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International Headlines [15.01.2012]

International HeadlinesAttacken auf Palästinenser, die ihr Land verteidigen & Landraub & Zerstörung & Apartheid & Flüchtlinge: New demolition notices delivered in Silwan (silwan) / Settlers Cut More Than 100 Olive Trees Near Salfit (imc) / Naher Al-Bared creeps back to normality (mideastmon) / IOF troops quell peaceful anti wall marches (pal-info)
Rassismus & Diskriminierung & Sexismus: Israel's Supreme Court President criticized for handling of appeals against Citizenship Law (haa) / Israelis Facing a Seismic Rift Over Role of Women (nyt)
Aktivismus & BDS: Mideast conflict spills onto BART walls (endtheoccupation) / Death threats and intimidation by Zionist groups increasing in France, say BDS activists (ei) / US Department of Education throws out Zionist group's "civil rights" complaint against Barnard College (ei) / 2012: A good year to boycott Sabra (& Shatila) Hummus (justworldnews) / Join our campaign: Help stop the construction of a national park on Palestinian land in East Jerusalem! (palsolidarity) / Violinist suspended for Israel Proms protest takes claim to tribunal (gdn) / Ramallah protest rejects negotiations (maan) / Plant a Tree in Palestine (stopthewall) / Call for the World Social Forum Free Palestine (stopthewall)

Politische Gefangene: Muhammad Abd Oudeh faces a 9 month sentence (silwan) / Four arrested as Silwan stormed by security forces (silwan) / The detention of three abducted children extended yesterday (silwan)
Gaza: 14 January 2009 – Muhammed Mousa (palsolidarity) / European aid convoy ‘Miles of Smiles 8’ arrives in Gaza (imc) / Tunisians plan 'Signs of Victory' Caravan to Gaza (presstv)
Andere Nahost-Nachrichten: Iraq: Arbaeen Attacks Leave 71 Killed (antiwar) / ElBaradei will not seek Egypt presidency (alj) / Qatar's emir suggests sending troops to Syria (alj) / Hezbollah chief rejects call by UN to disarm (alj) / Saudi Arabia urged to investigate Shi’a protester death (amnesty) / David Cameron's Saudi Arabia visit sits oddly with his support of democracy (gdn) / David Cameron vows to bolster Saudi Arabia ties (gdn) / Tunisians honor anniversary of revolution (ytube) / Iraq's Shias brave attacks to visit Karbala (ytube)
Politik: Hamas to return Abbas' seized Gaza house (alj) / Palestinian parliamentary delegation arrives in Switzerland (pal-info)
Analyse & Meinung: Why hasn't NGO Monitor's US fundraiser filed legally required public disclosures with Internal Revenue Service? (ei) / EU Report on Israel: Saving the Two State Solution? (al-akhbar) / A new retrospective shows how far Palestinian art has come (haa) / Robert Fisk: The 'invented people' stand little chance (indp) / Pro-Israel Twitter death threat (richardsilverstein)
Gewalt: But despite the headline above: Palestinian firefighters extinguish Israeli bus blaze (maan) / One dead, four injured in Rafah blast (pal-info)

Iran: Iran accuses CIA & Israel, US warns Israel to back off (mweiss) / Rick Santorum says murder of Iranian scientist was ‘wonderful thing’ (mweiss) / Iran 'open to nuclear talks' (alj) / Mossad 'posed as CIA to recruit fighters' (alj) / Western intelligence sources tell Time Magazine Israel's Mossad targeted Iranian scientist (haa) / U.S. has ‘some ideas’ who killed Iran scientist: Panetta (raw) / U.S. seeking to ‘close down’ Iran central bank (raw) / Mossad Assassinations, Black Ops Campaign Backfires Within Iran (richardsilverstein) / Sunday Talk on Israel’s Role in Iran War Threat at University Temple Church, Seattle (richardsilverstein) / U.S. Prepares for Possible Israeli Attack on Iran by Adding Firepower (richardsilverstein)



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