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International Headlines [13.04.2012]

International Headlines8. Juli: Airflotilla2 (airflotilla2) / Israeli group calls on government to welcome fly-in activists (wafa) / Israel mobilizes special forces to deport 'flytilla' activists (mweiss) / Pro-Palestinian activists dismiss Israeli warnings (yahoo) / European airlines cancel tickets of pro-Palestinian 'flytilla' activists (haa) / plans to thwart the fly-in at the departing airport. (liguedefensejuive) / Lufthansa cancels airline tickets of 'flytilla' participants (ynet) / @AirFlotilla2 (twitter)
Kollaboration: Will Israel and Lebanon's new naval partnership last? (foreignpol) / Gaza flotilla incident (gdn) / yesterday (haa) / Israeli, Lebanese navy cooperate to counter solidarity ships (imc)

Politische Verhaftungen & Hungerstreiks: Israeli forces arrest Palestinians from the West Bank (pnn) / One Palestinian arrested, several others summoned for interrogation (wafa) / 42 days of hunger strike: Take action to save Hassan Safady from dying in administrative detention (palsolidarity) / Eleven Palestinian political detainees continue their hunger strike (imc) / Ministries agree financial support for ex-detainees (maan) / Hunger-striking prisoners moved to hospital (maan)
Landraub und Zerstörung & Ethnische Säuberung & Freiheitsberaubung & Zerstörung pal. Kulturgüter: The Wall, 10 years on / Part 3: An acre here and an acre there (972mag) / Report on Israeli violations in the occupied city of Jerusalem (pnn) / IDF admits barring Palestinians' access to own fields (haa) / Palestinians need freedom in Jerusalem, not Israeli permits (maan) / Israel reopens entrance to town near Jerusalem (maan) / Settlers 'destroy olive trees' in Hebron (maan) / Knesset member warns Israel about tampering with the tomb of Palestinian hero (mideastmon) / Archbishop denounces Israeli restrictions on freedom of religion in Jerusalem (mideastmon)
Aktivismus & BDS: Derail-Dump-Drown Veolia campaign in the US (endtheoccupation) / Italian ISM activist fights unjust deportation: Your support needed! (palsolidarity) / Nablus governor blocks import of Israeli produce (maan) / Israeli forces disperse demo in Bethlehem village (maan) / 3 hurt in Nabi Saleh demonstration (maan) / International Bil’in Conference on the Palestinian Popular Struggle (popularstruggle)
Gaza: Gaza family awaits new home, 9 years after demolition (ei) / Rafah (ei) / UN agency for Palestine refugees (ei) / Gaza official: More fuel coming from Egypt (maan) / Rafah crossing to close Monday (maan) / Israel opens fire at fishing boat off Gaza coast (maan) / Egyptian security detains 3 Palestinians (maan) / Running, flying -- high hopes in Gaza ( / A family pays the price of Gaza's rift (smh)
Politik & Diplomatie: Palestinians rebuff Netanyahu call to resume peace talks (dstar) / Abbas arrives in Japan on first leg of international tour (maan) / Jordanian interior minister to visit Palestine (maan) / Abbas calls for NATO forces to replace Israeli troops (maan) / Abbas' wife meets officials in Turkey (maan) / PA 'shuts down' Palestinian rights group (maan) / Egyptian religious scholars refuse to visit Jerusalem while under occupation (pal-info) / MK Tibi: Ambassador to US 'liar' (ynet)
Analyse & Meinung: The undercover persecution of Muslim Americans (ei) / The Informants (motherjones) / Palestinian polls unlikely this year (ahram)
Überfälle & Gewalt: Israeli troops attack a number of West Bank communities and search homes (imc) / PCHR Weekly Report: 6 civilians and 2 fighters wounded by Israeli forces this week [5-11 April] (imc) / PA official: 3 injured in Nablus settler attack (maan) / Full Report here (pchrgaza) / Itamar (ynet) / 2 settlers injured in Itamar skirmish (ynet)
Diverses: Arab American oppose naming anti-Islam figure to religion commission (wafa) / Israeli ambassador to New York Times: Netanyanhu does not interfere in US elections (haa) / Israeli charity executive arrested on suspicion of embezzling millions of shekels from donors (haa)



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