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International Headlines [20.05.2012]

International HeadlinesGefangenen-Nachrichten: Detainee On Hunger Strike Since 63 Days Determined To Continue (imc) / Gaza girl hopes to see jailed father for first time in 9 years (maan) / Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails: Their legal status and their rights (mideastmon) / IOA extends administrative detention of municipal council member (pal-info) / The leader Hamed's family confirmed his transfer to "Hadareem" (pal-info)
Ethnische Säuberung / Landraub und Zerstörung / Freiheitsberaubung: An unnatural thing: Israeli occupation plans to cut trees in the name of natural preservation (ei) / Muslim Leaders Warn against Israeli Desecration of al-Aqsa Mosque (wafa) / Interview: Michael Sfard, the Israeli lawyer battling illegal settlements (csmon) / The Ugly Parade of Jerusalem Day (settlementwatch) / IOA orders closure of Palestinian shops in O. Jerusalem (pal-info) / Report: Israel escalated its settlement expansion in the W. Bank (pal-info) / IOA to close Silwan district prior to massive Jewish marches (pal-info) / JNF violates agreement on Al Arakib land (palmon) / Jewish settlers ‘uproot trees near Hebron’ (raw) / Settler policy rests on history of Israel`s tactical deceptions (thenational)

Israelischer Hass und Rassismus: Poverty at 78% in Arab East Jerusalem (forward) / Report: 78% of East Jerusalem Palestinians live in poverty (haa) / Arabic Not Allowed Among Teachers, Students, In Kfar Sava Hospital (imc) / Yishai to Non-Jews: Wipe Our Butts & Don't Have Kids (ytube)
Israelische Gewalt und Attacken gegen Demonstranten: Complaint About Extreme Police Violence to Demonstrators Passed to Israeli Justice Department (imc) / OCHA Report: “370 Injured During Nakba Commemoration” (imc) / Two Injured As Settlers Attack Nablus Village (imc) / Soldiers Attack Nonviolent Protest Near Hebron (imc) / Committee: Israeli forces shut down Beit Ummar protest (maan)
Nakba: Interactive map of Palestine villages destroyed in Nakba (ei) / In photos: San Francisco commemorates Nakba (mweiss) / U. of Haifa stops Nakba commemoration, as prof writes hate post calling for ‘Many Nakbas’ (mweiss) / Nakba Day: Palestinian group attempts to return to 1948 territories (palsolidarity) / Massive participation in Nakba festival in Amman (pal-info)
Illegale Verhaftungen: IOF soldiers arrest 3 Palestinian children (pal-info) / IOF raid neighborhoods in al-Khalil (pal-info)
Weitere Weltnachrichten: More than 30,000 Moroccan children homeless: study (alarabiya) / U.S. provided intelligence for Turkish air raid: official (alarabiya) / House OKs indefinite definition of terror suspects (yahoo) / Tunisia-uprising injured sew lips in protest (alj) / Libyans cast ballots in Benghazi elections (alj) / All-White Jury Acquits Houston Ex-Police Officer in Videotaped Beating of Black Teen Chad Holley (demnow) / U.S. Secret Drug War in Honduras: Botched DEA Raid Leaves 2 Pregnant Women (demnow) / The king’s sad men; King Abdullah seems unable to find a reforming prime minister for keeps (economist) / Morocco: Prison for Rapper Who Criticized Police (hrw) / US: The Shameful Index of Prison Rape (infoclear) / World Briefing | Middle East: Kuwait: Islamic Law Proposal Blocked (nyt) / Afghan Massacre : Survivors Recall Horror Of Attack By U.S. Army Sgt. (thenewstribune) / Inside Story Americas - How many has the US wrongfully executed? (ytube)
BDS: Quakers Divest from Caterpillar! (endtheoccupation) / Denmark to ban labeling West Bank products as 'Made in Israel' (haa) / South Africa to ban labeling West Bank settlement products as 'made in Israel' (haa) / Minister abandons Israel visit (iol) / PA sports chair: Oust Israel from Olympic c'tees (jpost) / South African Artists Against Apartheid (southafricanartistsagainstapartheid) / Palestinian solidarity and the responsibility of South African intellectuals (thoughtleader)
Gaza unter Belagerung: Chroniques de Palestine- Popular resistance and human rights (chroniquespalestine) / Gaza: Harvesting barley at Erez crossing amidst gun fire (palsolidarity) / Egyptian security forces seize fuel bound for Gaza (maan) / Lives of more than 400 kidney patients at risk in Gaza (pal-info)
Analyse & Meinung: Interview: Launch of Leila Khaled biography by EI contributor canceled after Zionist pressure (ei) / The Apartheid Walls of Israel (al-akhbar) / Israeli Practices Perpetuate Palestinian Inequality (al-akhbar) / Jowan Safadi: Breaking The Mold (al-akhbar) / You Dare Call This Arab Feminism (al-akhbar) / Kristol: ‘I don’t see it as a huge problem’ (mweiss) / New US demographics make Israel’s demographic fears seem all the more prehistoric (mweiss) / WaPo’s Walter Pincus says US is ‘going above and beyond for Israel’ (mweiss) / What forestry teaches us about ethnic cleansing (mweiss) / Global Appeal for Stories of Palestinian Displacement (palchron) / Amidst Fragmentation and Dispossession: Which Palestine? (palchron) / Israel’s “Super-Stinky Unity Deal” proves that its Political System has become a Complete Farce (onlydemcy) / Peacemaking Without Mediators (cpunch) / The Arab Spring is Part of the General Strike of the South (cpunch) / Kristol: Lieberman will be Secretary of State in Romney Administration (infoclear) / Egypt's new role in the future of Palestine (mideastmon)
Solidarität: IHH organizes march for freedom of Mavi Marmara and Jerusalem ( / Demonstration to protest BBC's neglect of prisoners' strike (pal-info) / Birzeit students: The sit-in will not stop until the end of political arrests (pal-info) / Solidarity for Palestinian political prisoners (tadamon)
Diverses: Worst abusers of the planet--and the least (angry) / State Department’s new Middle East fund in trouble on Capitol Hill (foreignpol) / Ex-Arafat adviser: 'We now have 2 states inside 1' (maan) / Ultra-Orthodox Jews to Hold Big Meeting on Internet Risks (nyt)

Ägypten: Hit with a shoe (angry) / Saudi religious persecution (angry) / In Search of Egypt’s Fifth President: Salim al-Awa (al-akhbar) / Egypt shuts down newly-opened Shiite mosque in Cairo (alarabiya) / For many in Egypt, the presidential vote is not about Islam (lat) / Egypt: Owner of belly dancing TV station arrested (yahoo) / Candidate Aboul Fotouh highlights diversity of Egypt's Islamists (csmon) / Polls give few clues to Egypt vote (bbc) / Wife of lawyer detained in Saudi may take case to international court (egyptindependent) / Khaled Ali: Second revolution inevitable in Egypt (egyptindependent) / Morsy leads presidential race in Kuwait, Abouel Fotouh and Shafiq lead in the US (egyptindependent) / Egypt's Presidential Election: Meet the Contenders (jadaliyya) / Egypt's revolution fails to benefit slum dwellers (ytube)
Syrien: Annan deputy to visit Syria (al-akhbar) / Syrian activist sentenced to death for ‘treason’ (alarabiya) / Turkish PM calls for up to 3000 observers for Syria (alarabiya) / Radical mosques invite young Tunisians to jihad in Syria (alarabiya) / The Lede Blog: Student Protest in Syria Unfolds Live Online (nyt) / Protesters Are Attacked at Aleppo University in Syria (nyt) / Activists: Syrian forces shell rebel town (yahoo) / Car bomb in eastern Syrian city kills 9 (yahoo) / Largest protests yet in Syrian city of Aleppo (yahoo) / Syrian revolt's Islamist slogans under criticism (yahoo) / UN: Monitors alone cannot end Syria bloodshed (yahoo) / UN observers chief calls for end to Syria violence (yahoo) / The Lede Blog: U.N. Observers Dodge Bullets and Mockery in Syria (thelede.blogs.nytimes) / Head of UN mission in Syria 'pessimistic' (alj) / UN probes 'arms sales from N Korea to Syria' (alj) / Ban: Al-Qaeda behind Syria blasts (bbc) / U.S. tells G8 Syria's Assad must go, cites Yemen as model (courant) / Intellectuals blast Syrian opposition calls for Adonis' death (dstar) / Syria: Activists Arrested, Held Despite Pledge to Annan (hrw) / Syria: Church under attack as Christians leave Homs (inspiremagazine) / On Syria and its Neighbors: Jadaliyya Co-Editor Bassam Haddad Featured in CNN Panel Column (jadaliyya) / Aleppo Joins the Syrian Revolution: Are al-Assad’s Days Numbered? (juancole) / U.S. Organizing Syrian Rebels: Syrian Rebels Get Influx of Arms with Gulf Neighbors’ Money (washpo)
Libanon: Hezbollah’s Unorthodox Fans (al-akhbar) / Manar TV: Hiding the Unveiled (al-akhbar) / Saad Hariri: One Year Leading by Remote Control (al-akhbar) / Tripoli truce holds despite overnight explosions (al-akhbar) / Sectarian clashes injure 3 in Lebanon: official (yahoo) / Don't blame Syria – Lebanon's leaders are fuelling the fighting in Tripoli (gdn)
Saudi Arabien: Al-Qaeda chief: Saudis must rise up against ruling family (al-akhbar) / Saudi Arabia bans using Gregorian dates (gulfnews) / Saudi ban on women’s sports blamed for rising obesity (Zambarakji) (juancole)

Irak: Iraq anti-terror officer (yahoo) / Maliki, in charm offensive, invites scholars to Baghdad (yahoo) / 15 Killed, 67 Wounded at Baghdad Pet Market (antiwar) / Madeleine Albright and Iraq Genocide Memorial Day (palchron) / Iraq: Mass Arrests (hrw) / Beating the Drums of Orientalism (jadaliyya)
Iran: IAEA chief Amano to visit Iran on Monday (yahoo) / Iran Hawks in Congress in Some Disarray (antiwar) / US strike plan on Iran 'ready' (bbc) / NDAA Authorizes War Against Iran; Kucinich: 'We're getting ready for war against Iran' (infoclear) / Iran Will Require Assurances: An Interview with Hossein Mousavian (jadaliyya) / Did Obama take the military option against Iran off the table? (raceforiran) / Hopefully he won't flip flop, like he did with Palestine: Ron Paul and America's "Military Option" against Iran (raceforiran) / Russian PM Says Action on Syria, Iran May Lead To Nuclear War (reuters) / Senior Israeli Official: Leadership’s Made Decision for War Against Iran (richardsilverstein)
Bahrain: British Queen slammed after meeting Bahraini King (al-akhbar) / Bahrain: A Hot Potato Across The Persian Gulf (al-akhbar) / Bahrain king attends UK queen's jubilee lunch (yahoo) / Bahrain's Khawaja well, to continue hunger strike: lawyer (yahoo) / Demonstration in Tehran over Bahrain-Saudi union (yahoo) / Sunni Bahrainis stage rally in support of Saudi union (yahoo) / Bahrain protests: Shias rally against closer ties with Saudi Arabia (gdn) / Bahrain: Drop Charges Against Rights Activists (hrw) / Bahraini police attack Shahrakan demo (presstv) / 'Crushing Bahrain revolution crucial to war plans against Iran' (ytube) / Inside Story - Saudi troops in Bahrain a warning to Iran? (ytube)



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