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International Headlines [18.05.2012]

International HeadlinesDiebstahl und Zerstörung von Land und Eigentum / Ethnische Säuberung / Nakba: How Abu Dis' hills were stolen in the night (ei) / Israel razes settler outpost structures (yahoo) / The stories Sayed Kashua wouldn't dare tell his children (haa) / Israel to expand Ariel and build 2100 housing units on lands of Qalqilya and Tulkarem (imc) / New film puts Jerusalem activism in the frame (maan) / Jewish worshipers visit Nablus tomb (maan) / Jewish settlers break into Al-Aqsa with government minister and Knesset members (mideastmon) / Culture Ministry monitors occupation's violations of Palestinian antiquities (pal-info)
Weitere Gefangenen-Nachrichten: Israeli troops rearrest prisoner in Shalit deal (alarabiya) / Israeli forces arrest two Palestinians from the West Bank (pnn) / Syria: Deported Palestinian journalist speaks out about torture in custody (amnesty) / Israel stops ex-prisoner from traveling to Jordan (maan) / Hamdan: The resistance will act if Israel violates its deal with hunger strikers (pal-info) / Nahshon unit storms section 6 of Negev prison (pal-info)

Gewalt / Aggression: Arrested, beaten, and threatened with rape. A personal testimony. (972mag) / Murder for fun and 'morale': shocking video of lethal Israeli attack on sleeping Palestinian (ei) / Killing without consequence: New campaign challenges Israeli impunity (mweiss) / Neverending Nakba: Israel breaks lull, attacks Gazan farmers (mweiss) / Israeli NGO: Police beat handcuffed detainees in Palestinian solidarity protest (haa) / Family of slain Jerusalem man launch website (maan)
Hungerstreiks: The Electronic Intifada's weekly podcast -- 18 May (ei) / Israel's prison regime can no longer go unnoticed (ei) / "We must sustain hunger strike solidarity," says leading prisoner rights campaigner (ei) / Two Palestinian prisoners believed to remain on hunger strike (wafa) / Prison authority ends isolation of 18 prisoners (wafa) / Three Palestinians 'restart' hunger strike (yahoo) / Several prisoners still on hunger strike in Israeli jails (maan) / Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails: Their legal status and their rights (mideastmon) / Why the BBC must change (mideastmon)
Aktivismus & BDS: 'We will not be silenced': Stop the Wall youth activist speaks on repression and resistance (ei) / BDS victory: South Africa strips Ahava's 'made in Israel' label (mweiss) / Report: Denmark set to label settlement produce (maan)
Israelischer Rassismus & Diskriminierung: NGO threatened with arson and violence for helping Africans (972mag) / Upcoming amendment will test Israeli gov't regard for LGBT rights (972mag) / Israeli charged over arson attack on Africa migrants (yahoo) / Israel High Court: Onus on employers to explain lower pay for women (haa) / Kfar Sava hospital bans teaching staff from speaking in Arabic (haa)
Gaza: Two solidarity convoys enter Gaza (imc) / Gaza-built boat to sail from Gaza (imc) / Energy Authority: Egypt's procrastination delays the arrival of Qatari fuel (pal-info)
Politik: Abbas amends election law by decree (maan) / Official says Fatah never approved Fayyad cabinet (maan) / Abu Marzouq: Hamas and Fatah to meet in Cairo (maan)
Analyse & Meinung: Violence and non-violence for Arabs: the white man judgeth (al-akhbar) / Excuse me, but Israel has no right to exist (al-akhbar) / Ziyah Yaghi: Guilty of being Muslim in America (sjlendman)
Diverses: Palestinian Heritage Museum re-opens in Jerusalem (wafa) / Israel grooms ties with EU member Czech Republic (yahoo) / Israeli group wins terror suit against Syria (yahoo) / Video: The Israeli-Jordan barn owl love that knows no borders (bbc) / Quality time with King Bibi (haa) / Supreme Court rules against Hebron municipality (maan) / US eyes funding boost for Israel's 'Iron Dome' shield (maan) / Israel 'detonates 700 mines' along Jordan border (maan) / Interpol 'refuses to help' in Arafat adviser case (maan) / Palestinian Journalist Forum condemns Al-Asir TV channel director's arrest (pal-info) / IDF nabs 474 deserters , draft dodgers in 6 days (ynet)



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