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International Headlines [05.03.2012]

International HeadlinesHungerstreikende Hanaa al-Shalabi: Red flags over Gaza: Palestinian leftists rally for Hana Shalabi (mweiss) / Army prevents medical committee from visiting hunger-striking detainee (imc) / Israeli authorities deny appeal by hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner (imc) / Shalabi to continue hunger strike despite sentence reduction (maan)
Landraub & Ethn. Säuberung & Apartheid: Silwan Centre warns of collapses due to Israeli excavations (wafa) / Buildup of Israeli forces (silwan) / In Photos: Economic exploitation in the Jordan Valley (aic-news) / Christian Jerusalemites' challenges following settler attacks (aic-news) / Mixed Israeli city marketing homes to religious Jews only (haa) / Foundation: Landslide risk in Silwan amid Israeli digs (maan) / Israeli court to consider evacuating Hebron settlers (maan)

Flüchtlinge: Baraka asks Iraqi ambassador to improve conditions of Palestinian refugees (pal-info)
Internationale Mordkommandos: Israeli-French film to poke fun at assassination of senior Hamas official (haa)
Vermischte Nachrichten / Meinungen: Video: Are Israelis boycotting Palestinian goods? (972mag) / Ahmed Moor in WaPo: Harvard One State conference informed by the uncontroversial view that all people are created equal (mweiss) / Washington Post (washpo)
Andere politische Gefangene / Exil / Prozesse: Erekat calls on UN, EU to intervene to end administrative detention (wafa) / Video provided by B'Tselem leads to indictment of three settlers for property damage and threats in al-Lubban al-Sharqiyah (btselem) / Mass wedding for 13 prisoners deported to Qatar (maan) / 3 people detained while visiting relatives in prison (maan) / 14 detained in West Bank, 5 minors arrested in Silwan (maan) / Israeli military court indicts four Palestinians including three minors (pal-info) / IOF renews administrative detention of PLC secretary MP Ramahi (pal-info) / Aruri: All Palestinian prisoners to go on hunger strike in April (pal-info) / Israeli court hearing today against Palestinian mother of three kids (pal-info) / Israeli forces arrest three relatives of prisoners including two women: another prisoner starts hunger strike (pal-info) / (pal-info) / Balad (ynet) / Rally: Free Arab Israelis who murdered IDF soldier (ynet) / Elon Moreh: Stabbing attack foiled; 2 arrested (ynet) / Shalit's (ynet)
Gewalt / Razzien: Reporters without Borders shocked at Israeli raid on Ramallah TVs (wafa) / (goog_201837384) / WAFA: Israeli forces commit 25 violations against journalists in February (imc) / IOF soldiers occupy building in Jenin (pal-info)
Gaza: Report: 2 homemade projectiles fired from Gaza (maan) / (pal-info)
Politik: Settler MK Uri Ariel calls for one-state (972mag) / Obama: All options remain on the table to prevent a nuclear Iran (haa) / PFLP: Syria offices remain open (maan) / Abbas says will not be PM if illegal (maan) / Islamic Jihad will 'not oppose' reconciliation (maan) / Erekat: PA disappointed by Obama speech (maan) / Fatah, Hamas officials shift blame for delay in unity govt (maan) / Knesset to consider parliamentary committee to investigate activities of Arab members (mideastmon) / Srugim (srugim)
Aktivismus & Solidarität: a similar action at a StandWithUs-sponsored event at Michigan State University (ei) / Video: UCLA students stage walkout at StandWithUs event featuring Israeli soldiers (ei) / Israel’s 2008-09 attacks on the Gaza strip (ei) / StandWithUs (ei) / a call for the international community (palsolidarity) / International solidarity: Photos for the liberation of Shuhada Street (palsolidarity) / photos of the new school in Khirbet Samra on flickr here (flickr) / New community school in Samra (jordansolid) / UCLA’s Students for Justice in Palestine (twitter)



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