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International Headlines [26.12.2011]

International HeadlinesSiedler & Landraub & Ethn. Säuberung: Army radio instructed to call West Bank 'Judea and Samaria' (972mag) / The Israeli occupation the world forgot: the Golan Heights (972mag) / Arabic place names erased in Municipality's campaign to Hebrew-ize erusalem (silwan) / 70,000 Palestinian Jerusalemites to be reclassified as West Bank citizens (silwan) / report in Israel National News, (israelnationalnews) / The Atlantic published (theatlantic) / High Court rejects petition to freeze all Israeli mining in West Bank (ynet)
Siedler & Israelische Rechtsextremisten: Extremist Jewish groups break into Al-Aqsa Mosque yard (wafa) / Settlers attack Palestinian customs office in Hebron (wafa) / Settlers disrupt Palestinian wedding, five injured and four arrested (silwan) / Jewish settlers detain shepherd, threaten to kill anti-settlement activist (pal-info) / Barak admires PA security forces for protecting settlers (pal-info)

Verhaftungen & Gefangenenaustausch: Report: Half of released prisoners had less than three years left (wafa) / 3312 arrests of Palestinians documented in 2011 (wafa) / Mediator: Political detainees free by end of month (maan) / IOF troops round up 7 Palestinians in West Bank (pal-info) / Hamas charges PA Security with arresting seven of its supporters (pal-info) / IOF soldiers detained 51 Palestinians in one week including 11 minors (pal-info)
Israelischer Rassismus: Arab League condemns racist Israeli laws (wafa) / Secret paper reveals EU broadside over plight if Israel's Arabs (indp)
Israel auf dem Weg zur Theokratie?: Watch: Ultra-Orthodox spit on 'immodest' 8-year-old girl in Beit Shemesh (972mag) / different haredi man (ynet) / similar case (ynet) / Court frees haredi who spat on woman (ynet) / Haredim riot in Beit Shemesh after segregation signs removed (ynet) / Non-military rabbi gives Torah lesson to reluctant soldiers (ynet) / Video: Haredim riot in Beit Shemesh (ynet)
Gaza: Christmas in Gaza (al-akhbar) / Merry Christmas from Gaza (palestinefrommyeyes) / Russian delegation visits Gaza (mideastmon) / APU to send new aid convoy to Gaza (pal-info) / IOF soldiers detain five Gazans near security fence (pal-info) / IOF troops shell Gaza areas (pal-info) / Marmara ship (ynet) / Operation Cast Lead (ynet) / Victoria (ynet) / No jail time for IDF officer who stole weapons (ynet) / Rockets fired at south; no injuries (ynet)
Besatzer: Israeli forces raid houses near Qalqilia (wafa) / Rights group calls for stop of Israeli shooting of activists (wafa) / Israeli forces confiscate ID cards of four Silwan residents (silwan)
Gefangenschaft: Video: A slice of life at an Israeli checkpoint (mweiss) / most Israeli checkpoints in the occupied territories (ochaopt) / Euromed: IOA barred travel of 4,000 Palestinians in 2011 (pal-info)
Analyse & Meinung: Israel's new house rules: deepening authoritarianism (al-akhbar) / The real 'invented' people (alj) / World must interfere in Israel's internal affairs (haa) / Professor appeals ruling on lawsuit over NCSU job (necn) / Helen Thomas: Israel should get that Hamas was chosen democratically (pal-info) / argument (washpo)
Aktivismus & Solidarität: Kufr Qaddoum: Demonstrators photograph illegal occupation despite military weapons and cameras (palsolidarity) / Kufr Qaddoum: Israeli military fulfills its promise to make arrests (palsolidarity) / Troops attack Bil‘in weekly protest: dozens injured (imc)
Diverses: Number of Palestinians in world is 11.22 million (wafa) / Israeli Druze MK indicted for meeting with PFLP leader in Syria (haa) / Report: Egypt indicts two Israelis for weapons smuggling (haa) / Hamas wishes Palestinian Christians happy holiday (pal-info) / Link to (pal-info) / Bereaved Israeli, Palestinian families' meetings nixed (ynet) / Report: Israel bombed Sudan targets (ynet) / Report: Israeli troops roamed freely in Sudan (ynet)
Politische Entwicklungen: PLO: Withdrawing recognition of Israel not an option unless all possible means fail (wafa) / Fayyad condemns deliberations on bill declaring Jerusalem Israel's capital (wafa) / Abbas discusses Cairo talks with Hamas lawmakers (wafa) / Freedoms reconciliation committee holds its first meeting (wafa) / Shaath: Next year will be a year for diplomatic pressure on Israel (wafa) / Lieberman: Israeli-Palestinian peace will not be achieved within the next decade (haa) / Haneyya leaves Gaza on tour starting with Egypt (pal-info) / Netanyahu: Israel to refuse talks if Hamas joins PA (ynet)



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