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International Headlines [20.04.2012]

International HeadlinesHungerstreiks: Palestinian football star seriously ill from four-week hunger strike (ei) / hunger strike (ei) / Shabak (ei) / Khader Adnan will continue to work at a bakery and sell zaatar to remind Palestinians of their roots (mweiss) / incredible interview with Khader Adnan (alj) / Iranian students to rally in support of Palestinian hunger strikers (mehrnews) / Ex-detainee Fuad al-Khuffash reveals prisoners' demands (mideastmon) / Occupation punishes the hunger strikers (pal-info) / Hunger striker Ezzuddin in serious condition (pal-info)

Diebstahl und Zerstörung von Land und Eigentum & Ethnische Säuberung & Freiheitsberaubung: Palestinians protest planned E. Jerusalem national park (972mag) / Al-Khalil (Hebron) reflection: not for sale (cpt) / "I will never give up our house": Sabri Gharib kept promise to resist Israeli settlement until his final day (ei) / settlement (ei) / A Palestinian mayor issues desperate appeal to the world to restore hie village's lifeline (mweiss) / They can't stop building walls -- Israel's mental illness (cpunch) / Israeli army again destroyed roads linking Al Aqaba (filisteenola) / the letter Mayor Haj Sami (filisteenola) / Ecology-minded Palestinian village fights plans for separation fence (haa) / NGO: Gas facility near Arab towns in north would threaten residents (haa) / Center: Israel orders demolition of electricity company (maan) / Salah criticizes visits of Islamic figures to Jerusalem (pal-info) / Hamas refuses Egyptian Mufti's visit to Jerusalem (pal-info) / Egyptian condemnation of the Grand Mufti's visit to Jerusalem (pal-info) / Resheq welcomes visits by Arab, Islamic officials to Jerusalem as liberators (pal-info) / Al-Azhar and the Egyptian Orthodox Church ban visits to Jerusalem under occupation (pal-info)
Politische Verhaftungen und Urteile: Israeli forces arrest six Palestinians in West Bank (wafa) / Two Palestinian children kidnapped near Hebron (imc) / Arab MK goes on trial for solidarity with the Palestinians (mideastmon) / The torment of an isolated captive's family continues 21 years on (pal-info) / Occupation renews administrative detention of Palestinian academic (pal-info)
Politik & Ökonomie: OPT: Microloan demand grows despite the risks (irin) / PA Foreign Ministry: Lieberman remarks 'misleading' (maan) / Abu Marzouk: Hamas won't be bound by PA-Israel treaty (maan) / Minister: PA may drill for oil in West Bank (maan)
Gewalt & Überfälle & Provokationen: Confrontations at Hebron's Arroub refugee camp (wafa) / Israeli forces use police dogs to search houses (wafa) / Soldiers raid town, shoot tear gas at school (wafa) / Settlers destroy farms in Jordan Valley area (wafa) / until Amira Hass did in Haaretz (haa) / PCHR Weekly Report: 19 civilians wounded by Israeli troops this week [12-18 April] (imc) / Medics: Palestinian teen shot during Israeli military training (maan) / Two Palestinians arrested on suspicion of stabbing Jewish settler (pal-info) / IOF soldiers arrest two Palestinians (pal-info) / Zionist occupation forces storm Al-Khalil and Jenin (pal-info) / here (pchrgaza) / here (richardsilverstein) / here (richardsilverstein) / Ziad Jilani's Israeli police murderer exposed for first time (richardsilverstein)
Gaza: When Gaza's doctors err (gantdaily) / Mads Gilbert, eyewitness to Cast Lead, says Gaze remains besieged and shattered (mweiss) / to power (yahoo) / The crisis in Gaza -- the world's largest open-air gulag (cpunch) / Dr. Mads Gilbert (right) told me (indypendent)
Analyse & Meinung: The 'dreaded' P-word: Palestine (haa) / punish people and organisations (haa) / barring peaceful law-abiding citizens (haa) / The rifle blow to the head that reminded Israelis of the West Bank (haa) / political views (haa)
Aktivismus & Solidarität: Join ICAHD's summer rebuilding camp (endtheoccupation) / Israel accused of using protest as 'media stunt' (al-akhbar) / October (ifpb) / African Heritage Delegation to Israel/Palestine (ifpb) / Voices of Conscience: Delegation to the Gaza Strip (ifpb) / struck in the face with a soldier's rifle (gdn) / Danish protester: No one would care if a Palestinian was hit with a rifle / Harriet Sherwood in Ramallah (gdn) / Video: New footage emerges of Eisner attacking activists (maan)
Rassismus & Diskriminierung: Welcome to Israel: Where protesting racism is dangerous (972mag) / Video: Palestinians turned away from Dead Sea resort as Israelis, Europeans, and dogs enter freely (ei) / map (google) / Safed (ynet) / Safed Student Union causes uproar with 'racist' regulation (ynet)
Diverses: Shin Bet says it will not budge on security checks (haa) / Tunisia marks annual Jewish pilgrimage as an achievement (haa) / Israeli treasury cancels pensions for 2,000 survivors of Nazi persecution (haa) / Desert blooms, one olive tree at a time (jpost) / Huge sandstorm destroys crops in Jordan Valley (maan) / 'Treasury waiting for survivors to die' (ynet)



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