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Eine Woche unter israelischer Besatzung [07.02.2012]

Eine Woche unter israelischer Besatzung

Beit Hanoun, besieged Gaza Strip

Report by Rosa Schiano, ISM Gaza. Pictures.

Beit Ommar

Report by PSP. Pictures.


Update 6.2: Israeli bulldozers are illegally demolishing structures in At-Tur neighborhood near al-Issawiya. So far, they have reportedly demolished several walls & 2 old caves & damaged more than 20 dunums of land in in order to make room for an unlawful "national park". So far, 6 ppl were apparently detained. Pictures, see here and here. Video by hanounrotenberg.


Report by Rani: Friday of solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

Dozens of demonstrators were Wounded cases of suffocation by poison gas in the weekly march which organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall and settlements in Bil'in, which comes on the occasion of the hunger strike of the prisoner, Al Sheikh Khader Adnan for 49 days, until now, and supporting for all Palestinian prisoners, The march was attended by dozens of Palestinians , international and Israeli peace activists.

The march began after Friday prayers from the center of the village, and headed to the land that was liberated recently, Participants raised Palestinian flags and banners with images of Palestinian prisoners. They chanted patriotic slogans calling for the departure of the occupation, destruction of the Apartheid wall, freedom and rights for Palestinian prisoners. Upon the arrival to Abu Lemon protected area, which adjacent to the wall, some of the participants were able to cut and remove some of the barbed wire , burned tires beside the apartheid wall, one of them climbed the wall and raised Palestinian flag on the concrete wall, while dozens of settlers and Israeli soldiers we watching , then the soldiers Who were behind the concrete wall shot rubber bullets , stun grenades, dense tear gas and skunk water towards the participants, which led to the injury of dozens of cases of suffocation, all of them were treated in the field by ambulance crews. During that the young people threw stones at the soldiers.


Kufr Al-Deek

Report by ISM.
Video 1 (by I. Puterman) & Video 2 (by lalabitmyfinger). Pictures

Kufr Qaddum


after IOF have uprooted trees this weekend (, villagers together with a few ISMs are now on their lands to protect them from settlers, who are now trying to farm them with the support of the army. one villager, abu ashraf, was arrested just now. call murad 0599397860 if you can go (also, looks like more ppl will be needed in the upcoming days)

Report by Chen Misgav, anarchists:
A hundred protesters in Kufr Qaddum march against land grab and settlement expansion. The army invades the village and fires tear-gas inside populated areas.

Approximately a hundred residents, joined by Israeli and international supporters, joined the weekly protest in the village of Kufr Qaddum this week.

The march proceeded from the center of the village towards the adjacent settlement of Kedumin, built on lands confiscated from the village. The army awaited near the roadblock, using an additional barbed wire obstacle to prevent the demonstrators from passing to their lands. Some soldiers were also stationed in the olive groves surrounding the road. The demonstrators stood behind the barbed wire obstacle, chanting slogans and singing songs, when the army started shooting volleys of tear-gas projectiles, some of them directly towards people. As the crowd was dispersing, soldiers proceeded into the village's populated area, continuing to shoot tear-gas projectiles, sound grenades and reportedly also live ammunition. Another army battalion besieged the village, by blocking all entrances, and continued shooting tear-gas canisters into the village. As a response, some of the local youth threw stones at the army. After about an hour and a half residents reassembled and decided to end the protest. The soldiers then launched an impromptu checkpoint and inspected every car leaving the village.

Kufr Qaddum, a small town of 3,500 inhabitants, is situated in the northern West Bank, between Nablus and Qalqilya. Qaddum's total land area used to consist of nearly 19,000 dunams, of which 11,000 are now under total Israeli control. Village lands have been repeatedly confiscated to build and expand the settlement of Kedumim. The expansion of one the settlement's neighborhoods, Mitzpe Yishai, became relatively well-known when even the Israeli Civil Administration described land takeover as theft. Lands that were officially recognized as belonging to private owners in Qaddum were taken over in an orderly manner, without any official authorization. Furthermore, the village has been effectively besieged since the beginning of the Second Intifada, when the main and only entrance to the village was blocked by the army.


Nabi Saleh weekly demonstration

Update 6.2.: During the night, Loai Tamimi (Mustafa’s brother) was arrested during a raid of his home. Another resident was also arrested, several other houses raided. More news to come. Video 1 (by David Reeb) & Video 2 (by Tamimi Press) & Video 3 (by Nariman) - Border Police Shoot French Woman in the Neck During Nabi Saleh Demo & Video 4 (by anasrqoub) – Israeli forces arrested two Palestinian journalists.

Pictures of a French activist who has been injures & Report with video by PSCC.

Linah’s interview with the French activist who got shot. Report (w video) by Omar Rahman (972). Report by Jalal Abukhater. Report by Lisa Goldman (972). Report by IMEMC.


Report by Saeed:

The weekly demonstration against the apartheid wall in the West Bank village of Nilin, dozens of Palestnians and internationals as well as Israeli peace activists joint the demo. Demonstrators managed to burn the cabels of the electronic fence and other demonstrators managed to make a whole in the concrete wall and other demonstrators managed to write words of wisdom for Martin Luther king. Soldiers shot rubber coated steel bullets, sound grenades, tear gas and several live bullets towards the demonstratiors. Luckily no one has been hit with live bullets but other 7 demonstrators suffered from tear gas inhalation and one got shot with a rubber coated bullet in the hand.

Video (by nilin village). Pictures.


Update 5.2.: report on activities by ISM. Report by PSCC. Pictures .

Beit Ommar

Update 6.2. by Younes Arar: The Israeli occupation forces raided the house of Naser Khader Alalami east of Beit Ommar town today at three o'clock in the morning, and arrested his son Mohammed (20 years), a college student, and took him to an unknown destination. Earlier, the occupation forces arrested his brother Mo’ayad Alalami (19 years) two weeks ago.

Report by PSP. Pictures.


Video by Mazin. Pictures.


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