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Unter Besatzung - "Soldiers kidnapped Saeed al-Brijiah ..." (5) [22.01.2010]

Nachrichten von A. aus Palästina (© C. Latuff) Friends,
today, no report, but I'll forward you the Imemc article below. Today, before the demo, we had a useful and interesting workshop with a lawyer and activist, who briefed us on our rights in case of detention. He also explained that often, one tactic is to arrest (often younger) people from a village and interrogate them using pressure, informants, etc., and then collect information on the leaders of the popular resistance.

Today, after the demo - which might have been too short for the soldiers' taste as they appear to have prepared for more - soldiers kidnapped Saeed al-Brijiah. Saeed had participated at the demo, and as all returned back to the village, Saeed entered a building at the beginning of the village to buy chicken. On the top of this building, soldiers had at first hidden and come into view at the end of the demo as people were working past the house.
The soldiers walked down and came out of this building just as Saeed was in the shop, and they "detained" him there. Saeed is the father of eight.

Right now, at least two military jeeps have entered the village and are seen near the house of one of the members of the Popular Committee. We urgently ask internationals to volunteer to stay in the village at night - we still need people for tmw night.


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