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International Headlines [03.04.2012]

International HeadlinesEthnische Säuberung / Land- & Resourcen-Raub / Apartheid: Video: Israeli occupation forces violently evict Palestinians from Hebron house (ei) / Israeli authorities flout court order to provide Bedouins with water (ei) / "We are only guests in Lebanon" - Palestinians look homewards on Land Day (ei) / When Europe Develops (ipsnews) / In photos: Daily resistance in Jordan Valley (aic-news) / Israeli prime minister sides with settlers again (google) / Netanyahu asked Barak to delay evacuation of Hebron house (haa) / Jerusalem Mayor aims to establish new settlement in East Jerusalem (haa) / UN Report: Susiya Village Faces a High Risk of Forced Displacement (imc) / In the Shadow of Two States: Rural Electrification in the Occupied West Bank (nomadit) / IOF soldiers bulldoze land, damage olive trees near Yatta (pal-info) / IOF soldiers raze Palestinian home, power network in Beit Jala (pal-info) / IOF soldiers forcibly evict local, foreign activists from house in Al-Khalil (pal-info)

Illegale Verhaftungen Israels und der PA / Administrativhaft / Misshandkungen Gefangener: Ramallah repression (angry) / agency." (ei) / hunger strike (ei) / Palestinian Authority (ei) / Seventeen Palestinians Arrested From Beit Ommar in March 2012 (palsoli) / Khafsh: My cell is like a grave (pal-info) / Khafsh on hunger strike for ten days (pal-info) / IOF soldiers arrest citizen during raids in Al-Khalil (pal-info) / Hamas: PA security forces arrested 72 persons for their political affiliation (pal-info) / Palestinian prisoners in four Israeli prisons on hunger strike (pal-info) / IOF soldiers arrest journalist (pal-info) / Israeli court extends detention of 30 Jerusalemite youths (pal-info)
Iraelischer Terror und Gewalt: we reported (mweiss) / More on the Barghouti attack at Qalandiya on Friday (mweiss) / Qaryut: 8 year old injured by bomb planted by Israelis (palsolidarity) / Swedish peace activist beaten up by Israeli Occupation Forces (palsolidarity) / Video: Dozens of wounded and shooting at Erez border in Beit Hanoun (palsolidarity) / Video: Israelis violently attack Palestinians in Al Khalil home invasion (palsolidarity) / 28 March 2012: Army dog attacked a mother and her 17 yr old son during an arrest operation inIdhna (btselem) / 29 March 2012: IDF must stop unacceptable practice of unleashing dogs against civilians (btselem) / five cases (btselem) / Soldiers suspected of setting dog on Palestinian demonstrator at Kfar Qadum (btselem) / Palestinian girl dies of wounds sustained last year (imc) / Relatives: Bethlehem worker assaulted in West Jerusalem (maan) / Jewish settlers batter Palestinian citizens including two women (pal-info) / IDF Creates New Artillery Unit to Shell Civilian Targets (richardsilverstein) / Jerusalem: Arab man assaulted on Light Rail (ynet)
Solidarität / BDS / Massenproteste: (deiryassin) / Palestine 5k aims to empower children, build community (ei) / Land Day in Lebanon: Within Reach of Palestine (al-akhbar) / Activists post mock eviction notices in campus dorms to highlight Israeli home demolition policy (mweiss) / Four rabbis urge Christian churches to divest from occupation (mweiss) / Land Day commemoration in Al Huda School (palsolidarity) / Tibetan Refugees Support Palestinian Struggle (aic-news) / Action: Support Church Divestment from Israel (aic-news) / Morocco: A popular march in solidarity with Jerusalem on Sunday (pal-info) / Land Day Picture Worth a Thousand Words (richardsilverstein) / BDS in the U.S.A. (youthanormalization) / at the end of the month (kairosresponse)
Das Exil Hana Shalabis: On top of banishment to Gaza, Israel uses Twitter to further violate Hana al-Shalabi's rights (ei) / Shalabi’s exile is extension of incarceration: rights groups (alarabiya) / In pictures: Gaza welcomes Hana Shalabi (mweiss) / Hana Shalabi: Not Quite Free at Last (sjlendman) / Hana Shalabi arrives in Gaza (maan) / Haniyeh: Shalabi 'broke the will of her warden' (maan) / Gaza welcomes Hana Al Shalabi (mideastmon) / Shalabi's mother: Hana was subjected to harassment during her Strike (pal-info)
Analyse & Meinung & Geschichten aus dem Leben: Israel is a menace to US force protection (friclub) / Former State Dep’t official says Obama calls for human rights and democracy are ‘undercut’ by position on Palestinians (mweiss) / The Israel/Palestine conflict will be resolved when Arab countries kick the U.S. out of the region (mweiss) / 'Despite It All We Still Laugh', Tamar Fleishman - The West Bank (palchron) / Osama Abu Ayyash tells his story to Israelis who've never met a Palestinian (csmon) / Palestinian Hip Hop vs. Israeli Education System (aic-news) / Palestine Has Always Been Off the Agenda (cpunch) / They Shoot Youth (cpunch) / Arab revolutions through Israeli eyes (mideastmon) / Palestinian Women Take Charge Politically and Socially (palmon)
Andere Nahost-Nachrichten: Survivors of Kandahar villages massacre speak to western journalist (mweiss) / Polish PM Reveals that US Tortured at Black Sites in his Country (juancole)
Politik - Diverses: Christie in Israel on 1st official overseas trip (yahoo) / Palestinians honor columnist Helen Thomas (yahoo) / Israeli, Palestinian officials hold secret meeting amid stall in peace talks (haa) / Only Spanish-Teaching Center in Palestine Territories to Close (laht) / ICC says has no jurisdiction in territories (ynet)
Diskriminierung: Hate speech: Stocking up fuel for murderous violence (972mag) / WATCH: Israeli teens brandish racism after Palestinian children die (972mag) / Passover shows for kids discriminate against Arabs (haa) / Border Control / An unholy mess (haa) / Arab-Palestinian Citizens of Israel: Discrimination in Access to Health; Lower Health Indicators ( / Tough road to Jerusalem for Palestinian Christians (thenational)
Belagertes Gaza: Gaza hospitals get fuel from ICRC (bbc) / Mansy: We live an environmental crisis due to power outages (pal-info) / Gaza authorities caution against 'impending' food disaster (
Anti: SFO Jewish Library (you read that right– library) cancels panel on Jewish activism because participant supports boycott (mweiss) / Dear Red Hot Chili Peppers… (pulse) / Harvard University makes aliyah (ynet)

Ägypten: Egypt's Copts latest to boycott constitution panel (al-akhbar) / Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood backs presidential candidate (al-akhbar) / Egypt Brotherhood under fire over president bid (yahoo) / Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution Episode2 | Sabah Ibrahim (maxajl) / Israelis express fears about millionaire who may be Egypt's next president (mideastmon) / Inside Story - The Brotherhood's quest for the presidency (ytube)
Tunesien: Criminalizing normalization with Israel (angry) / Tunisia Islamist leader rules out normal ties with Israel (yahoo) / called (alquds) / Al-Ghannouchi says a threat to Palestine is a threat to all Muslim countries (mideastmon)
Syrien: Lebanese and the Conflict in Syria (al-akhbar) / Russian destroyer heads for Syria port (al-akhbar) / Syria Dismisses Notions of Foreign Intervention (nyt) / The Lede Blog: Citizen Journalist in Syria Is Captured and Tortured (nyt) / Syrian forces storm rebel areas (yahoo) / UN team expected in Syria within 48 hours (alj) / Syria rebel fighters 'to be paid' (bbc) / Syria 'agrees' ceasefire deadline (bbc) / An Executioner for Syria's Rebels Tells His Story (spiegel) / Syrian doctors speaks of horrors faced by civilians (ytube)
Saudi Arabien: The Draft Anti-Terrorism Law in Saudi Arabia: Legalizing the Abrogation of Civil Liberties (jadaliyya) / Saudis urge release of injured activist (presstv)

Irak: Qatar: Iraq's fugitive VP arrives for visit (yahoo) / Qatar rejects Iraq's call to extradite VP (alj) / "Curveball" confesses to lying about WMDs (arabist) / Iraq demands Qatar hand over VP (bbc)
Iran: Rafsanjani urges better Iran-Saudi ties (al-akhbar) / Why Israel is even less likely to strike Iran now (csmon) / Obama's War on Iran (sjlendman) / Turkey's Erdogan: Israeli strike on Iran would devastate Mideast (haa) / Sign # 45623 that Israel will not Attack Iran (maxajl) / Iran attack would breach intl. law: Russia (presstv)
Bahrain: Bahrain royal goons (angry) / Bahrain Update (angry) / Bahraini hunger striker on verge of coma (al-akhbar) / Bahrain lawyer: Leading activist could face trial (yahoo) / Bahrain youths protest against Formula One (yahoo) / Bahrain: A Case Study in Despotism (sjlendman) / Bahraini villagers fear effects of tear gas (alj) / him (bahrainrights) / civilian (bahrainrights) / Whitewashing the regime: Bahrain (bahrainrights) / Bahraini Hunger Striker's Life in Peril as U.S.-Backed Forces Continue Anti-Democracy Crackdown (demnow) / Protestor's death and rioting rekindles Bahrain fears (globalpost) / Bahraini forces attack (presstv) / Bahraini police tear gas demo in Diraz (presstv)



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