachapelle her right to visit us in Palestine as part of the WTP campaign.

• Activists are writing letters to the editor about this, and all can write a letter to the editor of local and national newspapers thus exposing the unfair and illegal Israeli policies of siege and isolation. An example is here.


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