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International Headlines [20.06.2012]

International HeadlinesGaza-Blockade: Majority of Gaza patients got permits, yet 5 were denied (wafa) / Israel and Turkey: Deep state of distrust needs to end (haa) / Rafah crossing to open Tuesday after Hamas (maan) / Saudi campaign gives $5 million to Gaza food program (maan)
Attacken an den Grenzen Israels & Gazas: Israeli aircraft drop warning leaflets (pnn) / Israeli airstrike kills Palestinian in Gaza (wafa) / Al Qaeda-linked group claims responsibility for deadly Israel attack (AP) (cbsnews) / Medics: Israeli forces shell northern Gaza (maan) / Report: Israel moves tanks to Egypt border (maan) / Army: Rocket fired from Gaza lands in Israel (maan) / Israel fires on Gaza Strip (maan) / Israel strikes central Gaza (maan) / PRC, PFLP brigades claim rocket fire into Israel (maan) / Toddler killed in Gaza explosion (maan) / Israeli forces fire on Gaza Strip (maan) / Envoy: Egypt working to calm Gaza fighting (maan) / Israeli airstrike kills man in south Gaza (Reuters) (maan) / Ministry: Boy killed as Israel bombs Gaza City (maan) / Hamas wing says targeting Israeli military sites (maan) / Israel bombs Hamas military sites in Gaza (maan) / Two Palestinians killed in Israel-Gaza violence surge (reuters)

Pressefreiheit / Journalismus: MADA condemns recent investigation of one journalist, attack on another journalist's office (pnn) / UN free speech expert criticizes censorship by Israel (sun-sentinel)
Hungerstreikende / Verhaftete: Israel to free footballer Mahmoud Sarsak after epic 3-month hunger strike (ei) / Sarsak's willingness to die gains him freedom after 92 days of hunger strike (mweiss) / 40 detainees wounded in Eshil Israeli prison (imc) / Lawyer: Hunger striker al-Rekhawi briefly hospitalized (maan) / Sick prisoner announces open hunger strike (maan) / An Israeli own goal (gush-shalom)
Israelischer Rassismus / Sexismus / Diskriminierung: Dozens of African migrants denied request to convert to Judaism (haa) / Israeli racism is embedded in daily politics of every state body (haa) / Israel: New law targets migrant care workers (irin) / Israel moves to deport Ivorians in migrant crackdown (maan) / Female officers warn of mass haredi draft (ynet) / 'Bedouin president will turn college into Israeli school' (ynet) / Beit Shemesh: Woman attacked for dressing 'immodestly' (ynet) / Petition: Don't deport abused migrant children (ynet)
Gewalt / Razzien / Verhaftungen: WATCH: IDF night raids on two Palestinian villages in West Bank (972mag) / Israeli forces raid Dheisheh refugee camp (pnn) / Following B'Tselem's documentation: Israeli army decides to stop using dogs to disperse West Bank demonstrations (btselem) / Israeli forces search Ramallah home of detained sheikh (maan) / Israeli forces arrest 18 across West Bank (maan) / West Bank mosque torched (maan) / Israel detains 5 in West Bank; clashes in Bethlehem (maan) / Israeli navy detains Palestinian fishermen (mideastmon) / IOF soldiers round up 4 Palestinians (pal-info) / IOF soldiers arrest Hamas supported shortly after his release from PA jails (pal-info) / Memorial protests for Ziad Jilani, murdered by Israel's border police (richardsilverstein) / Tourists venture to West Bank to 'shoot terrorists' (ynet) / VIDEO: Tensions rise as West Bank mosque vandalized (ytube)
Flüchtlinge: Palestinian camps in Lebanon: enough humiliation! (al-akhbar) / Palestinians in Lebanon struggling for neutrality (al-akhbar) / PLO official says Israel is accountable for refugee problem (wafa) / Report: 2 Palestinians killed, 10 injured (maan) / PCBS releases figures for World Refugee Day (maan) / The third conference for Palestinian refugees in Europe kicks off (pal-info)
Aktivismus & BDS: Protests against racist group's participation in 'Earth Summit' (pnn) / Alice Walker refuses to publish 'The Color Purple' in Israel due to 'apartheid and persecution of the Palestinian people' (mweiss) / Letter to Presbyterians: Investing in Palestine without divesting from occupation only underwrites the status quo (mweiss) / Video: Will kittens eat Sabra and Tribe hummus? (mweiss) / PA fines date traders for selling settlement produce (maan)
Politik: Vatican to Palestinians: Stance regarding Israeli occupation has not changed (haa) / Hamas says West Bank detentions breach reconciliation (maan) / Leaders urge Palestinians to register for PNC elections (maan)
Analyse & Meinung: A view of Palestine question you may not have heard: the Palestinian one (minnesota.publicradio) / A loyal Israeli citizen is a threatened citizen (haa)
Diverses: Hackers hit Israeli government sites (al-akhbar) / Jericho business park aims to inch Palestinians toward sustainability (gdn) / Multinational buys stake in Palestinian advertising company (maan) / Report: US, Israel developed Flame computer virus (maan) / Cisco CEO hopes to create jobs for Israeli Arabs (ynet)



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