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Edith Lutz, Mitglied der Crew der Irene, ist zurück in der Heimat [02.10.2010]

Edith Lutz, Mitglied der Crew der Irene, ist zurück in der Heimat Von Dr. Edith Lutz, die gestern aus Israel abgeschoben wurde, erhielten wir die folgende Nachricht in englischer Sprache:

Dear friends in Germany and abroad,
I apologize for these unpersonal lines, but we all have to save time.

I'm back home since 3 in the morning, there were already interviews (radio) and interview requiries. I ask my friends not to contact me on phone unless it is for media reasons. Media can e-mail me or phone me (+49 2441 4740)and ask me to call back.

The German embassy did a good job. They were in contact with the Israeli Foreign ministry (despite holidays) and visited me twice.

At the Holon office (where I watched "our story" on TV twice) an arrogant female officer tried to make me sign a long letter in Hebrew which of course I didn't. She was the only one among those I met who reacted with open contempt. The others were rather unpolitical, indifferent, puzzled, but some also at times showing shy signs of sympathy or even respect.

In my dirty prison cell at Ramle I continued writing my diary, but often had to rest and lie down because of the strong impact of the experience and the waves swinging within me. Additionally these constant new impressions you get on your first day in prison! But I did not feel bad, on the contrary. I felt we had done the right thing and we had succeeded in confronting a mighty army with steadfastness and morale values.

It was only the next day when Ruti, the lawyer, visited me that I had a little emotional breakdown. When she mentioned that all 3 badly treated Israelis were already at home and everything was ok, the soul released the ugly pictures it had seen and I couldn't but weep.

At 4 on Monday I was brought to the airport where my belongings and I were most neurotically checked - though I came from a prison where a similar procedure had been performed. Very friendly. Then I was brought to the airport detention where again my belongings and I were checked. I was only allowed to take my book with me and was told they would take me to the plane the following day at 6pm. Two policemen took me directly into the plane (as is their rule with passengers to be deported)- which makes you feel like a vip. When the steward handed me my passport, to my surprise I found my Palestinian vip passport included. Another surprise: I haven't got a deportation stamp. Perhaps it doesn't make a difference. But I left Israel with confidence and hope. And on Channel 2 News on the plane I again watched our story


Reuven, I've got your harmonica. And tell Itamar, we should again meet in the middle of the Mediterranean and smoke a cigarette in its techelet waters


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