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International Headlines [24.08.2012]

International HeadlinesSiedler & Landraub & Ethn. Säuberung: West Bank outpost residents: Migron deal endangers settlement enterprise (haa) / Soldiers destroy Palestinian car in Hebron (imc) / Report: '42 years later, Al-Aqsa Mosque still targeted' (imc) / Settlers plant Palestinian land illegally annexed 3 months ago (imc) / Army confiscates Palestinian tractors in the Jordan Valley (imc) / Army to confiscate lands near Tulkarem (imc) / Could a new regime in Syria be good for the Golan Heights? (irin) / Settlers 'attempt to set fire' to cars in Nablus village (maan) / Settlers 'break into' Solomon's Pools near Bethlehem (maan) / Report: Israel to evict Jericho farmers (maan) / Arson attack on Islamic center in Jaffa on Eid (mideastmon) / New Israeli demolition orders against six homes in Al-Khalil (pal-info)

Gaza / Sinai: Festive psychological torture in Gaza (ingaza) / Cairo and Tel Aviv reach understanding on army deployment in Sinai (imc) / Analysis: A tunnel-free future for Gaza? (irin) / Official: Radah, Kerem Shalom crossings to partially reopen (maan) / Witnesses: Israeli forces fire artillery shells near Gaza (maan) / Egypt to re-open Rafah crossing three days a week (maan) / Egypt resumes demolition of Gaza tunnels (maan) / IOF gunfire targets fishermen and farmers in Gaza (pal-info)
Hebron Altstadt: Eight months after bloody olive harvest battle, still no justice in sight (haa) / Jerusalemite faces decades in prison (imc) / 7 detainees injured in Ramon Prison, several sent to solitary confinement (imc) / IOF arrests four Palestinians (pal-info)
Politische / Ökonomische Nachrichten: Israel's foreign minister calls for help in ousting Palestinian president ( / Abbas waging 'diplomatic terror': Israel's Lieberman (yahoo) / Israel accused of interfering in Palestinian affairs after letter to EU (gdn) / Former minister calls for election boycott (maan) / Fatah MP urges end to contacts with Israel after Lieberman letter (maan) / Official: Israeli power company demanding payment before meeting (maan)
Gewalt / Razzien / Verhaftungen: Palestinian victim of hate attack leaves hospital (yahoo) / Profiles of child arrests in Beit Ommar (palsoli) / Video: Palestinian man repeatedly tasered by Israeli police in front of his children (haa) / Soldiers attack family in Jerusalem (imc) / PA minister: Settler violence undermines peace process (maan) / Israeli forces arrest 9 across the West Bank (maan) / Medics: Settler runs over child in Hebron (maan) / Group: Palestinian hospitalized after Israel police beating (maan) / Police violence against Jerusalem's Palestinian citizens increases (mideastmon) / IOF troops kidnap child from his home (pal-info) / Jerusalem lynch victim 'not afraid' (ynet)
Aktivismus & BDS: Israel angered by South African move on settlement goods (yahoo) / South Africa approves 'Made in Palestinian Territories' tags (yahoo) / US: Israeli probe into Rachel Corrie's death 'wasn't credible' (haa) / PA thanks South Africa for move to label settlement goods (maan)
Israelischer Rassismus & Diskriminierung: Poster calls on Arab men to keep out of Jerusalem, away from Jewish girls (972mag) / Integration of migrants' children into schools harms Israeli students (haa) / A good Jew hates Arabs (haa) / Arab Israelis have 'nowhere to hide' if war breaks out (ynet) / In wake of lynch, Arabs fear the streets (ynet)
Gefangenschaft: A day at the beach (haa) / Haaretz editorial: A vision of the End of Days? (haa) / Palestinian artists invited to present their work across the bridge that both connects and separates them from Jordan (mideastmon)
Diverses: Palestinian women racers find freedom on the track ( / Palestinian town gets new mayor (gdn) / Fields of heaven: A joint Israeli-Palestinian farm may take root in West Bank (huffpo) / Official: Muslim-Christian unity must be more than a slogan (maan)



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