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International Headlines [08.03.2012]

International HeadlinesEthnische Säuberung / Verwüstungen / Apartheid: Palestine submits 20 heritage sites to UNESCO (al-akhbar) / For East Jerusalem Palestinians, taking out the trash is more than a chore (haa) / Israeli Settlers Uproot and Take 100 Olive Trees Owned By Palestinian Farmers (imc) / Janba and Bir Al-Ad villagers receive demolition orders (pal-info) / IOF troops enter northern Gaza (pal-info) / Israeli authorities raze Arakib village in Negev for 36th time (pal-info) / IOF soldiers serve demolition notices in Jordan Valley (pal-info) / Stop the Wall: World Bank acknowledges failures in Red Sea – Dead Sea Channel project (stopthewall)

Hate Crimes / Gewalt und Aggression gegen Palästinenser: Hana al-Shalabi: 20 days of hunger strike while world looks away from Israel's abuses (ei) / VIDEO: Hana al-Shalabi's mother speaks out about her daughter's hunger strike and her own (ei) / Israeli forces enter Gaza (al-akhbar) / Jerusalem graffiti targets Arabs (yahoo) / Israeli Army Threatens Observers in Hebron with Arrest (aic-news) / Palestinian rallies mark Women's Day (google) / Despite Her Deteriorating Condition,Shalabi Continues Her Hunger-strike (imc) / Shalabi's mother: My daughter is dying in prison (maan) / Medics: Israeli forces kill Palestinian near Hebron (maan)
Illegale Verhaftungen / Gefangene: 45 Palestinians arrested in the last three days (aic-news) / Israel 'detains 13-year-old' in Nablus (maan) / Hamas MPs demand international intervention in favor of Palestinian prisoners (pal-info) / IOF soldiers arrest 6 Palestinians following Al-Khalil confrontations (pal-info)
Politische Entwicklungen in der Region: US will ensure Israel's "military superiority": Panetta (al-akhbar) / Netanyahu asked Panetta to approve sale of bunker-busting bombs (haa) / Panetta: When all else fails, the U.S. will act against Iran (haa) / Abbas Agrees To Head Interim Government (imc) / Fatah leader: There is no peace process (pal-info) / ‘Israel infantry force enters Lebanon’ (presstv) / Israel stunned by India’s ban on defense contracts with Israeli weapons company (washpo)
Aktivismus & BDS: British people plan to mark Palestinian Land Day (abna) / U.S. Military Aid to Israel: Policy Implication & Options (aidtoisrael) / Armed and Dangerous: U.S. Weapons Transfers to Israel (endtheoccupation) / Students react to University of Ottawa threat to cancel Israel Apartheid Week event (ei) / Palestinians march in solidarity with female hunger striker (al-akhbar) / Brandeis SJP protests outside ‘Israeli Peace Week’ Tel Aviv club party (mweiss) / Occupy AIPAC Photo Essay (jadaliyya) / Israeli apartheid week kicks off in South Africa (pal-info) / Palestinian Women (palmon)
Gaza: Gaza: The Politics of Darkness (al-akhbar) / Gaza crossing to close for Jewish holiday (maan) / Patients rally outside Egyptian embassy to demand quick solution to power crisis (pal-info) / Gaza health ministry: Hospital stock severely depleted (pal-info)
Analyse & Meinung: Jews Sans Frontieres (jewssansfrontieres) / ‘Commentary’ says amount of US political money coming from Jews is ‘staggering’ (mweiss) / Hasbarapocalypse at Ynet: ‘Zionism will only cease being demonized when the West stops demonizing colonialism’ (mweiss) / New Republic’ says Obama ‘detests’ Netanyahu and treats him shabbily (mweiss) / People of the world unite to unoccupy Jerusalem (mweiss) / Redefining Our Relationship to A People's Struggle (palchron) / Commentary's Jonathan Tobin agrees that Jewish money is an issue (commentarymagazine) / Israel (economist) / Bibi Netanyahu said (jta) / AIPAC: The writing is on the wall (muzzlewatch) / that “this is not a game (nyt) / OBAMA’S DEAL WITH NETANYAHU: IRAN MUST SURRENDER ITS CIVILIAN NUCLEAR PROGRAM, BUT MILITARY ACTION NEEDS TO WAIT; LEVERETT ON ANTIWAR RADIO (raceforiran) / Obama Plays Dangerous Game, Offers Israel Bunker Busters Needed for Iran Attack (richardsilverstein) / rom the Washington Post ( / The New Republic on Obama's detestation of Netanyahu (tnr) / Ynet, or The Onion? You decide! (twitter)
Diskriminierung: Israel set to start work on detention center for up to 8 (haa)

Syrien: Al Jazeera reporter resigns over "biased" Syria coverage (al-akhbar) / Arming Syrian rebels will lead to civil war: Egypt (al-akhbar) / China to Assad: stop the violence (al-akhbar) / Syrian Red Crescent enters Baba Amr (al-akhbar) / US deepens ties with Syria opposition as UN meets (al-akhbar) / Obama rules out unilateral U.S. military action on Syria (lat) / Syrian Christians worry about life after Bashar Assad (lat) / WikiLeaks "USAF Strategic Studies Group: Special Operations Forces Are 'Already on the Ground,' Training the 'Free Syrian Army'" (mrzine) / Syrians cross to Lebanon to escape violence (alj) / Homs 'devastated' - UN aid chief (bbc)
Saudi Arabien: Saudi winter (angry) / Fifty injured in attack on Saudi student protest: report (al-akhbar) / Anger over Sweden's 'secret' Saudi arms plant (alj) / Female protester killed in Saudi Arabia (presstv)

Bahrain: Bahraini royal sectarianism against `Alawites (angry) / Bahraini Kangaroo Court Trials (sjlendman) / Letter to Bahrain's Ministry of Human Rights and Social Development Regarding Travel Restrictions (hrw) / Bahraini activist’s heath deteriorates (presstv)



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