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International Headlines [06.05.2012]

International HeadlinesSolidarität & Unterstützung für die Hungerstreikenden: Read about Oppression, Act for Prisoners (abirkopty) / Empty Stomach Warriors: A Show of Solidarity (al-akhbar) / Protests held for Palestinian prisoners (yahoo) / Beit Ommar Demonstration In Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners (palsoli) / A solidarity demonstration with the Hunger strike prisoners in front of Ramleh’s prison (silwan) / Solidarity marches with the hunger strike prisoners (silwan) / DAM releases: “A Letter From a Prison Cell” (silwan) / A student’s march starts from the Central Bus Station (Nablus Road) (silwan) / Sheikh Jarrah: Palestinians waves the Palestinian flag high on an Israeli ministry and district court (silwan) / Ramallah: Palestinian Activists Remove Israeli Flags (imc) / Solidarity camps spring up across the West Bank (mideastmon) / A sit-in in Lebanon in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners (pal-info) / Freed detainees in Turkey support captives on hunger strike (pal-info) / Jordan: Solidarity sit-in to support Palestinian Prisoners (pal-info) / Dozens injured in attacks on marches in solidarity with prisoners (pal-info) / Russian activists call on UN to press occupation to fulfill prisoners' demands (pal-info) / IOF quells march supporting prisoners (pal-info)

Hungerstreikende: Take action now: Amnesty issues urgent alert for Palestine hunger strikers who are near death (ei) / Hunger strike diaries: the fate of Palestinian political prisoners is "our shared sponsibility" (ei) / Hamas warns Israel: expect the worst if hunger strikers die (al-akhbar) / Palestinian Prisoners Remembered, Yousef M. Aljamal (palchron) / Hunger intifada? Palestinian prisoners wield new-old tool against Israel (csmon) / Palestinian hunger strikers in prison clinic (alj) / Israeli jailers punish Hamas hunger strikers in Negev prison (pal-info) / Ahrar: Detainees on hunger strike till all demands fulfilled (pal-info) / Heija: Detainees isolated in Gilboa jail suffer from medical neglect (pal-info) / Liberated prisoner taken to hospital for the 2nd time in less than 12 hours (pal-info) / 10 hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners hospitalized (ynet)
Verhaftete & Gefangene: Ameer Makhoul is a prisoner of conscience and must be freed, say organizations across the globe (ei) / Israel Government Should Free Ameer Makhoul on the 2nd Anniversary of his Arrest (pnn) / Report: 63 Prisoners in Held Israeli Jails for over 20 Years (wafa) / Ameer Makhoul: still shaking the foundations of Israeli apartheid after 2 years in jail (google) / PCHR Weekly Report: Israeli forces abduct 29 civilians, including 4 children (imc) / Detainee In Solitary Confinement For 10 Years (imc) / Palestinian detained at Bethlehem protest (maan) / 50 Palestinian workers sentenced for working without permit (pal-info) / IOA holds detainee in administrative detention, renews that of Saadi (pal-info) / Zakaria Zubeidi reportedly arrested by PA forces (ynet)
Raub & Diebstahl von Land / Ethnische Säuberung / Aussperrung & Freiheitsberaubung: The Nakba never ceased (ei) / Israel is even stealing land in Lebanon: Israel halts construction of wall after UN complaint (al-akhbar) / We Shall Return: The Story of Iqrit (palchron) / Israel's High Court to hear state's request on Ulpana settlement (haa) / Jewish settlers poison Palestinian grapevines (pal-info) / Turkey condemns the building of 1100 new housing units in O. Jerusalem (pal-info) / IOF troops block entry of Norwegian solidarity delegation into Jenin (pal-info)
Nein zur Normalisierung: Boycotting Israel in Kuwait: The Long Way Back (al-akhbar) / Thousands in Jordan call for end of peace treaty with Israel (haa) / Raed Salah: Visiting Jerusalem while occupied serves only Israel’s interests (pal-info)
Weitere Nachrichten: ‘Let go of two-state solution insanity’ — says Illinois congressman who supports transfer (mweiss) / Israel's Labour leader slams Netanyahu on Iran (yahoo) / Israel releases accomplice in Rabin murder (alj) / Israeli woman arrested for denying husband divorce (haa) / Israel gets 4th German submarine (ynet) / Olmert: Right-wing elements in US thwarted peace plan (ynet)
Solidarität / Aktivismus / BDS: Columbia prof Katherine Franke joins academic boycott of Israel and will not speak at the Equality Forum (ei) / Rights Group Protest Role of French Transport Company in Tender (wafa) / Sit-in outside parliament of Netherlands later this month to celebrate Nakba (pal-info)
Vergangene israelische Verbrechen: IDF Closes Book on al-Samouni Killings, Whitewashes Massacre (richardsilverstein)
Weitere Nachrichten aus der arabischen Welt & Weltnachrichten: Top Saudi cleric: Sin led to the Arab uprisings (al-akhbar) / Algeria PM sees 'Arab plague' (yahoo) / Kuwait urged to charge or release activists arrested in Bidun protests (amnesty) / Tunisia: Persepolis trial verdict signals ‘erosion’ of free speech (amnesty)
Gewalt & Aggression: Israeli Soldiers Shoot Teargas and Rubber-Coated Bullets Following Funeral in Beit Ommar (palsoli) / Army Invades Al-Arroub Refugee Camp (imc) / IOF troops open gunfire at Palestinian homes (pal-info)
Gaza unter Belagerung: Support for Palestinians from Oman ( / Gaza's bee-keepers begin 2012 harvest (mideastmon) / IDF observation balloon crashes near Gaza (ynet)
Analyse & Meinung: Jewish Chronicle’s new hate blog shame: mocking a former kidnap victim (ei) / Getting to the bottom of marc3pax, Israel’s gay flotilla hoaxer (ei) / Are diamonds Israel's best friend? (ei) / The Electronic Intifada Weekly Podcast: 3 May (ei) / Feminist scholar Katherine Franke refuses to be pawn in Oren’s equality game (mweiss) / It’s apartheid in the West Bank, but Obama and liberal Jews (mweiss) / RIP MCA: Yauch challenged Islamophobia and US militarism in the Middle East on MTV in 1998 (mweiss) / Solidarity and Realpolitik: My Response to Jeff Halper (palchron) / Decision of the United Methodist Church Will Live in Ignominy (palchron) / 'We've gone way beyond Apartheid' (alj)

Ägypten: Abbasiya Attacks: Egypt Bleeds Again (al-akhbar) / The Lede Blog: Video Shows Cairo Protesters Were Attacked by Armed Assailants (nyt) / Saudi Envoy Returns to Cairo (nyt) / Egypt military detains hundreds following violence (yahoo) / Egypt's military orders overnight curfew (alj) / Amr Moussa slams protesters for attempting to break into Defense Ministry (egyptindependent) / ElBaradei says elected president should form constituent assembly (egyptindependent) / Interesting because of the level of coordination between Israel and Mubarak regime stooges: Egypt's Mishandling of Sinai Could Risk Unwanted Confrontation With Israel (theatlantic)
Syrien: Syria cease-fire gives nonviolent activists a new beginning (lat) / 5 killed in Syria's increasingly restiveAleppo (yahoo) / Blast in Syrian capital destroys 9 cars (yahoo) / Syrian troops tear-gas Damascus mourners (yahoo) / Syrians mourn slain protesters (yahoo) / Syrians questioning whether armed revolt works (yahoo) / Syrian forces kill teenager in another Aleppo attack (csmon) / UN says Syria plan on 'track' amid violence (alj) / Syrian soldiers raid suburb of Damascus (ytube)

Bahrain: Jordanian torturers in Bahrain (angry) / Saudi Arabia and Bahrain (angry) / Bahrain amends constitution (yahoo) / 4 police wounded in Bahrain blast: ministry (yahoo) / Bahrain court keeps two Shiite minors in custody (yahoo) / Prominent Bahrain rights activist Nabeel Rajab arrested (alj) / Maryam Al Khawaja speaks to Al Jazeera (ytube)



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