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International Headlines [09.02.2012]

International HeadlinesKhader Adnan beginnt den 55. Tag seines Hungerstreiks in israelischer Haft ohne irgendeine Anklage: Israel military again delays action on Khader Adnan's appeal as concern over hunger striker's condition mounts (ei) / VIDEO: Former Irish hunger striker's message for Khader Adnan, a Palestinian prisoner 55 days on hunger strike (ei) / Last chance appeal for near-death Palestinian hunger striker (al-akhbar) / Palestinian hunger striker nearing death (al-akhbar) / Khader Adnan: 53 days on Hunger Strike (lifeonbirzeitcampus) / Khader Adnan, 54 days of hunger strike, to see final military appeal tomorrow (mweiss) / TAKE URGENT ACTION: DAY 53 OF KHADER ADNAN’S HUNGER STRIKE (palsoli) / Israeli court to hold session for Khader Adnan in hospital (maan) / Lawyer of hunger striker Adnan refuses Israeli request to delay hearing (pal-info) / Wife of hunger striker: Adnan enjoys high morale despite bad health condition (pal-info)

Aktivismus & BDS: Educate & Mobilize Your Community During Apartheid Week 2012! (endtheoccupation) / Entering the deadly zone, demonstration in front of Erez (palsolidarity) / Palestinian youth to France: “Stop financing the killing of our people” (stopthewall) / Israeli Apartheid Week Trailer from Never Before Campaign (stopthewall)
Andere Verhaftete: Israeli forces 'detain 6 Palestinians in Nablus' (maan) / Israeli police round up 21 Palestinian workers (pal-info) / IOF soldiers arrest two Hamas leaders (pal-info)
Ethnische Säuberung & Zerstörung von Häusern und Besitz & Apartheid: Palestinian family forced to destroy their home (gulfnews) / Economy could be 'double' without Israeli occupation (maan) / Landowner notified by Israel of confiscation orders (maan) / Settlers take more land in occupied West Bank (mideastmon) / Jewish settlers seize land, army threatens demolition of homes (pal-info) / Aqsa foundation warns of Israeli plan to expand Jewish neighborhood in J'lem (pal-info) / Building for Palestinians in the Jordan Valley (palmon) / Israeli law finds new ways to keep out Palestinians (palmon)
Gewalt & Aggression: Soldiers invade homes in Hebron's Old City (aic-news) / Israeli forces assault family, arrest their 13-year-old child (pal-info) / Hundreds of Jewish settlers storm Nablus village (pal-info)
Diskriminierung & Rassismus: ISRAEL: The tribulations of being an Ethiopian Jew (irin) / Girls’ faces blurred in toy store ad in Beit Shemesh (jta)
Gaza: ‘Gaza children deeply traumatized’ (presstv) / Gaza: Isolated Under Siege (sjlendman) / Gaza will ‘fall into darkness’ if fuel not received within 72 hours (maan) / Rabbi calls for reoccupying Gaza (pal-info)
Politische Aktivisten & Diplomatie & Vermischtes: Avigdor Lieberman comes to Washington (foreignpol) / Hamas's Gaza-based leadership challenges Palestinian unity deal (haa) / Israel Seeking New Air Force Base in Cyprus (imc)
Analyse & Meinung: US Oblivious to Unintended Consequences of Foreign Policy (antiwar) / JustSalvos Censors Palestine Story (palchron) / Modern Love: In Search for My Palestinian Family (palchron) / Do Palestinian unity and Israeli intrasigence spell the death of the Palestinian Authority? (aic-news)
Diverses: UK sells arms to repressive regimes- official (gdn) / Radical Muslim Americans Pose Little Threat (nyt)

Syrien: Thomas Friedman officially justifies prejudice against `Alawites (and presumably attacks on them) (angry) / Homs under fire as Syria battle rages (al-akhbar) / Nasrallah calls for unconditional dialogue in Syria (al-akhbar) / NATO Supporters: Tunnel Vision and Moral Blindness (al-akhbar) / Syrian Refugees in Lebanon (I): No Relief in Bekaa (al-akhbar) / Syrian Refugees in Lebanon (II): Beyond Wadi Khaled (al-akhbar) / Wadi Khaled: The Free Syrian Army Base in Lebanon (II) (al-akhbar) / Wadi Khaled: The Free Syrian Army Base in Lebanon (III) (al-akhbar) / U.S., allies weigh options in Syria (lat) / Syria: It’s not what we should do now, it’s what we should have done then (lianeross) / Arab League 'plans to revive' Syria mission (alj) / A Struggle for Regional Supremacy: Syria Conflict Escalates as World Powers Debate Assad's Future (demnow) / Russia UN veto on Syria aimed at crushing West's crusade (maan) / Syrians must decide Assad fate: Russia (presstv)
Saudi Arabien: Journalist Flees Saudi After Tweet on Prophet (al-akhbar) / Saudi Nuclear Program: A Mirage of Progress (al-akhbar) / Saudi crackdown kills one (presstv)

Irak: Iraq has executed 65 people so far this year (gdn)
Iran: Iran Oil Embargo: Europe Sanctions Itself (al-akhbar) / Iran Top Commander: US Troops Hostage if War Breaks (al-akhbar) / Europe Fears a Summer Attack on Iran (antiwar) / Israel Vying for War: Attacking Iran Will Not Repeat History (palchron) / Israel teams with terror group to kill Iran's nuclear scientists, U.S. officials tell NBC News (rockcenter.msnbc.msn) / Report: U.S. believes Israel sees Iran nuclear problem 'too narrowly' (haa) / Iran: Arrest Sweeps Target Arab Minority (hrw) / Former Senior U.S. Diplomats Propose Solution to Iran-American Conflict, Former Mossad Chief Says Toppling Syria Might End Iran Nuke Threat (richardsilverstein) / U.S. Most Powerful Bunker Buster Cannot Destroy Iran’s Nukes (richardsilverstein) / Obama Lies about the Iranian Nuclear Program: Super Bowl Sunday Edition (sleepinamrca)
Bahrain: Violence in Bahrain escalates ahead of February 14 anniversary (Reuters) (yahoo) / Jailed Bahraini activist renews hunger strike (Reuters) (yahoo) / Bahrain Protesters Attacked, “US Assisting Regime Forces” (alm)



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