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International Headlines [04.12.2011]

International HeadlinesRaub und Zerstörung von Land und Eigentum & Ethn. Säuberung & Apartheid & Freiheitsberaubung & Flüchtlinge: World bodies must act now to save Lifta (ei) / Nakba denial: ‘NYT’ removes the word ‘expulsion’ from article describing Palestinian refugees (mweiss) / ‘This is how they drove us out’–Tiberias’s exiles recall the Nakba (mweiss) / Latin Church In Beit Jala Holds Prayers On Lands Threatened By Wall (imc) / Israel Approves 650 Units In Pisgat Zeev Settlement (imc) / Committee: Israel rabbi plans new construction at Western Wall (maan) / Israel 'shuts Allenby crossing to Jordan' (maan) / Israeli forces 'close Hebron farmland' (maan) / Israeli academics condemn construction of Museum of Tolerance on Muslim cemetery (mideastmon)

Israelische Repression & Diskriminierung & Rassismus: Blatant Racist Zionism (angry) / Row over UK lawmaker's "Jewish" comments a reminder that Zionism is anti-Semitism (ei) / Israeli government funds yeshiva whose rabbi preaches against the state (haa) / Report finds increasing attempts to silence protesters in Israel (haa) / PA: Israel closes 4 Palestinian NGOs in Jerusalem (maan) / Har Bracha residents: Christians out! (ynet) / Clinton concerned over Israeli democracy (ynet)
Verhaftungen & Gerichte & Gefangenen-Nachrichten: Palestinian children imprisoned in violation of international law (aic-news) / Soldiers Attack Detainees In Nafha Prison (imc) / Troops Arrest Three Residents In Balata (imc) / Israel 'detains man en route to hospital' at Gaza crossing (maan) / Israel extends detention of Fatah lawmaker for 6 months (maan) / Gaza govt says 5 detained not journalists (maan) / Large participation in the sit-in to demand release of political prisoners (pal-info) / IOF soldiers round up 9 PFLP activists including one with disability (pal-info) / IOF soldiers detain young woman (pal-info) / Palestinian prisoners in Nafha jail on 2nd day of hunger strike (pal-info) / PA security arrest seven Hamas supporters in the West Bank (pal-info)
Israelische Agression: Settlers Attempt to Enter Beit Ommar After day of Demonstration (palsoli) / PCHR Weekly Report: 2 Palestinians wounded, 23 abducted by Israeli troops this week (imc) / Settlers 'beat elderly farmer' near Nablus (maan) / Jewish settlers attack Salem village in Nablus (pal-info) / Clashes between Palestinians and occupation forces at Sha'fat roadblock (pal-info)
Politische & Diplomatische Nachrichten: Panetta: Israel must get to the "damn" peace table (Reuters) (yahoo) / Israel blames Palestinians for deadlock in talks (haa) / PLO subpoenas Palestinian who spied for Israel (haa) / Fayyad to Haaretz: I will not lead a Palestinian unity government (haa) / Italy upgrades Palestine's diplomatic status (maan) / Report: Diplomat credits Jordan king for Israel tax release (maan) / Barhoum: Accepting the Quartet's conditions eradicate Palestinian fundamentals (pal-info) / Haaretz: Palestinian Authority accepts a demilitarized state (pal-info) / Qasem: The PA proposal presented to the quartet destructive to Palestinians (pal-info)
Gaza: New film by Palestinians living in Gaza shows yearning for a normal life (endtheoccupation) / A day with fugitives in Gaza’s fishing waters (palsolidarity) / Israel faces legal challenge over block on Palestinians exiting Gaza to sue state (gdn) / Turkey To Grant Hamas $300 Million (imc) / Report: Egypt says no Gaza embassy before unity (maan) / Gaza residents call on authorities to fix energy crisis (maan) / Health ministry: Gaza lacks 260 types of medicine (maan) / Russian solidarity delegation to visit Gaza soon (pal-info)
U.S.A. & Andere Nahost Nachrichten: Ashura in Bahrain: Commemorating Hussein, Photo Blog by Matthew Cassel (al-akhbar) / Rights group urges Bush's arrest during tour (alj) / The Lede Blog: An Activist Stands Her Ground in Bahrain (nyt) / Hezbollah seeks to reassure Lebanon over probe (AP) (yahoo) / Bahrain taps ex-Miami chief for police training (AP) (yahoo) / Saudi cleric in virginity warning (bbc) / White House refuses apology over Pakistan strike (raw) / Hezbollah: We foiled Israeli spy operation (ynet)
Aktivismus & BDS: Tristan Anderson civil suit delayed as new evidence emerges (ei) / Israel Arrests International Activist in Yatta (wafa)
Analyse & Meinung: Unmasking Gershom Gorenberg, historian and apologist for ethnic cleansing (ei) / All That is “Unknown” in Occupied Jerusalem (al-akhbar) / After missteps on aid to Israel, GOP candidates set to prove their devotion (mweiss) / From Occupation to ‘Occupy’: The Israelification of American domestic security (mweiss) / Netanyahu Tries to Hide the Occupation (antiwar) / Hebron: Occupation and Sterilization (palchron) / Israeli journalists fail to do their duty (haa) / The ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the burden of proof among “liberal Zionists” (hybridstates) / Roger Cohen’s Appalling Endorsement of ‘Likudization’ of U.S. Foreign Policy (richardsilverstein)

Ägypten: Yossr Abdel Hadi: I stand with Tahrir (al-akhbar) / Egyptian election sends shiver through Israel (maan) / Israel: Egypt has 'no alternative' but to keep peace (maan) / “As long as they remain steadfast and hold their ground in Tahrir, my son Ahmed is alive.” (maxajl)
Syrien: Burhan Ghalyun presents his credentials to American Zionism (angry) / The Ghalyun Interview: he offers more than normalization (angry) / Opposition leader vows to break Syria's ties to Iran (al-akhbar) / Arab League gives Syria deadline on observers (alj) / Syrians Say They Are Feeling Grip of Economic Sanctions (nyt) / Syria now in a civil war with 4,000 dead: United Nations (csmon) / Why Russia is backing Syria (gdn)

Iran: Washington’s Propaganda Against Iran: Why the U.S. Readies for War (al-akhbar) / Israel’s true fear re Iran is… balance of power (mweiss) / Former Mossad chief: Israeli attack on Iran must be stopped to avert catastrophe (haa) / Empire: Targeting Iran - Video: The plot of the century (ytube) / Empire: Targeting Iran - Video: Iran war games (ytube) / Empire: Targeting Iran - Video: Iran, Israel and the US (ytube)



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