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International Headlines [24.01.2012]

International HeadlinesLandraub & Zerstörung / Attacken auf Protestierer / Freiheitsberaubung / Apartheid / Flüchtlinge: The Grave Digger of Nahr al-Bared Camp (al-akhbar) / Breaking: Israeli bulldozer, soldiers destroy entire community of Beit Arabiya in West Bank (mweiss) / Israeli judge to visit military checkpoint in Silwan (silwan) / Israel ramps up settlement of East Jerusalem (aic-news) / 23 Jan. '12: B'Tselem to military: Investigate firing of .22-caliber bullets at stone throwers (btselem) / Israel High Court bars Palestinian from studying abroad over nonexistent evidence (haa) / ICAHD set up a facility there (icahd) / Israel demolishes 10 buildings near Jericho (maan) / Forces demolish home in Jerusalem village (maan) / Israeli troops 'raid east Salfit village' (maan) / Israel confiscates 350 acres in occupied Jerusalem in just three weeks (mideastmon) / One village’s nonviolent resistance to land confiscation (palmon) / Violent attacks on peaceful marches in W. Bank continue (salem)

Verhaftungen und Gefangennahmen von Kindern: Israeli forces arrest a youth in Wadi Hilweh (silwan) / A youth arrested in Al Abbasyah at dawn (silwan) / The Palestinian children – alone and bewildered – in Israel's Al Jalame jail (gdn) / highlighted in an article in the Guardian (gdn) / UK raises concerns over Israel's treatment of Palestinian children (gdn) / Cell 36: Palestinian children locked in solitary confinement in Israel - video, Harriet Sherwood, Mat Heywood (gdn) / IOF troops arrest two Palestinian boys (pal-info)
Protest & Aktivismus & BDS: New Sabra hummus ad uses images of Arabs, Africans to cover up Israel army connection (ei) / Connect with the Palestinian Students’ Campaign for Academic Boycott of Israel (PSCABI) (palsolidarity) / In Palestine, to exist is to resist (palsolidarity) / Hezbollah Denounces Arab Participation in Herzilya Conference (alm) / Ana Moura's audience doesn't want her to play Israel (aic-news) / Activists call on Globe Theatre to cancel performance (aic-news) / Bethlehem University, student senate reach agreement (maan)
Gewalt israelischer Sicherheitskräfte und Siedler: Hebron woman goes on hunger strike over settler attacks (ei) / Jewish Settlers Break into Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus (wafa) / Live ammunition fired at peaceful demonstrators in Gaza Buffer Zone (palsolidarity) / Several Residents Injured In Air Strikes Targeting Gaza (imc) / Man Dies Of Wounds Sustained In 2002 (imc) / Witnesses: Forces raid football match near Salfit (maan)
Politische Gefangene: Israeli Soldiers Arrest Palestinian Teacher Near Ramallah (wafa) / Israel arrests another Hamas lawmaker in West Bank (AP) (yahoo) / Dr. Dweik Receives Six Months Administrative Detention (imc) / Residents Detained in Hebron (imc) / Hamas prisoners in Askalan to go on hunger strike (pal-info) / Red Cross urged to uncover fate of Palestinian detainee (pal-info)
Gaza: Medicines in Gaza are hostage to political rivalry that puts lives at risk (ei) / Half a dollar a day: The life of a Gaza tunnel-digger (rt)
Andere Nahost-Nachrichten: Bahrain Grand Prix: Don’t Start Your Engines Yet (al-akhbar) / Syrians feel sanctions as food prices double and power outages increase (alarabiya) / Hashemi: If Maliki Resigns He Will Go To Baghdad Court (antiwar) / Marine accepts plea deal in Iraqi civilian deaths (yahoo) / Officials: Car bombs kill 14 across Baghdad (AP) (yahoo) / US shifts embassy staff amid Bahrain unrest (AP) (yahoo) / Syria attacks Arab League over 'conspiracy' (alj) / Saudi Arabia: the Middle East's most under-reported conflict (gdn) / Bahrain: Widespread Crackdown; Systematic Abuse (hrw) / Iraq: Intensifying Crackdown on Free Speech (hrw) / U.S. flouts law at Guantanamo, despite Obama vow: U.N. (raw) / U.S. to welcome Yemen dictator for medical treatment (raw) / Iraq’s execution of 34 people in one day ‘shocking’ – UN human rights chief (un)
Politische Entwicklungen & Diplomatie: Israeli Sources: Relationship between Israel (pnn) / Buoyed by 'Islamic Spring,' Hamas considers new direction (csmon) / Abbas: Israel document 'worthless' to talks (maan) / Pro-Israel billionaire boosts Gingrich 'Super PAC' (maan) / US: New UN council no more favorable to Palestinians (maan) / Bardawil: Fatah blocking reconciliation, holding secret talks with Israel (pal-info)
Analyse & Meinung: Hussein Ibish And The Language Of Anti-Arab Racism (ikhras) / Military indoctrination at Nazi death camps stokes… universal democratic values! (mweiss) / Ynet manufactures new threat to promote Ben White book (mweiss) / War Beckons at the Request of Israel, Iqbal Jassat – Pretoria (palchron) / Palestinians in Israel: Segregation (palestiniansinisrael) / Is the EU waking up from the Oslo dream? (aic-news) / Bonn International Center for Conversion (bicc) / lists the nations of the world (bicc) / From Ha'aretz (haa) / headline (jta) / doubling-down (nyt) / Adelson Doubling Down on Gingrich (richardsilverstein) / Global Military Index Ranks Israel Most Militarized Nation in World (richardsilverstein) / The Hypocrisy of Mark Leibler: Indigenous Rights Advocate Denies Indigenous Rights to Palestinians (sleepinamrca) / “Zoabi Endorses Anti-Semitic Author.” (ynet) / which also appears in print in Hebrew (yfrog)
Rassismus & Diskriminierung: Study: Ethiopian immigrant graduates cannot secure well-paying jobs in Israel (haa) / Zoabi endorses anti-Semitic author (ynet) / Haredim assault woman in Beit Shemesh (ynet)
Diverses: IDF officer indicted for raping soldier (ynet)

Iran: U.S. sanctions another big Iranian bank (foreignpol) / Iran scoffs at EU oil embargo (alj) / complete oil embargo (bbc) / Suppressing Press TV is deplorable – Ofcom should restore its licence now (gdn) / has revoked the licence (gdn) / ‘Israel to Give Obama 12 Hours Notice on Attacking Iran’: US and Israel on 'Collision Course' (infoclear)



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