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International Headlines [22.11.2011]

International HeadlinesLandraub, Diebstahl & Zerstörung & Ethn. Säuberung & Bedrohung palästinensischer Kultur und Geschichte: In 1950, Doubleday censored frank account of Deir Yassin massacre from prominent American’s book (mweiss) / Study: Palestinians invest twice as much in Israel as they do in West Bank (haa) / Jewish settlers given green light to seize more Jerusalemite property (pal-info) / 'Dismantling Migron would dismantle coalition' (ynet)
Iraelische Regime- und Siedergewalt & Drohungen: B'Tselem: 21 Nov. '11: Video: Soldiers let settlers assault Palestinian demonstrators (btselem) / IDF soldier jailed 10 days for throwing stone at Palestinia (haa)

Politische Verhaftete & Gefangenen-Nachrichten: The banality of a Palestinian's arrest (haa) / Prisoners concerned over next phase of swap deal (maan)
Gaza: The anguish of a Gaza cancer patient in Cairo (ei)
Solidarität & Aktivismus & BDS: Shooting in Hebron: Watch gripping trailer for Nicole Ballivian's new project Sleeping on Stones (ei) / Bill to investigate flotilla is a ‘tool of intimidation’ (mweiss) / An interview with Khaled Jarrar: Stamping Palestine into passports (palsolidarity) / Frightened of BDS, pro-Israel groups push holiday shoppers to Buy Israel (aic-news) / Our Weekly Protests will Continue until We Achieve Our Independence (stopthewall)
Politische Entwicklungen & Diplomatie: Report: US envoy to meet Abbas over unity govt (maan) / Abbas: 'We will never forget' King Abdullah visit (maan) / Denmark to support Palestine at UN General Assembly (maan) / Jordan FM: No talks on moving Hamas offices to Amman (maan) / Bardawil: Mishaal-Abbas meeting to agree on national strategy (pal-info) / Next Palestinian prime minister named (upi)
Analyse & Meinung: “DJ Khaled” & The State Department (ikhras) / Goldberg-Gorenberg Lib-Zionist Love Fest Featured in NY Times Book Review (richardsilverstein)
Diverses: 21 Nov. '11: The anti-democratic initiatives only strengthen our resolve (btselem) / Israeli government press adviser quits (gdn) / Contentious amendment to Israeli libel law passes first major Knesset hurdle (haa) / Israeli rape crisis centers get record number of calls following Katsav verdict (haa) / Son of Senior Israeli officer granted gag order in death threat case (imc) / Settlers 'attempted to kill' Israeli soldiers (indp)

U.S.A.: Santorum says West Bank is Israel’s Texas, and all who live there are ‘Israelis’ (mweiss) / Cain says doctor’s Muslim-sounding name worried him (raw)
Mittlerer Osten: Tunisian parties agree power-sharing deal (alj) / Saudi forces 'open fire' to disperse protest (alj) / Yemen's Saleh 'agrees' to transfer power (alj) / CIA forced to curb spying in Lebanon (lat) / Iraqi prisoners win battle for investigation into mistreatment claims (gdn)
Ägypten: Activists: We Will Protest Until the Military Regime Falls (al-akhbar) / Egyptian State Television Bias Survives the Revolution (al-akhbar) / Back to Tahrir Square: Down with Tantawi (al-akhbar) / Egypt cabinet resigns as protests intensify (alj) / ElBaradei approached for Egypt PM post (alj) / Egypt activists call for 'million-man' rally (alj) / U.S. teargas in Tahrir– headline. U.S. teargas in Palestine–circular file (mweiss) / US backs Egypt's military as Tahrir Square crackdown continues (csmon) / The Lede Blog: Videos Capture Violent Scenes in Egypt (thelede.blogs.nytimes) / Egypt military rulers must rein in security forces (amnesty) / Tahrir Square Under Attack: 32 Egyptians Killed, 1,750 Injured in Protests Against Military Rule (demnow) / Egypt: Free Blogger Held in Maspero Case (hrw) / Egyptian actor Khalid Abdalla speaks to AJE from Tahrir Square (ytube) / Egyptians document Tahrir police violence (ytube) / Interview: Hossam El-Hamalawy on Tahrir Square (ytube)

Iran: Free graphic novel explores CIA overthrow of Iranian gov’t in 1953 (mweiss) / Normalcy’ in the Gulf means billions of US arms sales to face down Iran (mweiss) / Iran summons Bahrain envoy over terror cell claim (AP) (yahoo) / US, Russia and UK back Israel at Mideast meeting (AP) (yahoo) / Seymour Hersh: Propaganda Used Ahead of Iraq War Is Now Being Reused over Iran's Nuke Program (demnow) / Sarkozy urges 'unprecedented' sanctions on Iran nuclear program (haa) / Russia warns West against 'unacceptable' sanctions on Iran (haa) / UK cuts off Iran's banks amid nuclear fear (indp) / Iran: No way Israel involved in blast (ynet)
Bahrain: Bahrain’s Commission of Inquiry Report: Whitewashing a Counter-Revolution? (al-akhbar) / Framing Reem Khalifa (al-akhbar) / Bahrain report must lead to action over protest abuses (amnesty) / Bahrain admits 'excessive force' (bbc) / Bahrain braces for official rights report (ytube)



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