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International Headlines [01.04.2012]

International HeadlinesLand-, Resourcen-Raub & Zerstörung / Ethnische Säuberung / Exil: In banishment to Gaza, Hana al-Shalabi would face Winnie Mandela's fate and hope (ei) / Israel threatens to demolish German-funded solar energy systems in West Bank (ei) / ‘Judaizing’ Beit Hanina in East Jerusalem, with backing from Americans (mweiss) / For Palestinian farmer, a constant reminder of Israeli occupation (worldblog.msnbc.msn) / Safa Protesters Remove 100 Meters Of Fence Isolating Them From Their Orchards (imc) / IOA exiles Sheikh Alqam from Jerusalem for one month (pal-info) / Israel planning new Jewish suburb in occupied Jerusalem (pal-info)

BDS & Aktivismus & Solidarität: Emma Thompson among group of prominent British actors calling on Globe theatre to withdraw invite to Israeli National Theatre (mweiss) / George Galloway tweets ‘long live Palestine’ to supporters after landslide U.K. by-election victory (haa) / Visitng and listening in Al Aqaba (kibush)
Weitere Nachrichten aus der arabischen Welt & Weltnachrichten: ... and counting: The Doyen of Al Jazeera's anchormen, Jamil Azar (friclub) / Amnesty urges Jordan to free political activists (yahoo) / Jordan arrests 12 activists for insulting king (yahoo) / Libya: 147 killed in 6 days of clashes in south (yahoo) / A Jewish synagogue makes a comeback in Lebanon (csmon) / France bars entry to four Islamic scholars (alj)
Weitere Massenproteste: Wa'ed society calls for making April 17 global day for Palestinian prisoners (pal-info) / Marches in Jenin refuse deportation of Shalabi (pal-info)
Politischer Verhaftungen Israels & der PA: Palestinian Authority jails journalist for publishing exposé on foreign ministry (ei) / Army Kidnaps 9 Palestinians In the West Bank (imc) / 15 Kidnapped in Al-Esawiyya (imc) / Israeli forces seize teen at Beit Ummar protest (maan) / PA arrests 3 of Hamas supporters in Bethlehem (pal-info) / IOA renews administrative detention of MP Khalil Al-Rubaei (pal-info)
Saudi-Arabien: Clinton in Saudi amid oil supply concerns (al-akhbar) / Mideast upheaval knocks Saudi Arabia off balance (lat) / Fresh Anti-Regime Rallies across Saudi Arabia (alm)
Gewalt & Aggression & Aufwiegelung: Head of Bill Kristol’s lobby group calls on Israeli army to use Palestinian protesters as ‘target practice’ (mweiss) / Several Residents Injured In Jerusalem (imc) / 4 hospitalized after settler attack near Ramallah (maan) / Settlers 'pelt family with stones' near Hebron (maan)
Politik: Abbas drops threat to dismantle PA over stalled Israel talks (haa) / Hammad: “Resistance, Of All types, Is The Way to Liberation” (imc) / Adnan to Cairo: Include Palestinian prisoners in exchange deal (pal-info)
Analyse & Meinung: Israel stands by debunked story of Palestinian child’s death (mweiss) / Faith under Occupation – Book Review (palchron) / Challenging Israeli State Terror (sjlendman) / Terrorizing Palestinians Daily (sjlendman)
Tag des Bodens: The Beast (of Apartheid) is back: South African hip-hop track released for Palestine's Land Day, BDS Day of Action (ei) / Land Day in Pictures: Israel, Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank (mweiss) / Land Day in posters: a retrospective of the 1980s (mweiss) / Land Day protest at Times Square, today at 4:30 PM (mweiss) / Land Day vs. the ‘Jewish State’: an interview with Haneen Zoabi (mweiss) / UPDATE: Mustafa Barghouti stable after being struck in head at Qalandiya; Palestinian protester reports Barghouti attacked by fellow protesters, Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz (mweiss) / Hundreds of Arab Israelis mark Land Day (yahoo) / Israeli deputy FM: Arab demos 'diplomatic terror' (yahoo) / Marking Land Day in Beit Ommar (palsoli) / Beit Hanoun: Celebrating the land and culture of Palestine (palsolidarity) / Organizers: Jerusalem march achieved goals (maan) / Tens of thousands of Jordanians participate in Jerusalem march (pal-info) / Hundreds participate in the "Global March to Jerusalem" in London (pal-info) / Tibi: Arabs have right to Israel's land (ynet) / Al Jazeera's Cal Perry reports from Qalandiya on Land Day (ytube)
Rassismus & Diskriminierung: Contrary to Oren (kabob)
Belagertes Gaza: Red Cross provides Gaza hospitals with urgent fuel aid for 10 days (pal-info) / Ansar 2" will reach Gaza Strip in May (pal-info) /  (pal-info)

Ägypten: Islamist Group Breaks Pledge to Stay Out of Race in Egypt (nyt) / New Egyptian constitution boycott (bbc) / Egypt: Children on Trial (hrw)
Syrien: Saudi foreign minister says supporting Syrian opposition is a ‘duty’ (alarabiya) / Assad’s forces capture Free Syrian Army commander in Damascus area (alarabiya) / Outgunned Syria rebels turn to homemade bombs (lat) / Fighting, shelling reported in Syria despite cease-fire pledge (lat) / Actress icon of Syrian revolt warns of sectarian warfare (yahoo) / Assad demands Syria rebels halt attacks (yahoo) / Syria refugee crisis lands on Turkey's doorstep (yahoo) / US seeks coordinated Gulf strategy on Iran (yahoo) / Military Intervention in Syria is a Bad Idea (antiwar) / UK doubles aid to Syria opponents (bbc) / Fears Syria crisis could spread across region (ytube)

Irak: Iraq anti-Qaeda fighter killed with wife (yahoo) / Iraq Shiite cleric: cancel Saddam-era UN sanctions (yahoo) / Sunni rulers largely shun Iraq at Arab summit (yahoo) / "Disavowal" by Muzaffar al-Nawwab (jadaliyya)
Iran: Obama administration buys time on Iran–but what will happen after the elections? (mweiss) / 100 Iranian Missiles Will Penetrate Defenses, Hitting Israeli Targets After First-Strike (richardsilverstein)
Bahrain: Bahrainis protest against use of tear gas (yahoo) / 'Regime gunmen' kill Bahrain protester: opposition (yahoo) / Bahrain Feature: In Deaths, The Kingdom Handily Beats Yemen (enduringamerica) / Bahrain Feature: The Killing of Ahmed Ismail Hassan (enduringamerica) / Bahrain: Vital Reform Commitments Unmet (hrw) / Bahraini forces attack protesters (presstv) / Regime attacks Bahraini protesters (presstv) / Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja hospitalized (presstv) / Prominent Bahraini activist arrested (presstv) / Bahrain: Release leading rights activist at risk of death from hungerstrike (amnesty)



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