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International Headlines [07.12.2011]

International HeadlinesRaub und Diebstahl von Land und Eigentum & Ethnische Säuberung & Apartheid & Exil: Israel can never steal our heritage (ei) / PLO: 2,900 new settlement units and 8,900 stolen dunums in November (pnn) / Israeli bulldozers demolish house near Jerusalem (wafa) / In legal precedent, Israel court stops demolition of unrecognized Bedouin village (haa) / Israeli government approves first Bedouin ecovillage in Negev (haa) / Gas canister lands at mosque amid clashes near Hebron (maan) / Israel finishes barrier construction in Jerusalem (maan) / Palestinians denounce Israeli decision to expel MP (mideastmon) / MP Attoun: Banishing me from Jerusalem oppressive, I will go back (pal-info) / Legal opinion: No obligation to raze outposts (ynet)

Verhaftungen & Gerichtsverfahren & Gefangenenaustausch: Former prisoner, PFLP leader: Hunger strike 'made revolution in the prisons' (ei) / Prisoners' families appeal to allow entry of winter clothes into prisons (wafa) / Abbas should change his locks before next wave of Palestinian prisoners freed (haa) / Qaraqe‘ in Brussels to appeal for prisoners (maan) / Military court postpones hearing for jailed MP (maan) / Israel arrests troops for anti-Palestinian vandalism (maan) / Israeli forces detain 21 in West Bank raids (maan) / NGO: Israeli army fails Palestinian complainants (maan) / IOF soldiers kidnap Palestinian woman for allegedly trying to stab one of them (pal-info) / Human rights paper exposes Israeli violence against detained children (pal-info) / IOA strip search relatives of prisoners (pal-info) / Stone Cold Justice (theaustralian)
Israelische Aggression: Settlers attack house near Nablus (wafa) / rolled flaming tires into a West Bank mosque (walla) / Settlers 'burn 3 cars' in Hebron (maan) / Settlers torch West Bank mosque (maan) / Avigdor (Avi) Arieli (richardsilverstein) / New 'price tag' mosque burning exposes identity of Shin Bet Jewish anti-terror chief (richardsilverstein)
Israelische Repression, Diskriminierung, Rassismus und Sexismus: Israel lawmaker wants to force Palestinians to swear 'Zionist' oath (ei) / B'Tselem: Denial of compensation (btselem) / international human rights law (btselem) / international humanitarian law (btselem) / Barak, IDF chief caught on tape joking about women; demand tape not be aired (haa) / Netanyahu shelves cabinet discussion on bill to limit foreign funding to NGOs (haa) / Police disbanding of anti-women-trafficking upheld in court (jpost) / Gantz apologizes for remarks on female soldiers (ynet)
Gaza: MADA condemns 'flagrant violations' against media freedoms in Gaza (pnn) / Palestinian killed and five injured in Israeli raids on Gaza (wafa) / UNRWA: Refugees' situation in Gaza remains of concern (wafa) / Samoud [ or sumud] and the Sea (ingaza) / Washington Post gives respectful treatment to Palestinian fears of Israeli drones (mweiss) / Fighter killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza (imc) / Gaza health minister will not meet WHO chief (maan) / Medics: 4 injured as tunnel collapses in Gaza (maan) / surprising story (washpo)
Politik - Diverses: Fatah denies allegations on formation of new government (wafa) / The Wall Street Journal [subscription] (online.wsj) / Romney: My first visit as US president would be to the Jewish state of Israel (haa) / Jordan to Palestinians: Stay out of local unrest (jpost) / Fatah central committee meets in Ramallah (maan) / Former security officers 'fired after entering Gaza' (maan) / Abbas handed report on financial disclosures (maan) / South Africa official says support for Palestine firm (maan) / Report: Hamas seeks 'soft exit' from Syria (maan) / Abu Marzouk: Hamas is in Syria and will not change location (pal-info) / Quartet to meet in Jerusalem next week (ynet) / American senators, state reps visit Israel (ynet)
Diverses: Mysterious Jerusalem carvings leave Israeli archaeologists baffled (haa) / IDF uses 'Black Swan' to train cadets for Hezbollah battles (jpost) / Jewish, Arab teens stone buses (ynet) / Demographic threat? Not according to statistics (ynet)



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