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Amos Gvirtz: "A Mob" [14.05.2021]

Our struggle will now be fought against apartheid laws, like in South Africa. Now that the unilateral war – using army, settler-colonists and police – which the State of Israel has been waging against the palestinians has turned bilateral.

On Wednesday night, May 12, 2021, I watched horrified as Israel Tv’s Channel 11 showed the mob marching in a Bat Yam main street, destroying Arabs’ businesses and trying to lynch an Arab that passed by in his car. No police was present to stop the mob from going wild. It claimed that policemen were on the alert on the border of Jaffa to prevent confrontations of the mob with Jaffa Arabs. The media was filled with reports about mobs on both sides trying to do the same thing in other places throughout the country – lynchings and property destruction.

The previous evening, an alarm siren was heard here in Kibbutz Shefayim, for fear that a rocket launched in Gaza would fall here. For a moment, the fear of death and destruction entered my heart and I could better understand the fear in which millions of Palestinians and Israelis live, fear of combatants and weaponry of the other side. This is not the fear of lunching and destruction by a mob. It is the fear of ‘legitimate’ combat forces doing it in an organized and professional – and far more effective – manner the same thing that the mob is trying to do …


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