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International Headlines [24.11.2011]

International HeadlinesLandraub, Diebstahl & Zerstörung & Ethn. Säuberung & Bedrohung palästinensischer Kultur und Geschichte: Family of 12 faces eviction in East Jerusalem (ei) / Al-Walajeh, a Village Soon Surrounded (pnn) / Demolition threats continue in Imnzeizil (palsolidarity) / Yishai calls for Israeli presence in Joseph's Tomb (ynet)
Flüchtlinge: Lebanon in the Eyes of Palestinian Refugees (al-akhbar)
Iraelischer Regime- & Siederterror gegen Palästinenser: Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinians with Impunity (sjlendman) / Israel: New Commander Should Protect Palestinians From Settler Violence (hrw) / IDF prepares for possible Gaza op (ynet)

Das Israel, über das Sie nichts in der Zeitung lesen können: Anat Kam begins serving prison sentence (ynet) / Minister: Another political murder possible (ynet) / Livni: Israel heading towards dictatorship (ynet)
Politische Verhaftete & Gefangenen-Nachrichten: Two Young Men Arrested in Beit Ommar Army Raid (palsoli) / P.A. Ready To Submit The Detainees' File To The Hague (imc) / MK: Israel discriminates against Palestinian citizens in jail (maan) / IOF kidnap 11 Palestinians today in Jenin and Nablus (pal-info) / Massive march tomorrow to demand release of political detainees in W. Bank (pal-info) / Detention of female journalist extended (pal-info)
Gaza: Tarzan and Arab: Gaza-Based Filmmakers Look for First Feature Funding (moviefone) / A love story, a Palestinian story (ei) / Universal declaration against besieging nations issued in Gaza (pal-info)
Solidarität & Aktivismus & BDS: Activists to sue Minnnesota for investments that fund Israeli occupation (endtheoccupation) / American Jews for a Just Peace Announces 2012 Delegation to Israel/Palestine (endtheoccupation) / The Growing Impact of BDS Creating Anxiety amongst pro-Israel Groups (endtheoccupation) / Scott Kennedy (endtheoccupation) / Are the Freedom Rides a detour for the struggle? (ei) / Sabra alternative: Inching towards social responsibility at DePaul University (mweiss) / Josh Ruebner, "Support Today's Freedom Riders by Ending U.S. Support for Israeli Apartheid" (mrzine) / The AIC is proud to present Sumoud (Steadfast)- the 1st film on Al Arakib (aic-news) / The AIC is proud to present Sheikh Jarrah- Palestinian struggle for East Jerusalem (aic-news) / Israel's Jewish-Palestinians (aic-news)
Politische Entwicklungen & Diplomatie: Palestinian membership threatening UNESCO programs (AP) (yahoo) / Haneyya: The Israeli occupation lives in isolation (pal-info) / Hamas, Fatah delegations in Cairo for Abbas-Mishaal meeting (pal-info) / Quartet urges Israel to release Palestinian funds (raw) / Ban calls on PM to hand over Palestinian money (ynet) / 'Fatah-Hamas gov't won't see a dime' (ynet)

U.S.A.: CNN hands over Republican foreign policy debate to neocon cabal (al-akhbar) / Symbolic trial convicts Bush, Blair for Iraq war (AP) (yahoo) / The Israeli ex-settler at the center of Occupy Wall Street (haa) / Ron Paul: Why does Israel need our help? (ynet)
Mittlerer Osten: Trial in Saudi Arabia: not a word in the New York Times (angry) / Tunisian forces tear gas protesters (alj) / Tunisia constituent body holds first session (alj) / Saudi Arabia: Lengthy sentences for reformists a worrying development (amnesty) / Netanyahu calls for stronger sanctions on Iran than those imposed by U.S. (haa) / Yemen leader in Saudi Arabia for power-transfer deal (ytube)
Ägypten: Zionist People Want Mubarak: Zionist People Want Mubarak (angry) / Get Democracy Or Die Tryin’: The Return to Tahrir (egypttoday) / Egypt’s Journalist Back in the Line of Fire (al-akhbar) / Tantawi: Muzzling the Revived Spirit of Tahrir (al-akhbar) / The Battle of Mohamed Mahmoud Street (al-akhbar) / Egypt: Down with Military Rule (al-akhbar) / Reports: Egypt to form emergency government (alj) / Egypt protesters reject military concessions (alj) / Violence ends brief truce at Egypt protest (alj) / The Lede Blog: 3 Americans Arrested in Cairo (nyt) / Egypt's Democracy Challenges: Military Today, Economy Tomorrow (palchron) / What's next for Egypt? (csmon) / UN condemns Egypt protest deaths (bbc) / Egyptian Revolution Enters New Phase As Thousands Brave Violence to Protest Military Rule (demnow) / Egypt Protesters Defy Mounting Crackdown As Military Refuses to Step Down (demnow) / Egypt's military government is the enemy of our revolution (gdn) / Egypt: Protesters’ Blood on the Military Leadership’s Hands (hrw) / EGYPT: Rule of law under siege (irin) / Parties Mull Two Week Postponement of Parliamentary Elections (jadaliyya) / Urgent From Tahrir: Join our struggle for the survival of the revolution (maxajl) / Egyptian activist: U.S.-supplied teargas ‘clinging to my lungs’ (raw) / Journalists’ Syndicate threatens to suspend publishing to protest violence (thedailynewsegypt) / Inside Story - Egyptian military's quandary (ytube) / Egyptian protesters pull together to treat wounded (ytube) / Violence flares near Tahrir after tentative ceasfire (ytube) / Tahrir medic describes ordeal in field hospitals (ytube) / Protests intensify in Alexandria (ytube)

Bahrain: Anthony Shadid on Bahrain: a critique (angry) / What Bassioni did not say about Bahrain (angry) / Whitewashing Bahraini royal crimes (angry) / Bahrain protests flare after two deaths (al-akhbar) / Bahrain report released (al-akhbar) / Report Details Excessive Force Used Against Bahrain Protests (nyt) / What is the BICI? (ytube) / AJE exclusive footage of Bahraini security forces (ytube) / Al Jazeera speaks to President of Bahrain Centre for Human Rights about BICI report (ytube) / Al Jazeera speaks to Al Wefaq's Matar Matar (ytube)



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