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International Headlines [19.04.2012]

International HeadlinesHungerstreikende Gefangene: Interview: "counterrevolution" threatens mass hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners (ei) / “We will live in dignity:” Palestinian political prisoners begin mass hunger strike (palsolidarity) / Mass Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike (sjlendman) / to read (alhaq) / Palestinian Detainees Initiate An Open-Ended Hunger Strike (imc) / Report On The Palestinian Political Prisoners (imc) / On Palestinian Prisoners Day, the Suffering of Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Jails Doubles (imc) / Safadi to maintain hunger strike until his release (pal-info) / 320 International Organizations Support the Prisoners Strikers' Demands (pal-info) / Hamas: Fatah Attitude against the Prisoners' Strike Serves the Occupation (pal-info)

Ethnische Säuberung & Landraub- u. Zerstörung & Apartheid & Exil & Flüchtlinge: Our day will come (and soon) (ei) / "Present absentee" keeps fighting against Israel's wall in al-Walaja (ei) / Palestinians evicted from two East Jerusalem houses (lat) / ordered to be evacuated (mweiss) / a postponement of the Supreme Court-ordered eviction (mweiss) / New Migron bill could lead to massive Israeli land grab in the West Bank (mweiss) / Jewish outpost expanded onto private Palestinian land (haa) / Netanyahu: Cabinet to vote on plan to legalize three West Bank outposts (haa) / Jerusalem Family Displaced, Home Handed To Settlers (imc) / 20 New Homes Built In Illegal Settlement Outpost (imc) / Nowhere Left to Go - documentary film on Jahalin plight launched (kibush) / Israeli municipality renews demand for demolishing Maghareba bridge (pal-info) / IOA bars Sheikh Ekrema Sabri from entering Aqsa for two months (pal-info) / New settlement outpost in Ramallah (pal-info) / IOF serves demolition notice to Palestinian family (pal-info) / MK Regev: Jews have right to live in Hebron (ynet)
Weitere Gefängnis-Nachrichten: Video: Palestinian prisoners and their families (mweiss) / Israeli prison authorities 'prevent family visits' (maan) / Hamas calls solitary confinement and administrative detention "retaliation for prisoners' steadfastness" (mideastmon) / Resheq: Resistance only means to liberate prisoners (pal-info) / Bassem Tamimi Granted “Temporary Leave” from Prison (palmon) / Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) (pchrgaza)
Volkswiderstand & Solidarität & Solidarität & Aktivismus & BDS: A Response to Lufthansa Airlines on Cancelling the “Flytilla” (dissidentvoice) / Urgent appeals to support upcoming US church divestment initiatives (ei) / Palestine’s Prisoners Day: In the Footsteps of Khader Adnan (al-akhbar) / `Flytilla`Activists on Hunger Strike for Palestinian Prisoners Day (pnn) / Gaza rallies on Palestinian Prisoners’ Day (mweiss) / On Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, protest mounts against world’s largest security contractor (mweiss) / Addameer Calls for Continued Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners as Mass Hunger Strike is Launched (samidoun) / Glasgow: Mass demonstration for Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike (samidoun) / students’ occupation of the BBC (samidoun) / Video: Brussels protest for Palestinian Prisoners’ Day (samidoun) / We Are All Hana Shalabi (weareallhanashalabi) / Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons launched a mass hunger strike yesterday, 17 April, on Palestinian Prisoners’ Day. (addameer) / mass hunger strikes (alj) / International solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers (mideastmon) / Hundreds hoist photos of detained MPs before European parliament (pal-info) / Relatives of Egyptian prisoners stage sit-in (pal-info) / Tunisia: Call for a ship to cruise Mediterranean in solidarity with prisoners (pal-info) / Israeli authorities deport 9 French activists on arrival at airport (pal-info) / Foreign activists visit Silwan (pal-info)
Khader Adnan: Photos: Khader Adnan returns home (samidoun) / Khader Adnan: Freed for How Long? (sjlendman) / Freed Khader Adnan Greets Hunger Strikers (alm) / Detainee Khader Adnan Released (imc)
Andere Nahost- und Weltnachrichten: "You will be punished if you don’t become an informant": ACLU’s Nancy Murray on Tarek Mehanna case (ei) / Rights groups urge US to come clean on Yemen strike (al-akhbar) / Protests against veil ban in Tunisian universities bring lectures to a halt (alarabiya) / Funder of Santorum campaign and anti-Muslim causes to back Romney (mweiss) / right-wing donors coalescing (yahoo) / Breivik glorifies Norway mass killings (alj) / suspending (foxnews) / Pentagon Asked Newspaper Not to Publish Photos (nyt) / According to Open Secrets (opensecrets) / Cops arrest 6-year-old kindergartener in Georgia (raw) / Study finds white juries more likely to convict black defendants (raw)
Israelischer Rassismus & Diskriminierung: rejected the racial profiling techniques (haa) / An occasional Palestinian Christian encounter of Israeli intolerance (maan) / Palestinian Christians Denied Permits to Enter Jerusalem for Easter (palmon) / UK Jewish Chronicle Names British White Supremacist Regular Columnist (richardsilverstein) / Scandinavian Airports Reject Shin Bet Racial Profiling Security Screening Procedures (richardsilverstein)
Gaza unter Belagerung: Gaza horse riders have to jump unusual hurdles (yahoo) / Professor shares concerns with current state of Gaza (dailytargum) / In Gaza it is all about control as citizens suffer (irishtimes) / No compensation for Gaza businesses damaged in raid (jpost) / Gaza power station to be fully operational for the first time since 2006 (mideastmon)
Analyse & Meinung: Israeli response to fly-in proves West Bank is the Palestinians’ prison (972mag) / An Edward Said essay that could have been written today (ei) / Gaza's Christians like "birds who will always return to their nest" (ei) / Israel rides the rollercoaster of mass hysteria (ei) / Question for Israel: Where are the Palestinian Gandhis . . . and what have you done with them? (mweiss) / ‘The War Around Us’: New film on the journalists who covered ‘Cast Lead’ (mweiss) / Meeting the Demands of the Occupation in the UK (palchron) / Jenny Tonge's Victory over the Lobby (palchron) / Netanyahu’s Real Fear (cpunch) / Britain's duty to the Palestinian people (gdn) / The ugly face of Israel (ynet)
Anti: tram-line (ei) / dumping waste (ei) / At Israel's behest, woman removed from Air France flight for not being Jewish (ei) / How California uni chief conflates real bigotry with criticism of Israel (ei) / UCLA prof reprimanded for linking to website advocating boycott of Israel (mweiss) / PCHR Denounces Israel For Denying Entry To Peace Activists (imc) / No Boycotts Here: Veolia's Booming Business from OPT to KSA (jadaliyya)

Ägypten: Egypt’s Presidential Elections: And Then There Were Three (al-akhbar) / Egypt Brotherhood candidate: army wants to retain power (al-akhbar) / Egypt panel turns down candidates' appeal (alj) / Egypt Salafist's massive support (bbc) / Egypt is creaking under the weight of revolution, but it will survive (gdn) / The Art of Narrating the Egyptian Revolution: An Interview with Alaa Awad (jadaliyya)
Syrien: All Quiet on the Damascus Front (al-akhbar) / Ghalioun Emails: Qatari Money and Lost Democracy (al-akhbar) / Morocco, Syrian opposition urge Russia to press Syria on ceasefire (al-akhbar) / Syria’s Email Wars: The Opposition Leaks (al-akhbar) / Syria says six soldiers killed in Idlib bombing (al-akhbar) / Push in Paris for More Pressure on Syria as Money Ebbs and Cease-Fire Wobbles (nyt) / No fans of Assad, Syria's Kurds distrust uprising (yahoo) / Shots fired in Syria town where observers visit (yahoo) / Syria's FM claims government abiding by truce (yahoo) / Obama administration searches for a ‘Plan B’ in Syria (foreignpol) / Annan in talks with Arab ministers on Syria (alj) / Syria 'has respect' for Annan plan (alj) / UN chief says Syria has broken ceasefire (alj) / Ship 'facing Syrian arms search' (bbc) / Sanctions 'halve Syrian reserves' (bbc) / UN wives ask Mrs Assad for peace (bbc) / UN observers tour Deraa under the watchful eye of Syrian forces (indp) / Syria Olympic chief may be blocked from London 2012 Games (indp) / Each Side Accuses the Other of Violating Syria’s Cease-Fire (nyt) / The problems of funding Syria's rebels (thenational) / Golan residents mark Syria's independence: 'We back Assad' (ynet)
Libanon: Lebanon’s Disconnect from Reality (al-akhbar) / Hackers take down 15 Lebanese government websites (alarabiya) / Qana: A Stigma on Israel’s face (In Pictures) (alm) / Julian Assange's The World Tomorrow: Hassan Nasrallah (ytube)
Saudi Arabien: Saudi cracks down on "perverted" emo teens (al-akhbar) / Saudi sentences rights activist to four years (al-akhbar) / Child brides: Will Saudi Arabia set age limit for marriage? (csmon) / Saudi Diplomat Kidnapped in Yemen Held by Al-Qaeda (alm) / Osama bin Laden's family due to be deported to Saudi Arabia (gdn) / Sri Lankan woman faces beheading on witchcraft charge (gdn)

Irak: Iraqi lawyer hopeful Hezbollah prisoner will be freed (al-akhbar) / Blasts in Baghdad, northern Iraqi cities kill 30 (yahoo)
Iran: Iran to Annan: We’re With You (al-akhbar) / Iran thanks Saudis for sparing death row citizens (yahoo) / Report on Iran’s Nuclear Fatwa Distorts Its History (antiwar) / Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi speaks out against Iran sanctions (csmon) / The Lede Blog: Israeli Minister Agrees Ahmadinejad Never Said Israel 'Must Be Wiped Off the Map' (thelede.blogs.nytimes) / U.S. official says Netanyahu was fully briefed on Iran talks (haa) / Japanese refiner Showa Shell renews oil contract with Iran (panarmenian) / The United States and the lost art of grand strategy - Flynn Leverett at Penn State (raceforiran) / Bibi: Specter of Iran Nuke Will Strike Terror into Israelis, Cause Mass Population Flight (richardsilverstein)
Bahrain: Bahrain update (angry) / Bahraini Crown Prince confronted by angry protesters (al-akhbar) / Grand Prix crew caught in Bahrain clashes (al-akhbar) / Bahraini hunger striker to refuse IV fluids (yahoo) / Iraq's Sadr calls for Bahrain activist's release (yahoo) / Iraq's Sadr calls for Bahrain F1 race boycott (yahoo) / Wave of arrests ahead of Bahrain Grand Prix: NGO (yahoo) / VIDEO: Stun grenades used at F1 protest (bbc) / Porsche withdraws from F1 in Bahrain (presstv)



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