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International Headlines [31.01.2012]

International HeadlinesLandraub & Zerstörung / Freiheitsberaubung & Apartheid: To exist is to resist! Rebuilding homes in Anata (palsolidarity) / The first step in preventing all parking on Wadi Hilweh (silwan) / AIC video: Bedouin demand end to disposession (aic-news) / Israeli government offers concessions to settlers (chron) / Lawyer who worked for outposts to sit on Israeli government panel to legalize them (haa) / OPT: Boosting protection and tackling food insecurity (irin) / PM: Israeli presence necessary in Jordan Valley (jpost) / Villagers start hunger strike to protest land confiscation (maan) / Refugee brothers 'alive but forgotten' (maan) / PA slams Israel settlement plans (maan) / Maqdesi: The IOA has closed 88 Jerusalemite institutions since 1967 (pal-info) / Israel plans to confiscate 650 dunums in occupied Jerusalem (pal-info) / VIDEO: A view of the crowded streets in Balata Refugee Camp (palmon)

Protest & Aktivismus & BDS: Take Action: Pro-BDS Op-Ed Needs Letters to Editor (endtheoccupation) / EI's Ali Abunimah vs former CIA chief Woolsey on Penn BDS conference, in dueling Inquirer op-eds (ei) / Arab participation at Israeli security summit enrages BDS activists (al-akhbar) / Opponents of Penn conference say: BDS bad, war good (mweiss) / Beit Ommar Organizers to Host Second Annual Womens’ Conference (palsoli) / Targeting AIPAC (sjlendman) / The global struggle for freedom, justice (aic-news) / Tunisians to launch campaign against normalization with Israel (mideastmon) / Istanbul conference: Worldwide marches in support of J'lem next March (pal-info)
Politische Gefangene: Palestinian detainee Khader Adnan at risk of imminent death after 45 days hunger strike (ei) / West Bank couple, deported to Gaza, recount difficult years in Israeli prison (ei) / AICafe 31.1.12: Women in Struggle- female political prisoners (aic-news) / Palestinian accuses Israel of arranging arrest in Abu Dhabi (haa) / Israeli forces 'detain 5 from Qalqiliya village' (maan) / Detention of Palestinian political prisoners (mideastmon) / Israeli court extends detention of Totah (pal-info) / EU concerned over arrest of Dweik and other MPs (pal-info) / IPS to break Adnan’s hunger strike by force (pal-info) / IOF soldiers detain liberated prisoner, Hamas leader among others (pal-info) / IOF soldiers arrest Palestinian in front of PA security building (pal-info) / IOF soldiers arrest seven Gazans in January including three minors (pal-info) / Gazans slam Israeli detentions (presstv)
Gaza: Gazans break(dance)ing boundaries (worldblog.msnbc.msn) / 18 Jan. '11: Harm to unarmed civilians in Operation Cast Lead: Update on B'Tselem's demands for investigation (btselem) / Iran ready to make film on Gaza 22-day war (tehrantimes)
Andere Nahost-Nachrichten: The Syrian rebels' war of attrition (blogs.telegraph) / World Briefing | Middle East: Bahrain: Clashes After Teen’s Funeral (nyt) / U.S. uses drones to protect envoys; Iraq said outraged (Reuters) (yahoo) / US moves ahead with military sales to Bahrain (AP) (yahoo) / Diplomatic battle looms in UN over Syria (alj) / 'Street fighting rages' near Damascus (alj) / Bahrain must release woman activist convicted for listening to 'revolutionary' music (amnesty) / Bahrain’s use of tear gas against protesters increasingly deadly (amnesty) / VIDEO: Tunisian Jews reject calls to leave (bbc) / Syrian Activist Speaks from Hiding: The Bloodshed is Continuing Despite International Criticism (demnow) / Yemen: Amnesty for Saleh and Aides Unlawful (hrw) / The US/Saudi Agenda and the Syrian Rebellion (infoclear) / The Maspero Sit In (maxajl) / Secret documents reveal Israeli plan to strike Suez Canal - with Mubarak's knowledge (mideastmon)
Politische Entwicklungen & Diplomatie: Palestinians blame Israel for exploratory talks' failure (Reuters) (yahoo) / Israeli documentary on West Bank legal system wins prestigious Sundance prize (haa) / IAF commander: Israel's aerial superiority is in danger (haa) / Meshal: Hamas won't tolerate Israeli schemes to turn Jordan into Palestinian homeland (haa) / Fateh: “No Talks Without Israeli Commitment to International Law” (imc) / Report: Israel officials in Cairo over Sinai security (maan) / Newspaper: PA diplomats in Paris involved in espionage activities (pal-info) / Gul points to possible opening of Hamas office in Turkey (pal-info)
Analyse & Meinung: Dennis Ross Redux: Haaretz reveals White House – WINEP hotline (mweiss) / ‘Former thug who found Judaism hopes to be first African-American in the Knesset’ (mweiss) / Putting Israel First (antiwar) / Alan Hart: Is Israel on the Road to “Self-destruction”? (alanhart) / Israeli Intelligence Pimps Discredited Iranian ‘Dissident,’ Peddling Regime Change by Another Name (richardsilverstein)
Rassismus & Diskriminierung: Support a Palestinian family fighting to stay together under Israel’s citizenship law (mweiss) / Behind the curtain of a right-wing campaign against an Israeli-Arab actor (haa) / AG will not seek criminal probe into Netanyahu aide's sexual harassment case (haa) / Study: 11.4% of working Israeli women are sexually harassed at the workplace (haa)
Gewalt: Four Injured as Beit Ommar Marks Anniversary of Yousef Ikhlayl’s Murder (palsoli) / Gaza medical official: Farmer shot near Israel border (maan) / Israeli military incursion east of Maghazi refugee camp (pal-info) / Palestinian citizen wounded in IOF shooting (pal-info)

Iran: Is Iran really 'one year away from a bomb' or did Obama defense secretary just cave in further to Israel lobby? (ei) / Gulf Arabs prepared for Iran showdown if Hormuz blocked: official (al-akhbar) / Iran seeks to halt some oil sales (bbc)



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