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Regisseur Udi Aloni zu der Zensur von "Junction 48" in Bonn [08.09.2017]

Udi Aloni Nach der erfolgreichen Zensur von "Junction 48" durch die Proxies 'Der einzigen Demokratie im Nahen Osten™' verfasste dessen israelischer Regisseur die nachfolgende Erklärung.
Fehler in der Darstellung der Umstände der Zensur sind dem Umstand geschuldet, dass es keine vorhergehende Absprache zwischen dem IPK und Aloni gab.

Today, a cinema in Bonn, Germany cancelled a screening of “Junction 48” under pressure from the German-Israeli friendship society (undoubtedly encouraged by the Israeli government) and another Anti-Deutch inspired group, while engaging in an aggressive feud with a Palestinian pro-screening group. Berlinale officials reacted harshly on the matter, both in regards to the cancellation of the screening and to the censoring of their Audience-Choice-Award winning film. The cinema’s owners pointed out the film’s quality, the international awards it had won, as the high regard they hold for it. They claim to have cancelled on account of the immense tension between the rival groups. We, however, feel that the cancelation, in fact, marks a victory of right wing interests that call for censorship designed to silence the voice of the oppressed. With all due respect to the complements you gave us, if you are worried, call the police. Do not let fear silence art.

When the Israeli-German friendship society joins forces with those who are perceived as Israel-supporting anti-semites while cancelling the film’s screening under false blood-libel about the greatest Palestinian hip-hop artist, Tamer Nafar, this no doubt marks a victory for global fascism over the forces of peace and sanity. That Germans, in the name of the holocaust, should silence the Jewish-humanistic voice of an award winning Israeli film-maker, shows that the prudes in fact only support fascist Jews, and resent the legacy that Primo Levi bequeathed to us in his novels. In this manner, they are the very definition of the phenomenon termed by the philosopher Slavoj Zizek: “pro-Israeli antisemites.” When the Israeli prime-minister compares the Palestinian freedom movement to Nazism, when he compares Iran to Nazi Germany, and when the Israeli minister of culture compared Tamer Nafar, the humanist, who co-creates with peace-seeking Jews, to a Nazi, when minister Miri Regev explains to the press how the black Panther’s raised fist-gesture, which Nafar made during his performance with a mizrachi (Sephardic) Jew, is a Nazi salute, then you have to be particularly cynical to turn the tables and whine, in Germany, about how Nafar compared the occupation to Nazism, as you turn the persecuted into persecutor.

Are the cinema owners in collusion with fascist censorship? Probably not. And if they are, why stop at censorship? Why not put us in Jail as they do in Putin’s Russia? To sum up, when an organisation that supposedly supports refugees, unconditionally defends a state that produces refugees and holds Palestinians prisoners in their country, this organisation must vanish from German public discourse. We call for the immediate re-scheduling of the screening. You did not want two conflicted organisations, then why not invite Tamer Nafar and myself, a Palestinian and a Jew, two sides of the same coin, to talk to the audience and let the audience be the judges? Don’t let the fascists shut us up. To paraphrase David’s war on Goliath, we’ll say: you come towards us with Bibi and Trump, we come in the name of a living god. Or in modern terms: in the name of a life of justice, fraternity and equality between nations.


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