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International Headlines [12.02.2012]

International HeadlinesEthnische Säuberung & Zerstörung von Häusern und Besitz & Apartheid: Hanna condemns Zionist falsification of the history of Christian holy places (pal-info) / Report: occupation violate Palestinian journalists' rights (pal-info) / IOA confiscates Palestinian land in Bethlehem village (pal-info) / IOA mobilizes forces near Aqsa mosque (pal-info) / Occupation approves the establishment of new settlement (pal-info) / Al-Janiya fights to reach its land (palmon)

Khader Adnan: Petition to save Palestinian hunger striker (al-akhbar) / 2 Palestinians Arrested During Beit Ommar Demonstration in Solidarity with Khader Adnan (palsoli) / Murdering Khader Adnan (sjlendman) / Israel: Hunger Striker’s Life at Risk (hrw) / Soldiers detain 4, injure 16 at protests for hunger-striker (maan) / 16 Palestinians wounded in confrontations near Ofer prison while protesting in solidarity with Khader Adnan (pal-info) / Jihad: No calm if any harm befalls Adnan (pal-info) / Palestinian prisoners to go on hunger strike en masse in solidarity with Adnan (pal-info) / Khader Adnan: A leader in the struggle for Palestinian prisoner’s dignity (palmon)
Andere Verhaftete: West Bank village A-Dik joins anti-occupation protests (972mag) / Palestinians, Supporters Remove Barbed Wire Settlers put on Arab land (wafa) / Hebron: At least 10 children arrested by Israeli military in one week (palsolidarity) / Inside the PA arrest campaign in Hebron's hideout (maan) / IOF arrest three people in al-Khalil (pal-info) / Peaceful W. Bank marches violently attacked by Israeli soldiers (pal-info) / Occupation penalise captive with solitary for second time in a couple of weeks (pal-info)
Gaza: In Gaza, 61 families lost their homes this week (us2.campaign-archive1) / Abu Muhammad family suffocated by rent, debt (alresalah) / Power blackout in Gaza 'imminent' (maan)
Politik: Haniyeh to Iranian People: You Are Partners in Arab Victories (alm) / Iran to Hamas: We will use everything at our disposal to support the Palestinians (haa) / Haniyeh undecided on presidential run (maan) / Fatah official: Abbas, Mashaal to meet in next 10 days (maan) / Lieberman: Abbas poses obstacle to peace (ynet)
BDS: BDS is going mainstream because it speaks about universal human rights (antonyloewenstein) / Commemorating Palestinian Land Day: Join the BDS Global Day of Action on 30 March 2012! (endtheoccupation) / Get Your City to Take a Stand against Weapons to Israel (endtheoccupation) / Peter Tatchell protests Israel's pinkwashing and endorses BDS (jewssansfrontieres) / Norcal Activists take on Veolia (mweiss) / The 8th annual ‘Israeli Apartheid week’ is focused on BDS (mweiss) / The Israel Lobby on campus in Illinois: A challenge for BDS (mweiss) / Against the expansion of the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (tadamon)
Analyse & Meinung: Debut novel unflinchingly portrays Palestinian divisions (ei) / Hanan Ashrawi: Time to Fix Palestinian Authority (al-akhbar) / Dean Obeidallah: A House Arab At The White House (ikhras) / Ethnic Cleansing in a Zionist Fairyland (palchron) / 42 reasons to dismiss Susan Rice’s rage (dstar) / Old Israel and the new Middle East (mideastmon)
Gewalt: Islamic Jihad: Airstrike wounds fighter in north Gaza (maan)
Diverses: AIPAC member identified as Abileah assailant during Netanyahu speech to Congress (mweiss) / The Saturday Profile: Palestinian Helps Romania Remake Its Emergency Care System (nyt)

Ägypten: Why Egypt may not care about losing US aid (csmon) / Egypt protesters call for nationwide strike (alj) / VIDEO: Women of Tahrir: What you need to know (bbc) / Egyptian General Strike (maxajl)
Syrien: Lousy BBC take on Aleppo bombings (angry) / Veteran US Diplomat Questions Syria Storyline (al-akhbar) / Assad: Reforming Party and State (al-akhbar) / FSA and Damascus trade blame over twin Aleppo bombings (al-akhbar) / Jordan’s Brotherhood official says group is against foreign intervention in Syria (alarabiya) / Syrian general gunned down in Damascus (csmon) / Senators call for aiding the Syrian opposition (foreignpol) / Violence intensifies in central Syria cities (alj) / The Israeli Position Toward the Events in Syria (jadaliyya)
Saudi Arabien: The Lede Blog: Second Protester Is Reported Killed in Saudi Arabia (thelede.blogs.nytimes) / Interpol accused after journalist arrested over Muhammad tweet (gdn) / Hamza Kashgari, a Saudi Writer, Detained in Malaysia Over Twitter Posts (nyt) / Sat. a day of mourning in Eastern Prov. (presstv)

Irak: Iraq: 65 Executions in First 40 Days of 2012 (hrw)
Iran: Husband of ‘NYT’ Jerusalem correspondent calls for attack on Iran (mweiss) / MSNBC: Israel trains Iranian terror group to kill nuclear scientists (mweiss) / Ahmadinejad to make major nuclear annoucement (alj) / Israeli fans beg PM to hold off Iran attack over Madonna show (haa) / Turkey FM: Israeli military strike on Iran would be a disaster (haa) / 'Mossad base near Iran – ground zero for intelligence work' (ynet)
Bahrain: Bahrain protests seek new `Freedom Square' (AP) (yahoo) / Bahrain police break up peaceful protest (alj) / Hezbolllah: Bahraini Regime Escalating Repression with Arabic (alm) / Bahrain detains Palestinian, US observers at protest (maan)



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