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International Headlines [10.01.2012]

International HeadlinesGewalt & Terror: Israeli police fire live ammunition in Sheikh Jarrah (silwan) / Youth 'clash with forces' in north Jenin village (maan)
Diebstahl & Zerstörung von Land und Besitz / Ethnische Säuberung / Apartheid: US millionaire Kenneth Abramowitz funds settlers linked to attacks on IDF (mweiss) / Israel breaking settlement records, says Peace Now (Reuters) (yahoo) / Palestine's farmers: Refusing to Die in Silence (aic-news) / Israel to make 60 more Palestinians homeless (aic-news) / Municipality working illegally in East Jerusalem (aic-news) / Peace Now: Israel began building 1,850 new houses in West Bank in 2011 (haa) / Haridim planning new settlement east of Jerusalem (pal-info)
Rassismus & Diskriminierung & Sexismus und andere Dinge, die nicht in der Zeitung stehen: Hundreds expected to demonstrate against racism in Kiryat Malakhi (haa) / Israel's Justice Ministry seeks to allow police to install hidden video cameras in suspects' homes (haa) / Poll: 51% say 'kosher buses' legitimate (ynet) / Knesset backs 'suspects' names' bill (ynet) / IAF rabbi remains in corps (ynet)

Solidarität & Aktivismus & BDS: Palestinian ‘car protest’ in West Bank challenges road segregation (972mag) / Israel's student debate champions are "hasbara" agents for the state, says their coach (ei) / A personal appeal– PennBDS needs your help (mweiss) / Activists respond to Sodastream’s defense of profiting off the occupation (mweiss) / AICafe 10.1.11: African Palestinians- identity and challenges (aic-news) / New comprehensive BDS booklet (aic-news)
Gaza: 10 January 2009: Wafa al-Radea (palsolidarity) / Testimony: Army harms livelihood of farmers in Gaza who have land near the border with Israel (btselem) / Knesset passes bill that could put asylum seekers in jail without trial (haa) / Witnesses: Israel military vehicles enter Gaza (maan) / Child injured by abandoned explosive in Gaza (maan) / Gaza father: I want to address soldier who killed teen daughter (maan) / Pharmaceutical conference in Gaza later this month (pal-info)
Andere Nahost-Nachrichten: Thomas Friedman in Cairo (angry) / Thomas Friedman in Cairo: Take Two (angry) / Ex-Bahrain MP tweets for killing of protesters (al-akhbar) / Israel "preparing" to accept Syrian Alawite refugees (al-akhbar) / Russian warships dock at Syria port; Arab observers stay put (al-akhbar) / Iraq: Sectarian Attacks Leave 28 Dead (antiwar) / Iraq: Bombs kill 2 state workers, wound 3 boys (AP) (yahoo) / Saudi: 'Internal' matter if Japan buys Iran oil (AP) (yahoo) / Tunisia's Islamist party slams anti-Semitic chants (AP) (yahoo) / Mideast governments fail to see scale of change: Amnesty (Reuters) (yahoo) / Syrian leader attacks 'foreign interference' (alj) / US citizen sentenced to death in Iran (alj) / Bahrain resumes retrial of convicted medics (alj) / Syrian defectors 'buying weapons from army' (alj) / Bahrain: Leading human rights activist describes riot police attack (amnesty) / Blasphemy trial for Egypt tycoon (bbc) / Bahrain jails protest policeman (bbc) / Syria head to make public speech (bbc) / Panetta: U.S. will not allow Iran to develop nuclear bomb, block Strait of Hormuz (haa) / Tariq al-Hashemi, Iraq Sunni Vice President, Demanded Back By Shiite Government (huffpo) / Bahrain to Jewish leader: Iran is a threat to us all (jpost)
Diplomatische Entwicklungen & Andere Nachrichten: Abbas calls Jordan talks with Israel 'important' (AP) (yahoo) / "The future is ours," says Hamas Gaza leader (Reuters) (yahoo) / Israel to increase defence budget by $700m (alj) / Netanyahu mulls gestures toward Palestinians to keep peace talks going (haa) / ANALYSIS: Visions for a healthier West Bank economy (irin) / 'French woman converts' at Haniyeh Tunisia summit (maan) / IDF updates abduction alert to include navy (ynet)
Analyse & Meinung: Are Obama supporters playing up Jewish religion of new White House chief to appease pro-Israel groups? (ei) / Propaganda and Coverage of Syria (al-akhbar) / Gaza students discuss ‘Occupy Wall Street’ (mweiss) / Israel: Still not doing Gandhi very well (mweiss) / The Delusions of 'Liberal' Zionism (palchron)
Gefangene: Israeli Forces Raze Lands in Issawiya, Arrest 14 Citizens (pnn) / Youth arrested in Silwan (silwan) / Israeli forces detain woman at Ramallah crossing (maan)



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