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International Headlines [08.05.2012]

International Headlines
Hungerstreikende: Two Palestinians on hunger strike nearing death (edition.cnn) / Mothers worry about sons who fast in Israel jails (gulfnews) / Statement No. 4 of the Hunger Strikers’ Leadership (samidoun) / Palestinian Prisoners’ “Battle of the Empty Stomachs” Continues: Thaer Halahleh and Bilal Diab Surpass 70 Days on Hunger Strike (addameer) / Concern Mounts for the Lives of Prisoners on Protracted Hunger Strikes (imc) / Palestinian Hunger Games (juancole) / Rights group submits court appeal to visit hunger striker (maan) / EU: Israel must allow medical, family visits to hunger-strikers (maan) / Solitary confinement and administrative detention (mideastmon) / Duqmaq: The incarceration conditions of isolated prisoners are very harsh (pal-info) / Detainee Hassan Safadi continues his hunger strike for the 63 days (pal-info) / New prisoners join the strike in Negev prison (pal-info) / Mother of hunger striker taken to hospital unconscious (pal-info) / Prisoners: Hunger strike reached point of no return (pal-info) / Halahle refrains from drinking water after 70 days of hunger strike (pal-info) / Jihad Movement: the Occupation Decides to Execute Diab and Halahleh (pal-info) / IPS isolates hunger striking detainee (pal-info) / The Red Cross is worried about the striking prisoners’ health conditions (pal-info) / Haneyya delivers message from prisoners to Erdogan (pal-info) / Prisoner Sabha: The hunger strikers enjoy high morale (pal-info) / Prisoners are continuing the strike despite attempts to break it (pal-info) / 'Victory will be greater if hunger strikers die' (ynet)
Solidarität / Aktivismus / BDS: Respecting BDS Guidelines: Self Determination and International Solidarity (al-akhbar) / Campaign to Boycott Adidas (pal-info)
Weitere Nachrichten aus der arabischen Welt & Weltnachrichten: 1 Greek Has Committed Suicide Every 3 Days During the Past Few Months (greece.greekreporter) / Jordan, Forever on the Brink (lynch.foreignpolicy) / Lawyers say 9/11 five using 'peaceful resistance' in court (yahoo) / Former Libyan rebels attack interim government HQ (yahoo) / US should return stolen land to Indian tribes (gdn) / Sarkozy’s Loss in Part due to his Islamophobia (juancole) / NATO kills as many as 20 civilians in two Afghan provinces (washpo)
Israelischer Rassismus: Report: Arson attack targets African migrants in Tel Aviv (maan) / The Tribalism & Latent Racism of Jeremy Ben-Ami (sleepinamrca)
Analyse & Meinung & Geschichten aus dem Leben: Horowitz smear will only invigorate boycott Israel campaign (ei) / The “Jordan is Palestine” Scheme is no Illusion (al-akhbar) / Unified Palestinian Authority: A House of Cards (al-akhbar) / After LGBT forum, Oren will headline for notorious homophobic pastor John Hagee (mweiss) / That was Jane Harman of Newsweek trying to quash Medea Benjamin’s stellar soliloquy against drones (mweiss) / How 60 Minutes Became a Terrorist Attack, By Lo Yuk Fai (palchron) / Zionism, Israel, and Occupation – Book Review (palchron) / This Year on Nakba, I Am Celebrating! (palchron) / European Politics on Palestine: Interview with David Cronin (palchron) / Time for the Palestinian Oslo Team to Leave! (palchron) / Ramadan’s Arab Awakening (pulse) / Zionist History: a Short Quiz (cpunch) / How Arab revolutionary art helped break the spell of political oppression (gdn) / Robert Fisk: Arab Spring has washed the region's appalling racism out of the news (indp) / The House That Sabri Built (palmon)
Gaza unter Belagerung: Israel 'must lift blockade, not just for tomatoes' (maan) / Gaza health catastrophe likely due to lack of essential drugs (mideastmon) / Gaza health authorities sound alarm on depleting medicines (

Ägypten: Cairo subway (angry) / Egyptian Delegation in Saudi Arabia (al-akhbar) / Egypt military extends nightly curfew (al-akhbar) / Moussa leads Egyptian presidential race (al-akhbar) / Presidential Sidelining: a Blow for Egyptian Democracy (al-akhbar) / Egypt judges send 293 to trial for violent protest (yahoo) / Media watchdogs decry Egypt attacks on reporters (yahoo) / Brotherhood leader backs Abouel Fotouh (egyptindependent) / Sabbahi says he would tear up Israel peace treaty (egyptindependent) / April 6 movement to stage anti-Shafiq protest (egyptindependent) / Egyptians take Tahrir Square to the junta's doorstep (gdn) / Amr Moussa: the Camp David Treaty is a Dead Letter (imc) / Egypt Presidential Candidate Pledge to Protect Military (nyt)
Syrien: Sanctions cost Syria $3bn: minister (al-akhbar) / Sarkozy forced out, Assad still in power: Syrian press (al-akhbar) / Syrian Parliamentary Elections: Cynicism Wins The Day (al-akhbar) / Islamist group claims revenge suicide bombing in Syrian city of Hama (alarabiya) / Exclusive: Sanctions block Syria's vital grain trade (yahoo) / Red Cross: 1.5 million in Syria lack basics (yahoo) / Syria holds parliament vote; opposition boycotts (yahoo) / Syrian regime can't last 'very long': Turkish leader (yahoo) / Free Syrian Army 'regrouping' (alj) / Red Cross seeks more Syria funds (bbc) / How the Syrian Uprising Started, the "Rise" of the Syrian National Council, and The Role of The Arab Gulf Countries: Interview with Haytham Manna` (Part 3) (jadaliyya)
Libanon: Lebanon seizes ammunition on ship in Tripoli (al-akhbar) / Lebanese protest against confessionalism (yahoo) / Will secularists be given recognition and rights in Lebanon? (gdn)
Saudi Arabien: Saudi Liberals Take to The Web (al-akhbar)

Irak: Iraq court rules to release Hezbollah prisoner (yahoo) / Iraqi Leaders Threaten No Confidence Vote For Maliki (antiwar) / Iraq VP: Judge Supervised Torture of Guards (antiwar) / Interpol issues warrant for Iraqi VP (alj)
Iran: Iran slams West's nuclear double standards (al-akhbar) / India tells US that Iran an important oil source (yahoo) / Hillary Clinton to drill India on Iranian oil (csmon) / Iran and the US Anti-War Movement (jadaliyya)
Bahrain: Bahrain adjourns Khawaja trial for fortnight (al-akhbar) / Bahrain rights leader arrested for 'offensive' tweets: BCHR (al-akhbar) / Bahraini rights leader Rajab detained after BBC interview (al-akhbar) / Bahrain: Activist arrested over 'insulting' tweets must be freed (amnesty) / Bahrain king opposes reforms (presstv)



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