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International Headlines [22.05.2012]

International HeadlinesVerhaftungen und weitere Gefängnisberichte: Reporters Without Borders Condemn Arrest of Journalist (wafa) / Palestinians arrest 10 Islamic Jihad members (yahoo) / Three Children Arrested in Beit Ommar (palsoli) / Student activist Khaled Abu Qash kidnapped by undercover Israeli forces (samidoun) / VIDEO: "We are All Palestinian Prisoners" Exclusive Interview with Artist Hafez Omar (jadaliyya) / Lawyer: Gaza engineer still in isolation despite deal (maan) / Israeli police arrest six Jerusalemites (pal-info) / IOF soldiers detain child (pal-info) / IOF soldiers nab ten Palestinians including three children in Jerusalem and Al Khalil (pal-info) / Islamic Jihad holds PA security responsible for assaults on its cadres (pal-info)
Ethnische Säuberung & Raub und Zerstörung von Land & Apartheid & Flüchtlinge: Nahr al-Bared: Five Years Later (al-akhbar) / Jerusalem Day in the Old City: The Conflict Marches On (globalspin) / The Meaning of the Nakba (cpunch) / Netanyahu: Israel will continue to build Jerusalem and keep it united (haa) / Fayyad: Water crisis due to Israel's control of resources (maan) / Jerusalem expansion reaches point of no return (maan) / The IOF suppress counter-demonstration held in Jerusalem (pal-info) / Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem sells Real Estate to Zionists (pal-info) / The occupation escalates its siege on Jerusalem (pal-info) / Palestinians flee Syria for Jordan (ytube)

Israelische Gewalt: Campaign: A message from Moira Jilani (palsolidarity) / B’Tslem appeals closing of investigation into death of Firas Qasqas (btselem) / IDF probing 15 cases of soldiers ignoring settler attacks on Palestinians (haa) / Jewish settlers assault woman (pal-info) / IOF soldiers break into Aqsa mosque (pal-info) / Palestinian teen injured in West Bank (presstv) / Where’s the Palestinian Gandhi? Soaking in Blood Shed by Settlers (richardsilverstein)
Weiter Ereignisse und Nachrichten: Pro-Israeli lobbyists aim to block US-Turkey drone deal (al-akhbar) / Qatar: Israel isolated by Arab uprisings (al-akhbar) / Israel denies planning troops in Cyprus (yahoo) / Israel set to impose further limits on privacy (silwan) / Behind the scenes of the ultra-Orthodox anti-Internet rally (haa) / Austria minister: Lieberman's presence in Israeli cabinet 'unbearable' (haa) / Occupation Inc.: Exporting Israeli Occupation to Cyprus (richardsilverstein) / Suspicion: Israelis harvested organs from the needy (ynet)
Weitere Weltnachrichten: US ambassador to Afghanistan quits amid worsening relations (al-akhbar) / US protesters condemn NATO (al-akhbar) / Kuwaiti Shiite tweeter 'denies insulting prophet' (yahoo) / Suicide bombing kills nearly 100 soldiers in Yemen (yahoo) / UAE ruler cancels debts of defaulting borrowers (yahoo) / Chicago Police Face Accusations of Entrapment, Brutality in Crackdown on NATO Protesters (demnow) / "No NATO, No War": U.S. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Return War Medals at NATO Summit (demnow) / Scott Olsen, U.S. Vet Who Nearly Lost Life at Occupy Protest, Brings Antiwar Message to NATO Summit (demnow) / U.S. Army Vets Join With Afghans For Peace to Lead Antiwar March at Chicago NATO Summit (demnow) / Robert Fisk: Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi is dead. Now we'll never know the truth about Lockerbie (indp) / North Carolina pastor: Send LGBT people to concentration camps to die (raw)
Belagerung Gazas: Freed Palestinians find Gaza exile a challenge (yahoo) / Falling between the cracks in the paperwork: What a single form can reveal (gazagateway) / Melon harvest begins in Gaza (mideastmon) / The Arab Doctors Union calls to immediately support Gaza (pal-info)
Aktivismus & BDS: Pressure increases to deny Dutch bus contract to Israeli settlement profiteer Veolia (ei) / UK student union to support campus divestment initiatives (ei) / West Bank isn't in Israel, but its factories, somehow, are (haa) / UK Community split over JNF Invitation to Avigdor Lieberman (imc) / Islamic bloc's students in Birzeit threaten open hunger strike (pal-info)
Israelischer Rassismus & Diskriminierung: Lieberman and the JNF - a racist among racists (jewssansfrontieres) / Israelis sling racial epithets to mark 45 years of a Jerusalem ‘unification’ (mweiss) / The Interior Minister’s call to expel African immigrants, in context (mweiss) / Netanyahu: Israel could be overrun by African infiltrators (haa) / Israeli MKs engage in stormy debate over African asylum seekers (haa) / "Civil Rights": 84% of Palestinian Children in Jerusalem Live Below the Poverty Line (imc) / 'Non-Jews are brainless thieves' (ynet)
Analyse & Meinung: Nazism, Zionism, and the Arab World (dissidentvoice) / Interview: racism of Britain's rulers in Palestine explored in major new exhibition (ei) / The Most Unpopular Arab Uprising (al-akhbar) / Monumental Dutch exhibit: Zionism built ‘a house, a cage, a UN shelter… a zoo’ (mweiss) / BBC Polling: How the World Sees Israel (palchron) / The Melancholia of a Generation (jadaliyya) / Al-Jazeera's (R)Evolution? (jadaliyya)
Anti: Israel blasts foreign proposal on settlement goods (yahoo)

Ägypten: Hamdin Sabbahi (angry) / `Umar Sulayman: the new Egypt (angry) / Egyptian court sentences police for killing protesters (al-akhbar) / Egypt's top cleric: Shias bring instability (al-akhbar) / Saudi finalizes Egypt aid package (al-akhbar) / In Search of Egypt’s Fifth President: Ahmed Shafik (al-akhbar) / Hamdeen Sabbahi: Egypt’s underdog presidential candidate? (alarabiya) / Egypt presidential race gets new twist: Mubarak-era figure surges (lat) / Egypt’s Choice (nyt) / Cairo Journal: In Streets and Online, Campaign Fever in Egypt (nyt) / Egypt Islamist warns against vote fraud ahead of election (yahoo) / Khalid Ali. Egypt presidential candidate joins hunger strike (yahoo) / Egypt vote: The Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty (bbc) / The Making of Egypt’s President (cpunch) / Abouel Fotouh wins presidential race in Qatar (egyptindependent) / Israeli expert: Moussa a rival, but Abouel Fotouh hostile to Israel (egyptindependent) / Egypt: Widespread Military Torture of Protesters Arrested in May (hrw) / Interview with Egyptian Presidential Candidate Abdel Moneim Abul Fettouh (jadaliyya)
Syrien: Syria: Losing Its Youth (al-akhbar) / High-ranking Syrian officials deny reports of their own assassinations (alarabiya) / Bomb kills 5 in Syrian capital (yahoo) / Ex-detainee: Syrian prisons are 'slaughterhouses' (yahoo) / NATO chief says 'no intention' to intervene in Syria (yahoo) / Opposition groups report clashes in Syrian capital (yahoo) / Syria forces kill deserters as NATO rejects action (yahoo) / Bomb detonates near UN observers in Syria (alj) / Opposition Says it has Killed Top Six Regime Figures, But Claim is Doubtful (joshualandis) / Inside Syria: An opposition divided (ytube) / Syrian opposition to announce new leader (ytube)
Libanon: America's favorite Salafites (angry) / Lies of the US government (angry) / Muhammad Ra`d: Hizbullah's second thoughts on Syria (angry) / The Salafi monster in Lebanon and Jeffrey Feltman (angry) / Russia Urges Lebanon to Take Stabilization Measures ( / Beirut Battle: The Day After Future’s Victory (al-akhbar) / Kuwait warns residents not to visit Lebanon (al-akhbar) / Protests after Lebanese sheikh killed in Akkar (al-akhbar) / Tripoli: Salafis Make Their Move (al-akhbar) / Two dead after overnight street battles but Beirut calm (al-akhbar) / US and Russia concerned by Lebanon security situation (al-akhbar) / Beirut Battle: One Night, One Street, Photo Blog by Haitham Moussawi (al-akhbar) / The Lede Blog: Video of Street Fighting in Beirut (nyt) / "Armed kids on scooters were using the anarchy to try to assassinate soldiers from behind" (friclub) / The Number One Sunni in Lebanon (qifanabki) / Anti-Assad Lebanese cleric bailed (bbc) / Don't blame Syria – Lebanon's leaders are fuelling the fighting in Tripoli (gdn) / About Last Night (jadaliyya) / High Tension in Lebanon after Death of Sheikh Abdul Wahid (www1.almanar) / Qahwaji: We won’t Allow Sedition in any Area in Lebanon (www5.almanar)

Irak: Iraq buying US drones to protect oil (al-akhbar) / Turkey fury over burning of flag in Iraq (al-akhbar) / Inside Baghdad’s Sharaf Prison (alarabiya) / Iraq attacks kill three (yahoo) / Iraq bombings kill six (yahoo) / Lawyers for fugitive Iraqi VP quit case in protest (yahoo) / Kurdish oil deal stirs Iraqi tensions (alj) / Bush and Blair's pre-Iraq conversation must be disclosed (gdn)
Iran: Deal with Iran reached on probe: U.N. nuclear chief (alarabiya) / Neocons in Washington Post: Military strike on Iran would ‘calm nerves in the region’ (mweiss) / Israeli premier says Iran wants to destroy Israel (yahoo)
Bahrain: Wheelchair-bound hunger striker recalls Bahrain torture (al-akhbar) / Secret Clinics Tend to Bahrain’s Wounded (nyt) / Bahrain in UN spotlight over political prisoners (yahoo) / Lawyer: Jailed Bahrain activist granted bail (yahoo) / Militarization of Bahraini Health System Causes Widespread Fear and Avoidance of Treatment (physiciansforhumanrights) / Bahraini Prince Should Not be Welcomed in UK (albawaba) / Despite Being Granted Bill, Nabeel Rajab Still Detained (alm) / Bahrain activist attends retrial (bbc) / Bahrain's flashy crony capitalism cannot last (gdn) / Bahrain: Human Rights Body Should Target Repression (hrw) / Prize-winning Bahraini photographer, Mohammed Al-Shaikh, recalls his arrest and torture (witnessbahrain)



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