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International Headlines [11.12.2011]

International HeadlinesMustafa Tamimi: British Government Regrets Tragic Death of Palestinian in Nabi Saleh (wafa) / Israel Once Again Murders Unarmed Palestinian Protester (richardsilverstein) / Ministry of Hasbara: IDF Has Become Israel’s Chief Delegitimizer (richardsilverstein)
Diebstahl & Zerstörung von Land und Besitz / Ethnische Säuberung / Apartheid / Flüchtlinge: Childhood in Palestinian Art I: Abdulrahman Katanani (al-akhbar) / Ibrahim Nasrallah: All Roads Lead Back to Palestine (al-akhbar) / Wadi Hilweh under attack (silwan) / Seventeen settler families move into new Ras al-Amoud settlement (silwan) / Palestinian Group Marks 63rd Anniversary Of UN Resolution Calling For Right Of Return Of Refugees (imc) / France condemns new East Jerusalem settler homes (maan)

Israel Rassismus & Diskriminierung: Lawsuit fights hotel’s decision to bar Muslim employee from serving Israeli officials (mweiss)
Andere israelische Gewalt: The aftermath of a bombed home in Gaza (mweiss) / Army Bombards Sheep and Chicken Farm In Beit Hanoun (imc) / Palestinian taxi driver hospitalized after assault by Israeli soldiers at checkpoint (imc) / Report: “19 Children Killed, 200 Injured, By Israeli Shells In 2011” (imc) / Man, daughter injured in airstrike on Gaza City (maan) / Israeli warplanes blast Qassam position (pal-info) / Video: Officer aims cocked rifle at Palestinian boy (ynet)
Politische Nachrichten & Entwicklungen & Andere Nachrichten: Gingrich defends comments on Palestinians (AP) (yahoo) / Army Demands More Leverage For Palestinian Authority In West Bank (imc) / Tunisian Jews Respond to Silvan Shalom’s Post Arab Spring Call for Them to Immigrate to Israel (tunisia-live) / Gul boycotts Vienna event over Israel (ynet) / Arab sector to launch general strike Sunday (ynet)
Populärer Protest & Israelische Attacken: Locals protest as Israeli barrier rips through Qalandia (palsolidarity) / Military teargases Kufr Qaddoum following nightly raids and arrests (palsolidarity)
Gaza: Israel's threat to cut Gaza water supply would be "complete catastrophe" (ei) / Reconstructing the Gaza Strip (palchron) / Swimming in Gaza: Do I Dare?, Eyad Sarraj - Gaza (palchron) / Egypt detains 5 Gazans who entered via tunnels (maan)
Andere Nahost-Nachrichten: Syria Flight Ban: A Failed Formula? (al-akhbar) / Tahrir Doctors: Saving Lives While Risking Theirs (al-akhbar) / Bahrain opposition party office walls defaced (alj) / Basra Sues To Terminate Baghdad-brokered Oil Contract (antiwar) / U.S. commends Bahrain on reconciliation, sending rights envoy (Reuters) (yahoo) / Bahrain police break up protest (bbc) / Bahrain: Release People Jailed for Speaking Out (hrw) / Morocco: Free Popular Columnist (hrw)
Aktivismus & BDS: Israeli SodaStream: Maybe Green, Definitely Not Clean (palchron) / Volunteer in Gaza with the ISM (palsolidarity) / BDS: Home Depot encourages Israel’s colonial expansion (youthanormalization)
Analyse & Meinung: Gingrich comments on Palestinians a "play" for "Jewish" money, former strategist says (ei) / Book Review:The Arabs and the Holocaust (Part I) (al-akhbar) / A Lebanese shepherd looks at the land of Palestine (mweiss) / Football in Burin (palchron) / Slouching toward Bethlehem (palchron) / In Exile: Families relate stories of prisoner exiles (palsolidarity) / Frantz Fanon Fifty Year Years Later (cpunch) / Take Your Hands off Palestine (maxajl) / To War, To War, Aipac Goes to War (richardsilverstein)
Gefangene: Israeli forces kindnapped a child in Bustan (silwan) / Israel Arrests Three Brothers In Nazareth, One Of Them Paralyzed (imc) / IOA court sentences young woman to 28 months imprisonment (pal-info)

Iran: UAE crown prince: concerned over Israel's security (angry) / Bluster Bombs:Israel's Empty Iran Threats Continue (sleepinamrca)



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