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International Headlines [17.04.2012]

International HeadlinesHungerstreikende Gefangene: Jordanian prisoners join hunger strike (jordantimes) / Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails to go on hunger strike (gdn) / Health of hunger strikers sharply worsens (pal-info) / Hunger striker Halahla vomits blood (pal-info)
Flytillas: Exclusive: ‘Political contract’ required to enter Israel? (972mag) / Europe’s airlines enforce Israeli travel ban on activists hoping to repair Palestinian schools (ei) / Israel dismisses 'flytilla' protest, pointing to human rights abuses in Syria (csmon) / Israel Criminalizes Travel (sjlendman) / Second year of hysterical Israeli reaction to Welcome to Palestine (aic-news) / Flytilla participants protest cancellation of tickets by airlines (aic-news) / Welcome to Palestine (aic-news) / Pro-Palestinian 'fly-in' activist: Israel and Europe treated us like terrorists (haa) / Sights that the 'flytilla' activists weren't allowed to see (haa) / Zoabi: “Israel Violates Freedoms At A Global Level” (imc) / 470 Of Passengers Marked As Activists, Had Nothing To Do With “Welcome To Palestine” (imc) / Barhoum: Arrest of foreign activists reflects Israeli crisis (pal-info) / Israel blocks entry of 80 foreign solidarity activists (pal-info) / Hundreds stopped from leaving Europe for Israel (ytube)

Attacke auf Biker: The Lede Blog: Israel's Anger at Foreign 'Provocateurs' Boils Over (nyt) / Israeli military shuts down youth bike tour in the Jordan Valley citing ‘security threat’ (mweiss) / The rifle-butting video is following a different narrative (mweiss) / Video: Senior IDF officer smashes peaceful activist in the face with his M-16 (mweiss) / Israeli beating of activist causes uproar (yahoo) / Palestinians and internationals attacked during biking trip in Jordan Valley (palsolidarity) / Israeli soldier suspended for gun-butt attack (alj) / Activist beaten by IDF officer: Claim protesters were violent is 'a complete lie' (haa) / Video: Soldiers assault cycling group in Jordan Valley (maan) / Rabbis: Officer reacted to highly unusual circumstances (ynet) / Soldiers to IDF chief: Officer who beat activist 'ethical' (ynet) / Israeli Soldiers Break Up Cycling Tour near Jericho. Apr. 14,2012 (facebook)
Ethnische Säuberung & Landraub und -zerstörung & Freiheitsberaubung: Word and Picture Diary: South Hebron Hills Weekly Visit, April 5 2012 (onlydemcy) / Army must evacuate the new settlement point in Hebron’s Old City (btselem) / Testimony: ISA prevents young man with rare disease from traveling to East Jerusalem for treatment (btselem) / a feature article about Umm Al Kheir and Karmel, with interviews of both Bedouin and settlers. (haa) / Israeli forces destroy Hebron structures (maan) / Law that deprives Lebanon’s children of their nationality (thenational)
Menschenrechtsverletzungen & Gewalt und Angriffe & Vergewaltigung: Injured inmate in Israeli jail claims he was raped (gulfnews) / Three Settler Attacks in Hebron District on Friday (aic-news) / Soldiers Suspected of Lengthy Abuse of Palestinian from Hebron (btselem) / B'Tselem's 2011 annual report on human rights in the Occupied Territories (btselem)
Weitere Gefangene & Politische Verhaftungen: IOF soldiers arrest 7 Palestinians (pal-info) / Israeli military court sentences Palestinian journalist (pal-info)
Politischer Entwicklungen & Weitere Nachrichten: Palestinian Authority has lost its ‘raison d’etre,’ Abbas to tell Netanyahu (alarabiya) / Hamas delivered thousands of dollars to prisoners released in Shalit swap (haa) / Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard returns to prison in U.S. (haa) / Controversial film series on British-controlled Palestine comes to Tel Aviv (haa) / Russians draw parallels between Syria and Gaza (jpost) / PA takes its marching orders from the GCC: Senior PA official: Iran is provoking region (maan) / Israel TV programme suggests need to investigate Algeria's "nuclear weapons" (mideastmon) / Palestinians to deliver Netanyahu ultimatum on talks (reuters)
Belagerung Gazas: Under siege and suspense, the youth of Gaza perform (imeu) / Gaza Industrial Sector Savaged By The Fuel Crisis (alresalah) / 'Gazans suffer worst lack of medicine' (presstv)
BDS & Aktivismus & Solidarität: Thousands rally ahead of Palestinian Prisoners' Day (yahoo) / Palestinians Ban Sale of Israeli Produce (themedialine) / Beautiful Resistance (bostonreview) / Israeli politician urges Canadian (ottawacitizen) / CNN Interviews Author Frank Romano During Global March to Jerusalem (salem)
Israelischer Rassismus: Interior Minister: Israel must deport illegal immigrants, even if it costs money (haa) / A lack of vision is making Israel a short-term state (haa)
Andere Nahost- & Weltnachrichten: Karzai: NATO intelligence failed to prevent Taliban attack (al-akhbar) / 'For Saudi Arabia, Israel is turning from foe to friend' (friclub) / IOC to keep pressure on 'no women' Saudis (yahoo) / Jordan king orders release of jailed activists (yahoo) / Jordanian parliament moves to ban Muslim Brotherhood party (haa) / Germany Koran Giveaway Worries Officials (nyt)
Analyse & Meinung: Free Speech vs. Israel (palchron) / The Miracle, and Christian Presence in the Holy Land (palchron) / Sectarianism and Honesty (pulse) / Does Israel Interfere in US Elections? (silwan) / Something of Palestine Emerges (jadaliyya)
Anti: Major Bay Area arts org worked closely with Israeli consul general to counter protests (mweiss) / Frameline (frameline) / boycott calls (quitpalestine)

Ägypten: Omar Suleiman: Up and Down (al-akhbar) / In Egypt, the poor make a living off subsidized propane (lat) / Egypt's military takes bigger role in constitution (yahoo) / Egypt's presidential front-runners appeal ban (yahoo) / Egypt's ad hoc transition plan (csmon) / Egypt parties meet military over constitution (alj) / Of course Omar Suleiman's office is entirely black (arabist) / The Myth of Egypt's Liberal Constitution (jadaliyya) / Paradoxes of "Religious Freedom" in Egypt (jadaliyya) / David Kirkpatrick's story on Suleiman in the NYT (nyt)
Syrien: Syrians not allowed to visit for Umrah (arabnews) / Syrian activists hack Lebanese photography website (al-akhbar) / 6 U.N. observers arrive in Syria (lat) / 42 Syrians held over parliament demo: lawyer (yahoo) / More than 11,100 killed in Syria in 13 months: NGO (yahoo) / Syrian FM 'to visit China for peace plan talks' (yahoo) / Fierce clashes as observers begin work in Syria (yahoo) / Syrian activists to rebels: Give us our revolution back (csmon) / Temptingly close to home, Syria rebels pick outlaw life (maan) / Six Questions for Asli Bali and Aziz Rana (merip) / Listening Post - Ali Ferzat: Breaking the barrier of fear (ytube)
Libanon: Lebanese Jews in New York: Longing for Home (al-akhbar) / Lebanon’s Displaced Never Go Home Again (al-akhbar) / Lebanon’s March 8 Coalition: A Record of Setbacks and Failures (al-akhbar) / Lebanon: US$40 Million Loan in Hands of Minister’s Wife (al-akhbar) / Wanton Israeli attack led Shadid to rebuild his Lebanese grandparents’ home (mweiss) / Anthony Shadid and his memoir (prospect) / Israeli plane violates Lebanon airspace (presstv)

Irak: Divided Iraq hosts first post-Saddam arms fair (al-akhbar) / Gunmen kill four Shi'ite farmers in Baghdad attack (yahoo) / Iraqiya Seeks Confidence Withdrawal for Maliki (antiwar)
Iran: Abu Musa (angry) / Al Jazeera interview (blogs.aljazeera) / P5 +1 Iran nuclear talks went swimmingly! Netanyahu is fuming (mweiss) / Iran says nuclear dispute can be solved 'quickly' (yahoo) / Iran summons Saudi envoy over jail treatment (yahoo) / Obama says more Iran sanctions coming if talks drag (yahoo) / A Chance for Peace With Iran (antiwar) / Gulf nations to meet over Iran island dispute (alj) / Salehi: Iran Won’t Give Up Its Right to Enrich Uranium (alm) / VIDEO: University ban for Iran protesters (bbc) / rising (cnbc) / the most positive atmosphere in nearly a decade (csmon) / U.S. rules out easing Iran sanctions (raw) / Israeli Minister Meridor Concedes Iran’s Leaders Have Never Called for Israel’s Destruction (richardsilverstein) / concrete proposals for resolving the impasse (telegraph) / sinking (washpo) / ratcheting down (washpo)
Bahrain: Bahrain authority escalates its level of excessive force against pro-democracy protesters. (bahraincenter) / Bahrain arrests protest leaders as Grand Prix nears (al-akhbar) / Bahrain Grand Prix: Keeping Eyes on the Track (al-akhbar) / Crown prince wants Bahrain to emerge F1 winner (yahoo) / American human rights activists arrested in Bahrain (foreignpol) / Bahrain activists set off Grand Prix protests (alj) / Bahrain: Reforms risk appearing hollow as violations continue (amnesty) / The Crackdown in Bahrain (cpunch) / NSW parliament backs Bahrain uprising ( / Bahrain Grand Prix: Formula One demeans itself with this event (gdn) / Nadim Houry (hrw) / Tom Malinowski (hrw) / Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition Calls for Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja to be released to Denmark on humanitarian grounds (isiswomen) / Bahraini forces raid homes in Sitra (presstv) / Bahraini activists climb embassy wall (presstv)



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