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International Headlines [20.12.2011]

International HeadlinesDiebstahl & Zerstörung von Land und Besitz / Ethnische Säuberung / Apartheid / Flüchtlinge: Destruction of Waqf: The Grave Offences of the Israeli State (al-akhbar) / Lebanon’s Palestinian and Passing on Property: Inheriting Injustice (al-akhbar) / Memories of the First Intifada (lifeonbirzeitcampus) / Silwan residents fear crackdown over Christmas (silwan) / PA: Israeli forces demolish main road near Nablus (maan) / IOA bulldozers destroy Palestinian land in occupied Jerusalem (pal-info) / Occupation plan to demolish a hamlet in the Jordan valley (pal-info) / Friday Protests: “We are all Musatafa Tamimi“ (stopthewall)

Verhaftete & Andere Gefangenen-Nachrichten: The man Israel didn't release from prison: Marwan Barghouti (csmon) / Youth arrested in dawn raid (silwan) / Update about Sausan and Amal, 2 Palestinian Girls Arrested as their Home was Demolished (onlydemcy) / Abu Obaida: “Resistance Liberated 20% Of The Detainees” (imc) / Ad-Dameer Denounces Daily Arrests In Shu’fat Refugee Camp (imc) / Troops Kidnap Three Palestinians In Jenin (imc) / IOF soldiers detain 8 Palestinians including a young man and his sister (pal-info)
Israelische Gewalt: Jewish colonists carry out over 100 racist attacks on Palestinians in 2011 (gulfnews) / UNICEF: Israel killed 19 Palestinian children in 2011 (pal-info)
Andere Nahost- und Weltnachrichten: Military Exhibit in Kuwait: Normalizing the Business of War (al-akhbar) / One Year After Bouazizi: Testing Democracy in Tunis (al-akhbar) / Sidi Bouzid: Remembering Mohamed Bouazizi (al-akhbar) / Sharmine Narwani, "Stratfor Challenges Narratives on Syria" ( / Iraq's Sunni VP denies charges he ran hit squad (AP) (yahoo) / Maliki acting "like Saddam": Sunni bloc leader (Reuters) (yahoo) / Bahrain police fire tear gas after funeral (yahoo) / Hezbollah denies US money laundering charges (AP) (yahoo) / Saudi King Abdullah urges GCC ‘to move from phase of cooperation to phase of union’ (alarabiya) / Syria signs Arab League peace deal (alj) / Saudi prince invests $300m in Twitter (alj) / Bahrain must release activist dragged away from peaceful protest (amnesty) / Bradley Manning Faces Life Sentence, While Criminals WikiLeaks Exposed Have Suffered No Consequences - Glenn Greenwald (demnow) / Obama Prepares to Authorize Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens for First Time Since McCarthy Era - Glenn Greenwald on NDAA (demnow) / Iran TV shows suspected U.S. spy 'confessing' (haa) / Panetta: Iran can assemble bomb in year or less (ynet) / Arrest warrant issued for Iraqi deputy (ytube)
Solidarität, Aktivismus & BDS: Embody the Message: Occupy the Mind (endtheoccupation) / In blow to Israel, French BDS activists acquitted of crime in calling for boycott (ei) / Interview: "Everyone can help Welcome to Palestine 2012" (ei) / Egyptian TV presenter fired after refusing interview with Israeli Embassy (al-akhbar) / Third Annual BDS Conference Highlights Progress (pnn) / Palestinian artist receives posthumous honor at Iranian festival (tehrantimes)
Gaza: London 2012: Gaza blockade threatens Olympic hopes (bbc) / Military court in Gaza holds another session to consider the case relating to the death of Italian solidarity activist (palsolidarity) / Al-Haq’s Rejoinder to Gisha’s ‘Scale of Control’ Report: Israel’s Continued Responsibility as the Occupying Power in the Gaza Strip (gazagateway) / Khudari: No more justifications for Gaza siege (pal-info)
Politische Aktivisten & Diplomatie & Vermischtes: PLO reviews security coordination with Israel (gulfnews) / New Tunisia President urges return of country's Jewish population (haa) / 182 states back Palestine right to self-determination (maan) / Factions to address key issues in Cairo meeting (maan) / Palestinian factions walk out of Cairo meeting (maan) / Former Mossad head evades arrest in Guinea (mideastmon) / Hamas calls for forming Arab army to liberate O. Jerusalem (pal-info) / UN envoy demands 'Palestinian steak' (ynet)
Analyse & Meinung: Ibish On Irshad Manji & Other Assorted Nuts (ikhras) / Klein: Ron Paul is surging because he opposes another neocon war for Israel (mweiss) / Israeli vs Palestinian Right to Protest (pulse) / Pioneer Bloggers in the Gulf Arab States (jadaliyya) / Ibrahim al-Amin calls for national dialogue (maxajl) / Captain George (aka Doron Zahavi) Rides Again (richardsilverstein) / The Warped Morality of a Warmonger:Why Alan Dershowitz is Wrong on Israel's 'Rights' (sleepinamrca)
Diskriminierung: French clothing firm Lacoste censors, expels Palestinian artist Larissa Sansour from prestigious contest (ei) / Advertising firm refuses to run ads showing women on Jerusalem buses (haa)

Ägypten: The Lede Blog: Protesters 'Deserve to Be Thrown Into Hitler's Ovens,' Egyptian Military Adviser Says (nyt) / Blast hits Egyptian gas pipeline to Jordan and Israel (alarabiya) / Dawn raid in Tahrir Square amid clashes (alj) / Egyptians protest against beatings of women (alj) / Egyptian Military Kills 14 Protesters, Attacks Journalists in Brutal Crackdown in Tahrir Square (demnow) / Image of unknown woman beaten by Egypt's military echoes around world (gdn) / Ghada's Testimony on Being Tortured by the Egyptian Army (jadaliyya) / Egypt Activists Call for Friday ‎Demo Against Military Rule (jadaliyya) / SCAF Hails Security Forces, Warns of Foreign Plots (jadaliyya) / Journalists Targeted for Exposing Egyptian State Violence (jadaliyya) / Egypt Politicians and New MP's to Begin Sit-In Against State Repression (jadaliyya) / Egyptian Islamists: We'll negotiate with Israel (ynet) / Arms suppliers urged to halt transfers to the Egyptian army (amnesty)



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