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International Headlines [26.04.2012]

International HeadlinesGefangenen-Nachrichten / Hungerstreikende: Empty Stomach Warriors (I): Hasan al-Safadi Time and Time Again (al-akhbar) / Palestinian inmate strike ongoing (bbc) / More Palestinian prisoners join hunger strike (gdn) / PCHR Warns Against the Continuing Obstruction of Detainees' Visitation at Detention Centers of ISS (imc) / 58 Days On Hunger-Strike, Ailing Detainee Determined To Continue (imc) / Palestinian detainee survives assassination attempt with fractured skull (pal-info) / Prison administration increases repressive measures against Palestinian strikers (pal-info) / Family of hunger striker fears for his life (pal-info) / Prison guards storm isolation wards in Jalama (pal-info)

Land-Diebstahl & -Zerstörung / Ethnische Säuberung / Besetzung / Flüchtlinge: Jerusalem’s ‘center of life’ policy imprisons Palestinians (mweiss) / Israel`s strategy to seize Jerusalem on display for all to see [and Clinton all about it] (thenational)
Weitere Nachrichten & Entwicklungen: What's the Israel-Azerbaijan connection? (csmon) / Fatah officials meet with factions in Gaza (maan) / Haniyeh calls on Arab nation to consolidate the steadfastness of Palestinians (pal-info) / Mishaal in Cairo to discuss reconciliation (pal-info) / UK paper 'names' Tel Aviv Israel's capital (ynet) / Palestinian, 2 infants cross Lebanese border into Israel (ynet)
Massen-Widerstand & Aktivismus / BDS / Solidarität: Israeli police forcibly prevent Nakba event and Israeli high schoolers cheer for Nazis (ei) / Al-Walajah village explores theater as a form of resistance (ei) / Khader Adnan to Hunger Strikers: Go Forth and Be Victorious (al-akhbar) / Palestinian protest leader released on bail (al-akhbar) / Palestine stickers adorn zionist students' stall (jewssansfrontieres) / ’60 Minutes’ report boosts divestment proponents at Methodist church convention (mweiss) / Israeli police to activist reciting names of destroyed Palestinian villages: If you keep reading you will be arrested (mweiss) / Message to Methodists: ‘Vote for Divestment. Vote for Human Rights.’ (mweiss) / Trade Union conference votes to: salutes the hunger strikers demands, supports our campaign and Saturday’s National Demonstration in Edinburgh! (weareallhanashalabi) / Israeli cardiologists denied visas for Dubai confab (jta) / Ramallah demonstrates in support of hunger-striking prisoners (palmon) / Divest Elbit (stopthewall) / Inside Story Americas - US churches consider divesting from Israel (ytube)
Gewalt & Drohungen & Aggression: Hebron and Metzudat Yehuda checkpoint (kibush) / Settlers attack village (maan) / Jewish settlers pelt Palestinian cars near Jenin (pal-info) / Zionists call for burning “Arab students” at the Hebrew University (pal-info)
Analyse & Meinung & Geschichten aus dem Leben: Ibrahim al-Amin ( / Us and Them: On Helpless Women and Orientalist Imagery (frustratedarab) / Netanyahu involved in ’60 Minutes’ pushback; Official compares CBS story to a ‘strategic terror attack’ on Israeli diplomacy (mweiss) / Dear Mona Eltahawy, You Do Not Represent “Us” (al-monitor) / 'Why Do They Hate Us?' A Blogger's Response (al-monitor) / VIDEO: Palestinian life inspires comic film (bbc) / Dear Mona Eltahawy (dimakhatib) / Debating the War on Women (foreignpol) / Do Arab men hate women? It's not that simple (gdn)
Israelischer Rassismus & Diskriminierung: Palestinians banned from seeking top student post at Israeli college (ei)
Andere Nahost- & Weltnachrichten: Arab Rappers Defy Borders With New Album (al-akhbar) / Brazil wants to 'strengthen ties' with Arab world (yahoo) / Jordan's prime minister resigns: senior official (yahoo) / Libya bans religious political parties (yahoo) / Jordan 'suppressing free speech' (bbc) / Exclusive: Mumia Abu-Jamal and Danny Glover Speak to Each Other for First Time Ever on Democracy Now (demnow) / Exclusive: Mumia Abu-Jamal Speaks from Prison on Life After Death Row and His Quest for Freedom (demnow) / Hundreds Protest at DOJ to Demand Federal Probe of Alleged Racism in Mumia Abu-Jamal Conviction (demnow) / Arab Christians must fight for recognition in new regimes (gdn) / Attorney: Orthodox Jews charged with sex abuse should have their names protected (raw)
Politische Verhaftungen & Gefangene: Israeli police barricade and arrest activists attempting to commemorate the Nakba (mweiss) / IOF soldiers arrest student (pal-info) / IOF soldiers detain liberated prisoner (pal-info)
Gaza unter Belagerung: Erez crossing point with Israel, symbol of Gazans' suffering (xinhua) / Union of Palestinian syndicates urges Egypt to supply Gaza with gas (pal-info)

Ägypten: Egyptian Gas to Israel: Plugging the Leak (al-akhbar) / Gas deal dispute reflects change in Israel-Egypt relations (lat) / Egypt Islamic body backs Brotherhood candidate (yahoo) / Protesters urge Saudi to free Egyptian activist (yahoo) / Israeli ties with Egypt strained by transition? (csmon) / Rare success story for Egypt's revolution: ending military trials (csmon) / Egypt's Salafist party may support moderate (alj) / Election bar on Egypt ex-PM reversed (alj) / Egypt must overturn prison sentence for actor accused of ‘insulting Islam’ (amnesty) / Thirteen to stand in Egypt vote (bbc) / Egypt's new politics make Israel ties a target (maan) / Field Marshal Tantawi's statements on protecting Egypt’s borders raise concern in Tel Aviv (mideastmon) / Frost Over the World - Rebuilding Egypt for a democratic future (ytube)
Syrien: Damascus Between Its Internal and External Fronts (al-akhbar) / Damascus refusing observers from "Friends of Syria" (al-akhbar) / Lebanese Islamist killed fighting with Syrian rebels (al-akhbar) / Syrian Red Crescent worker shot dead (al-akhbar) / Syria government foes criticize U.N. monitoring mission (lat) / Syrian troops heavily bombard Damascus suburb (yahoo) / Observers in Syria having an impact, but only 11 on the ground so far (csmon) / Blast rocks central Damascus despite truce (alj) / Blast in Syria's Hama kills many (alj) / How to stop Syria's warring factions tearing the country apart (gdn) / Free Salameh Kaileh! (jadaliyya) / Satellite images show Idlib 'surrounded' (ytube)

Irak: Offices of top Shia clerics in Iraq attacked (al-akhbar) / Iraq cuts anti-Qaeda militia pay (yahoo) / Officials: Baghdad attacks kill 5 people (yahoo) / Robert Fisk: The Children of Fallujah - Sayef's story (indp) / Robert Fisk: The Children of Fallujah - the hospital of horrors (indp)
Iran: Israel’s Top General Says He Doubts Iran Will Try for the Bomb (globalspin) / Israel army chief: Other nations could strike Iran (yahoo) / Marco Rubio: U.S. may have to strike Iran (raw)
Bahrain: Bahrain Update (angry) / Bahrainis march for hunger striker (al-akhbar) / Bahrain: Jailed hunger striker in good health (yahoo) / Bahrain lawyer presses to visit hunger striker (yahoo) / Bahrain police fire tear gas to disperse protesters (yahoo) / Ban raises fears over Bahrain hunger striker (yahoo) / After Formula One scrutiny, Bahrain hires a fan of Saddam Hussein to improve its image (csmon) / Police injured by Bahrain blast (bbc) / Bahraini MP spoke at London cooperative security seminar last month (indp) / Abdulhadi al-Khawaja Enters 77th Day on Hungerstrike in Bahrain (jadaliyya) / Zainab al-Khawaja jailed for seven days (presstv)



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