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International Headlines [15.02.2012]

International HeadlinesLandraub / Ethnische Säuberung / Apartheid / Angriff auf pal. Kultur & Religion: Israeli forces destroy 'the only place for children in Silwan' (ei) / children as young as six are picked up by Israeli police (ei) / Israeli settlers (ei) / Israeli forces demolish three Palestinian sheds in Nablus (wafa) / Settlers, soldiers uproot olive trees in West Bank village (wafa) / Israeli forces demolish shed, wells, barns south of Hebron (wafa) / PA works in Jerusalem despite Israeli measures (wafa) / an earlier report here) (villagesgroup) / we reported with joy about the new school structure at Susiya (Susya ). (villagesgroup) / the Occupation regime’s fraudulently named “Civil Administration” handed down demolition orders to the school. (villagesgroup) / A plea to the world from the principal of a Palestinian school about to be demolished (villagesgroup) / Jerusalem 'squatter' discovers that his home is rightfully his (haa) / Soldiers destroy 5 agricultural sheds in Nablus (maan) / Nablus village 'refuses Israeli decision to curtail mosque' (maan) / IOF serves demolition notices in Jenin village (pal-info) / Khatib: IOA uses chemical material to accelerate digging under the Aqsa (pal-info) / linnk to (pal-info) / Israeli army destroys West Bank well restored by Polish charity ( / 3 structures razed in Oz Zion outpost (ynet)

Journalismus?!: Israeli apartheid is never fit to print in the Times, only in Haaretz (mweiss) / New 'NYT' bureau chief faces outcry from Israel advocates over Twitter messages (mweiss) / Ethan Bronner's reassignment (mweiss) / spanking new Jerusalem bureau chief for the New York Times (NYT) (mweiss) / BBC wins Supreme Court battle after spending hundreds of thousands of pounds of licence fee payers' money to keep report on its 'biased' journalism a secret (dailymail) / an editorial page broadside (haa)
Andere politische Gefangene / Prozess: Israeli forces arrest 12 Palestinians, including 3 released prisoners (wafa) / Israel's justice minister advises rightists on how to seek pardons for Jewish terrorists (haa) / Hamas: Re-arrest of released prisoners breaks deal (maan) / Palestinian student seized in raid on Nablus village [22 arrested since Monday] (maan) / State reaches settlement with Jack Teitel (ynet)
Khader Adnan: Video: Hunger striker Khader Adnan's father says son's morale high and appeals to parents of Gilad Shalit (ei) / Video: Solidarity with Khader Adnan from family of late Irish hunger striker Francis Hughes (ei) / Khader Adnan (ei) / Palestinians rally in support of prisoner on hunger strike (wafa) / Urgent request to release or try Khader Adnan Mohammad Musa ( / despite 60 days of hunger strike that puts him at risk of imminent death (alj) / Francis Hughes (bobbysandstrust) / Adnan Khader's family to visit in prison (maan) / Elderly woman starts hunger strike to support Adnan (maan)
Israelischer Rassismus & Diskriminierung: Israel to announce names of foreign workers' children set for deportation (haa) / The documenter of the Israeli Jewish DNA (haa)
Gaza: Gaza runner ready to fly Palestinian flag in London ( / For no electricity in Gaza ... 80% of patients at death risk (alresalah) / OPT: Promises of exports fall short for Gaza's manufacturers (irin) / Bahar appeals to Egyptian leadership to end Gaza power crisis (pal-info) / 4 rockets fired at western Negev (ynet)
Aktivismus & Solidarität: American musicians to perform in Ramallah (wafa) / Al Ma‘sara: House on the seam of looming apartheid wall becomes center for peaceful resistance (palsolidarity) / Bruqin avoids arrests: Planting hope for Khader Adnan (palsolidarity) / Video: Solidarity with Khader Adnan in the No Go Zone (palsolidarity)
Gewalt: Israeli forces raid mayor's house in Qalqilya [again] (wafa) / Red Crescent expresses concern over Israeli targeting of its teams (wafa) / Report: Last five years has seen a 315% rise in settler violence; this violence is 'structural and symptomatic of occupation' (mweiss) / AFP: NGO says Israeli army targets photographers at protests (google) / Clashes in Jenin village 'injure 4' (maan) / Night clashes in occupied Jerusalem (pal-info) / When Settlers Attack (thejerusalemfund)
Diverses: Despite domestic cuts, US aid to Israel up by $25 million in proposed budget (imc) / Valentine's Day in the West Bank - 15 images (upi)
Politische Entwicklungen: Palestinians to give Israel three weeks to to respond to peace talks messages ( / Egypt to monitor work of reconciliation committee (maan) / Israel renews refusal to apologize over flotilla massacre (pal-info) / Haniya, Mashaal deny dispute over reconciling with Fatah (ynet)



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