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9. Tag des Gaza-Massakers: Der Waffenstillstand, der keiner war [16.07.2014]

Occupy Judaism by Occupy Judaism

Hamas has been offering Israel a ceasefire for a week - since even before they started firing into Israel - asking that Israel stop extrajudicially assassinating Hamas members, release the hundreds of prisoners arbitrarily arrested during the kidnapping investigation, and return to the 2012 ceasefire agreement. Israel said no, over and over, and proceeded to drop thousands of bombs on Gaza, killing nearly 200.

Now that Israel has exhausted all of its potential targets, it cooked up an unconditional ceasefire agreement with Egypt, which recently sentenced the leadership of the Hamas-allied Muslim Brotherhood to either life in prison or death. Hamas was not invited to participate in the ceasefire negotiation, nor were they presented with terms of an agreement, nor do they accept the legitimacy of Egypt as a broker, so Hamas rejected the ceasefire.

Israel abided by the non-existent ceasefire for about six hours, however, while Hamas militants kept firing at Israel, unaware that there even was a ceasefire agreement on offer. Now the pro-Israel community is screaming "SEE! SEE! THEY OPPOSE THE CEASEFIRE!" and are calling for a resumption of hostilities.

This is what is known as "the propaganda war."


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