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International Headlines [13.03.2012]

International HeadlinesHana Shalabi / Politische Gefangene / Häftlinge: Bassem Tamimi`s military trial drawing to a close (kibush) / Tibi: Israel rejects MK's request to visit Shalabi (maan) / IOF soldiers storm West Bank cities, round up 10 Palestinians (pal-info) / Palestinian detainee bleeding in detention (pal-info) / 8 Palestinians arrested in the West Bank (pal-info) / IPS punishes prisoners for their solidarity with hunger striker (pal-info) / IOF soldiers arrest three Palestinians in Halhul (pal-info) / Detainee goes on hunger strike protesting renewal of his administrative custody (pal-info) / Dirar Abusisi: First Kidnapped by Mossad, Now Abused in Israeli Prison (richardsilverstein)

Geschichten aus dem Leben / Analyse / Meinung: Health Care Failure: The Occupied Palestinian Territories (dissidentvoice) / Michael Ledeen’s memorable phrase (en.wikipedia) / Palestinian Folkloric Fairy Tales: Palestinian Painter, Bissan Rafe (palchron) / Blackwater (wsws) / to (boston) / editorials (comw) / How Israel Stacks the Legal Deck (cpunch) / from (csmon) / U.S. dollars and supplies to Israel are wasted effort (demnow) / endless (fair) / coast (nyt) / Israel: the Permanent-War State (richardsilverstein) / coast (signonsandiego) / ambushed (usatoday) / 2010 World Health Report (who) / American Morlocks:Another Civilian Massacre and the Savagery of Our Soldiers (sleepinamrca) / Elderly Palestinian woman focused on reading (ytube)
Landraub / Ethnische Säuberung / Apartheid / Flüchtlinge: Palestinian Man Struggles to Replace All Four Limbs (al-akhbar) / Israeli right wing’s vision for West Bank annexation (to ‘pull the rug out from under apartheid accusation’) (mweiss) / Report from the Saturday morning settler ‘real estate tour’ in Hebron (mweiss) / says (jpost)
Andere Gewalttaten gegen Palästinenser: Settlers open fire at Silwan students, injured taken to hospital (silwan)
Volkswiderstand / BDS / Aktivismus & Solidarität: Palestinian Christians attacked for challenging Christian Zionism (ei) / ‘I refuse to join an army that has, since it was established in dominating another nation’: Interview with Israeli refuser Noam Gur (mweiss) / Gaza Activists Prepare for Israeli Apartheid Week, Rana B. Baker and Joe Catron - Gaza (palchron) / Beit Ommar Organizes Second Womens’ Conference Against the Occupation (palsoli) / After much injustice, Beit Dajan debuts its peaceful resistance (palsolidarity) / In Photos: Ni’lin chisels through Zionism (palsolidarity) / Photos: Artists Against Apartheid 11/03/2012 (tadamon)
Andere Nahost- & Weltnachrichten: Afghan youth recounts terrifying US soldier killing spree (al-akhbar) / Six Jordanians charged with insulting king (al-akhbar) / US drone strike kills 8 in Pakistan (al-akhbar) / Justice Department is investigating (nyt) / Brussels mosque firebombed (presstv) / Justice Department Investigating Whether MEK Speakers Accepted Illegal Fees from Terror Group (richardsilverstein)
Gaza: Israel TV celebrity, wife of vice PM demands bombing, "suffering" of Gaza civilians (ei) / Clinton condemns Palestinians for Israeli bombings (al-akhbar) / Gaza: Of Seas and Sorrows (al-akhbar) / No apology after Israeli spokesman tweets 2009 bombing footage (al-akhbar) / Urgent Appeal for Solidarity from Gaza (fromgaza) / Gaza flare-up stokes debate about Israel killings policy (yahoo) / Father, Daughter, Killed In Israeli Air Strike (imc) / Hamas: Egypt offered fuel in return for calm (maan) / Israeli forces fire on Gaza funeral (maan) / wife of Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom ( / Israeli raid kills Palestinian school child (pal-info) / IOF aggression on Gaza displaced dozens of families (pal-info) / Scoop Video: Israel Targets Heads in Latest Gaza Atrocities ( / Egypt’s Islamist-dominated parliament votes in support of expelling Israel’s ambassador (washpo)
Politik: Ex-Israeli spymaster: Iran response to Israeli attack would be devastating (haa)

Syrien: SNC military push polarizes Syria opposition (al-akhbar) / Syrian adversaries trade blame over Homs massacre as UN meets (al-akhbar) / Report: Syrian forces overrun rebel stronghold (csmon) / 'Massacre' in Homs as Syria attacks intensify (alj) / Syrians still divided over country's future (bbc) / Obama, Cameron pledge 'to tighten the noose' on Assad regime (haa) / Syria: Army Planting Banned Landmines (hrw)
Libanon: Bellemare criticized for suggesting Hezbollah killed Hariri (al-akhbar) / Hezbollah: US Embassy "anti-Assad spy nest" (al-akhbar)
Saudi Arabien: Saudi rights group urges support for detained hunger striker (al-akhbar) / Saudi Arabia's female students stage cleaning protest (gdn)

Bahrain: Baghdad may be shut down for Arab League summit (al-akhbar) / Bahrain declared enemy of Internet freedom (al-akhbar) / 18 Killed in Iraq as Officials Mull Security Issues Ahead of Arab League Summit (antiwar) / Bahraini forces attack protesters (presstv)



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