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International Headlines [12.01.2012]

International HeadlinesDiebstahl & Zerstörung von Land und Besitz / Ethnische Säuberung / Apartheid: Palestinian leaders outraged over West Bank construction data (lat) / Israel tightens grip on West Bank Bedouin (aic-news) / EU report: Israel policy in West Bank endangers two-state solution (haa) / Orthodox Patriarchate shows solidarity with expelled Jerusalem Deputy (mideastmon) / IOA to expand West Bank settlement (pal-info) / IOA confiscates cultivated land lot in Bethlehem (pal-info) / Rivlin: Gov't must find solution for Migron (ynet)
Rassismus & Diskriminierung & Sexismus und andere Dinge, die nicht in Ihrer Zeitung stehen: Lifting ban on Palestinian spouses is "national suicide": Israel court (al-akhbar) / Israel: New detention law violates rights of asylum-seekers (amnesty) / Israeli bar on citizenship upheld (bbc) / IDF: No coercion of haredi soldiers (ynet) / Yair Lapid gets death threat on Facebook (ynet) / Minister: Ethiopians should 'say thank you' for what they got (ynet) / 'Citizenship Law – declaration of war on Israeli Arabs' (ynet)

Gaza: Three Years After the Bombs Fell on Gaza (cpunch) / Khudari blames world community for slow Gaza reconstruction (pal-info)
Andere Nahost-Nachrichten: US court told of "sad" Iraq massacre (al-akhbar) / 30 Killed Across Iraq (antiwar) / Eight Iraqis Killed As Maliki’s Rivals Try To Outplay Him (antiwar) / Thomas Friedman in Cairo: A fact-check (csmon) / Shi'ites brave crisis, bombs for Iraq pilgrimage (Reuters) (yahoo) / US troops 'told to lie' about Iraqi killings (alj) / Bahrainis protest at UN offices (bbc) / Guantánamo Detainees Launch Hunger Strike to Protest Prison's 10th Anniversary (demnow) / Business as usual in bloody Bahrain (gdn) / Top U.S. official meets with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood (haa) / Ex-Marine testifies that killings of Iraqis were justified after house was labeled 'hostile' (mcclatchydc) / Obama meets Saudi Foreign Minister at White House (raw) / Marines to probe video of soldiers urinating on corpses (raw) / Syria's Assad maintains support despite deadly situation (ytube) / Marwan Bishara speaks on Syria situation (ytube) / Nir Rosen discusses the situation in Syria (ytube)
Aktivismus & BDS: Palestinians Hold Third National BDS Conference (endtheoccupation) / Palestinian youth call for Ramallah protest against Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in Jordan (ei) / Photos: Palestinian graffiti artists penetrate heavily fortified heart of West Jerusalem (ei)
Politische Aktivisten & Diplomatie & Vermischtes: Moroccan prediction on Palestine (angry) / Sources: Israel Imposes Sanctions on PA President Abbas (pnn) / Hamas leader to visit Iran, Qatar in new trip (AP) (yahoo) / Egypt to halt annual Israeli pilgrimage (alj) / Israeli lawyer suspected of defrauding Egyptian banks (haa) / Tunisia's president pledges support for Palestinian rights (mideastmon) / IDF Chief of Staff Affirms Israeli Responsibility for Iran Covert War (richardsilverstein) / Sharansky: Obama`s new chief of staff `staunch Israel supporter` (ynet) / 'Mossad recruiting Iranian refugees in Iraq' (ynet) / Saudi hacker strikes again (ynet) / Lebanon says arrested veteran spy for Israel (ynet)
Analyse & Meinung: Why is it open season on Palestinians in US presidential race? (ei) / The Bibi Connection (al-akhbar) / Israel's Nightmare: Jew against Jew (palchron) / The Revolution Will Be Televised, and Manipulated (palchron) / Israel's Mercy is Inhumanely Strained (palchron) / A European attempt to do justice to the '48 Palestinians (mideastmon)
Gewalt & Aggression & Israelischer Unrechtstaat: Israeli Soldier Acquitted Despite Killing Palestinian Civilian (imc) / 3 years on, no justice for slain Gaza toddler (maan) / Disabled girl in a wheelchair hit by settler car in Hebron on her way to school (maan) / Soldiers raid office, home of detained journalist (maan) / Israeli settlers run over two Palestinian schoolgirls (pal-info)
Gefangene: Israeli forces arrest 16 people across West Bank (maan) / Committee for Political Prisoners organize sit-in in West Bank (mideastmon) / IOF troops round up four citizens in Al-Khalil (pal-info) / IOF troops storm Nablus village (pal-info) / Masada unit storms Negev prison cells of Hamas (pal-info) / Israeli Occupation Forces arrest three, including 16 year old teen (pal-info) / IOF soldiers arrest citizen and confiscate cars in Jenin (pal-info) / Wajeb slams systematic kidnapping of Palestinian refugees in Iraq (pal-info)



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