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Ramallah, Haifa: In memoriam for Juliano [01.04.2012]

Ramallah, Haifa: In memoriam for Juliano On the 4th of April 2012 The Freedom Theatre will cancel all its artistic activities. We will do so because on this day one year ago, Juliano Mer Khamis, co-founder of The Freedom Theatre and its visionary leader was murdered, and the murderer has not yet been found. We do not feel that those responsible for investigating the murder are fulfilling their obligations to uphold justice.

On the 4th of April at 11:00, we are going to stage a demonstration outside the Muqattah in Ramallah to demand justice for Juliano. We encourage artists, activists and all those who support freedom of expression to do the same. We ask you to join us in this demonstration because we believe that when one artist is attacked, all artists are attacked.

Also on the 4th of April at 20:00 the Arab Theatre in Jaffa and the Al-Midan theatre in Haifa will stage events on the occasion. Among the participants are Juliano's former students, members from The Freedom Theatre, DAM and many more.

If you plan or wish to carry out an event in honour of Juliano, we ask that you keep us informed so that we may offer assistance and additional publicity. We also suggest that all events take into consideration the five children Juliano left behind.

The Freedom Theatre


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